Audio from Commencement 2006

NOTE: The audio files provided here are MP3 format / 192 kbps / mono.

Commencement Address by Mark Warner

The full address; unedited and in its entirety.
Duration: approximately 15 minutes.


Selected excerpts from Mark Warner's commencement address

Excerpt 1
"So I hope, graduates, you will be brave. Be daring, and be courageous. This is the spirit that makes America unique ..."


Excerpt 2
"Beyond that responsibility to yourself there is a responsibility you will have to your community. ..."


Excerpt 3
"In this age of amazing technological achievement, we have become better connected, but more divided. ..."


Excerpt 4
"No one — no one — in politics has a monopoly on virtue. ..."


Excerpt 5
"Reject the cynicism and shallow posturing that dominate our media. ..."


Selected excerpts from President Nathan O. Hatch's remarks to the graduates

Excerpt 1
"Class of 2006, for most of you, this is your first Commencement at Wake Forest, and it is also mine. ..."


Excerpt 2
"Do not expect to know today what your best opportunities will be in the future. ..."


Excerpt 3
"Yours is a signal achievement in crossing this platform today with your peers and claiming a Wake Forest degree. All of this will stand you in good stead for the future. ..."