Informations Systems department makes improvements: one password, less spam

By Cheryl Walker
Sept. 30, 2005

The Information Systems department at Wake Forest University has made two recent improvements for Wake Forest computer users: synchronized passwords and new anti-spam software.

On Sept. 29, users were able to begin using one password to log onto WIN, the ThinkPad, the campus network and e-mail. Users can follow the instructions at to set up a synchronized password. The instructions include tips for selecting a password.

Information Systems has also installed a new anti-spam program designed to eliminate most of the spam campus e-mail users receive. It will start operating Oct. 5.

Called Sophos PureMessage, the software program scans all incoming e-mail to Wake Forest addresses for viruses and spam. E-mails containing viruses will be deleted immediately. E-mail messages that look like spam are quarantined rather than going to the user's inbox.

The e-mail message is first scanned for viruses. If the e-mail is not a virus, it is scanned by a filter and tagged with a spam score from 0-100. If the e-mail's spam score is between 96 and 100, the e-mail is deleted. If the e-mail's spam score is between 50 and 95, it is quarantined for two weeks and then automatically deleted. If the e-mail's spam score is 49 or less, the e-mail is delivered to the user's inbox.

Campus computer users will be able to extend the time a message is quarantined, block a sender and unblock a sender. They can also request a daily digest of all messages that have been quarantined and access messages that have been quarantined before they are deleted. Users can access their PureMessage account online at

For answers to frequently asked questions and/or a complete user's guide, Wake Forest computer users can go to

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