People entering Wait Chapel for LoveFeast

The Magic of Lovefeast at Wake Forest

The Magic of Lovefeast at Wake Forest

Wake Forest University’s Lovefeast, one of the most cherished traditions on campus, brings people of many backgrounds together in a way that few customs can. Traditionally a Moravian holiday, Lovefeast has grown to include all denominations and is a cherished time of connection and reflection welcoming alumni, parents, friends and many others from near and far. Started at Wake Forest by a student in 1965, this tradition conjures fond memories for many. While much has changed over the years at Wake Forest, the sense of community that defines Lovefeast remains as strong as ever.

Lit up Moravian star
The Carillon Bells

Hear the bells as you enter Wait Chapel.

Crowd preparing for Lovefeast
Call to Worship with flickering candle in foreground

The service begins with the Call to Worship. Deacs across the country join via livestream to participate in this tradition from afar.

Call to Worship closeup
Lovefeast preparations on tray

Thankful to join fellow DC Deacs and take part in @wfuniversity’s live-stream of a special Christmas tradition. ( #wfulovefeast

@cmcnally (Catharine McNally)

Lovefeast livefeed group viewing

It’s not the holiday season without the #WFULovefeast ☕️🍞 @wfuniversity #DCDeacs

@stokbw11 (Brad Stokes)

Lovefeast at home collage

Celebrating #WFULoveFeast with our Alumni Club 🎩🕯🎁


Mistletoe in front of Wait Chapel

I love(feast) you #wfulovefeast

@gretchlion (Gretchen Lionberger)

Lovefeast on laptop

#WFULovefeast is a beautiful element in an ever complex world. Thank you @WakeForest for a prayer for peace


Lovefeast preparations in basket

Getting ready for Wake Charlotte #WFULovefeast


Closeup of choir singing
Lovefeast attendants singing carols

Carols unite the Lovefeast in song.

Lovefeast coffee and buns
Dieners passing out coffee and buns
Motion blur as diener serves buns
Diener passing out coffee

Sweet coffee and buns are served.

Someone holding the Lovefeast coffee and bun

“Morning Star” plays as the chapel is darkened and candlelight is passed throughout the community.

Two candles together, passing the light
Lovefeast program and twinkling lights

Thankful for my school and the wonderful traditions that surround it #WFULovefeast

@jyeastman (Jennie Eastman)

Lovefeast attendees’ selfie

Lovefeast with this lovely lady! 🕯❤️🍞 @sophiecleveque #wfulovefeast #candlecandlecandle #reunionisyes #deliriousfaces

@shenanigans.magee (Shannon Magee)

Lighting candles at home

Traditions die hard. #wfulovefeast #deacsinnyc #wfualumni

@operamagic (Chris Magiera)

Group holding Lovefeast candles at home

#WFULovefeast Sharing the Reason for the Season with alumni, friends and family #WakePalmBeach

@deacbates (David Bates)

Child holding Lovefeast candle

A new generation of #wfulovefeast goers ❤️


Group attending Lovefeast

#WFULovefeast 2016 with @WFUSouthHall FYS 🕯🕯🕯@WakeForest most excellent evening to start holiday season


Mother and young daughter at Lovefeast
Overhead view of attendees and lit candles
Candles with twinkling background
Dr. and Mrs. Hatch singing

The final blessing sends the participants in the Lovefeast out into the world.

Open Transcript

As you go from this place tonight, may you carry the light of hope with you this week. And may that light burn against all the darknesses you encounter. A stubborn light to mark this season of waiting, this season of hope. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Attendees holding candles during the final prayer
Closeup of program and candle