University Police investigates indecent exposure incidents

By Maggie Barrett
April 13, 2005

University Police is investigating a recent case of indecent exposure that is believed to be related to similar incidents that occurred earlier this academic year.

At approximately 1:30 p.m. on April 8, an unidentified man in a white panel van exposed himself to three students in the gravel part of the Student Drive Parking Lot.

The man was in the van when he yelled to the three students, who were walking to their car. One of the students, who believed the man to be asking a campus-related question, approached the van and saw that the man was unclothed.

The students immediately got into their car, after which the man blocked their car by parking his van directly behind it. The students sounded their car's alarm, causing the man to drive away.

University Police investigators believe this van was used in similar incidents, including one on the grounds of Graylyn International Conference Center in late February.

The man is described as white with a medium build, between 22 and 26 years of age, six feet tall, 170 pounds, with brown eyes and short brown hair. Anyone with information that might assist in the investigation is encouraged to contact University Police at 758-5911 or to call Campus Crime Stoppers at 758-4477. Anyone who believes that they see the suspect is encouraged to call University Police at 758-5911.

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