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  • NBA All-Star Game move: A high-profile hit for Charlotte and N.C.

    NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the league's board of governors may soon make an announcement regarding Charlotte's status as the host city for the 2017 All-Star Game. Sports economist Todd McFall, assistant teaching professor of economics at Wake Forest University, is available to comment on the likelihood of a move and its effects.

  • ‘Beet’ the competition: WFU expert talks Olympics & beet juice

    director of the Translational Science Center and a professor of physics at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C., Transational Science Center Director and physics professor Daniel Kim-Shapiro has conducted groundbreaking research about the health properties of beetroot juice for more than 10 years. He can discuss how the human body converts the chemical nitrite found in beets into nitric oxide to regulate blood flow, fueling athletes for peak performance.

  • Trump, Clinton and evangelical voters: WFU expert

    Bill Leonard, James and Marilyn Dunn Chair of Baptist Studies at the Wake Forest University School of Divinity and an expert on contemporary American religious life, can comment on the role evangelical voters will play in the election and what religious issues are likely to matter most at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

  • Running Mates and Rebellion: WFU expert available for comment on National political conventions

    David Coates, Worrell Professor of Anglo-American Studies at Wake Forest University, is an expert on U.S. domestic and foreign policy and writes extensively about liberal politics and elections. He can comment on the key issues in the upcoming Democratic and Republican national conventions.

  • Social media’s role in breaking news: WFU expert available

    At the intersection of social media, reality television, mass media and how people of color use and are represented by these mediums is where you’ll find Sherri Williams, a post-doctoral fellow who teaches in the Wake Forest University Communications department.

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