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Audio from Commencement 2005

Commencement Address by Arnold Palmer
May 16, 2005

NOTE: The audio excerpts here are provided in two formats: for listening, the audio files are low-quality Quicktime audio. For download, the files are 44 kHz .aiff files stored in .zip format.

"I came from modest circumstances, and I was determined to be successful in my adult life. I didn't know then that golf would be my life and that the talent I had, coupled with dedication and hard work, would take me to the heights of my profession."
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"Certainly there are many things that I cannot fully comprehend, but there are still the absolutes that transcend place and time. Hard work will always yield positive results."
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"There is no way you can focus your mind and your efforts to succeed if you're brimming over with self-doubts. Your level of performance has a way of living up to prior expectations and, if you start off believing you're going to have a bad day, you will. Errors tend to multiply and, if you have a bundle of self-doubts, you won't be able to cope with the problems and the failure that will follow."
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"I have had a love affair with Wake Forest since my undergraduate days, but I didn't realize until many years later that I had truly learned at Wake Forest, both in and out of the classroom, about the meaning of a productive and meaningful life."
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"I don't despair of today's young people. I just ask all of you to seek your places in the world, to accept the responsibility that is being placed on your shoulders. I appeal to you to try to restore a more kind and gentle atmosphere to this world of ours."
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