New director named for Wake Forest Birthplace

By Cheryl Walker
March 6, 2006

Wake Forest University recently named Charles Edward Morris as the director of the Wake Forest Birthplace.

Charles Edward Morris

Morris starts his new position March 6.

He will oversee the daily operations of the Wake Forest Birthplace archives and museum at the Calvin Jones House in Wake Forest, N.C.

Built in 1820, the Calvin Jones House is the original building used by Wake Forest University when it was founded in 1834. It was the home of university founder Samuel Wait and the first classes were held there.

The house now holds memorabilia from the first 122 years of the university's history, from 1834 until the university moved to Winston-Salem in 1956. The Calvin Jones House is also home to artifacts and archives for the town of Wake Forest.

Morris retired in 2005 as the chief of museum and visitor services for the Division of State Historic Sites in the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. As part of his duties, he also served as administrator of the state Capitol. Morris worked for 32 years for the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources, including more than 10 years as head of reference for the State Archives. He also served as curator of education for the N.C. Division of State Historic Sites and was responsible for educational programming at 22 state historic sites.

"Wake Forest values highly the relationship with the old campus community and is committed to helping preserve our strong and important heritage," said Minta McNally, director of alumni activities at Wake Forest. "Ed Morris is well-qualified to continue the good work done by his predecessors."

Morris, who lived in the town of Wake Forest for many years, looks forward to developing new programs.

"I will focus on developing programming to draw in alumni from the old campus and townspeople," Morris said. "I really want to strengthen ties between the birthplace, the town and the university."