WFU workshop features American Indian view of Thanksgiving

By Pam Barrett
November 4, 2005

In honor of American Indian Heritage Month celebrated in November, Wake Forest University's humanities program will host a free workshop titled "Teaching Alternatives to Tipis and Head-Bands: An American Indian Perspective on Thanksgiving" from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Nov. 14 in Wake Forest's Museum of Anthropology. Certificates for continuing education credits will be available upon request.

Led by three American Indian community scholars and teachers, the workshop will provide information and hands-on tips about teaching accurate presentations of American Indian history, culture and society with a focus on the Thanksgiving holiday. Hand-outs and teaching materials will include information from North Carolina's State Advisory Council on Indian Education, information on North Carolina American Indian tribes, a bibliography and other educational materials.

The presenters, Rosa Winfree, Barbara Locklear and Ruth Revels, are Lumbee Indians and have taught about their culture and history for many years in classrooms, workshops and at community events. Winfree is a retired Lumbee community educator, past chair of the Lumbee Tribal Council, past chair of the board of directors for Catching the Dream National Indian Scholarship Fund and the North Carolina Indian Cultural Center, and founder of American Indian Women Inc. Locklear is a Lumbee cultural educator and traditional storyteller, and Revels is the current director of the Guilford Native Art Gallery in Greensboro.

The event is sponsored by the Wake Forest University Humanities Program and funded by the religion department's Allen Easley Fund.

For more information, call 336-758-7169.