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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
CU1981.4.1 Sculpture A Certain Great Angel Surls, James   1980
HC2000.2.1 Painting A Spanish Girl (Portrait of Mrs. Chase in a Spanish Dress) Chase, William Merritt   1879
CU1989.2.1 Print Blue Club Diebenkorn, Richard   1981
CU1970.1.1 Drawing Bowery Group Marsh, Reginald   1950
CU1985.5.1 Print Eric Longo, Robert   1984
CU2001.6.1 Mixed Media Escalante Warm Up Tomaselli, Fred   1996
CU1989.1.1 Painting Famous Last Words: The Death of a Poet Colescott, Robert   1989
CU1973.1.1 Painting First Years Olitski, Jules   1970
CU1969.19.1 Print Flags Johns, Jasper   1967-1968
CU1969.11.3a Print For the Sake of a Single Verse (Frontispiece) Shahn, Ben   1968
GC1999.1.1 Painting Forced to Choose Stanczak, Julian   1995
CU2001.1.1 Print, Photographic Friends and Enemies Series (Bleeker and Wrisley) Moos, Julie   2000
CU1985.7.1 Print, Photographic Hangers Skoglund, Sandy   1979
CU1985.1.1 Painting Heaven is Worth It All Finster, Howard   1984
CU1964.1.1 Painting Holy Family Church Speight, Francis   1942
CU2001.5.1 Print, Photographic Laminas (No. 20) Mallo, Luis   1999
CU2001.7.1 Sculpture Lazy Boy Crucifix Chiappa, Christopher   1999
GC1993.7.2 Print Leslie Close, Chuck   1993
CU1969.7.1 Drawing Male Nude Cadmus, Paul   1959
CU2001.2.1 Print Maligned Monster #2 (Double Standing Figures) Sikander, Shahzia   2000
PC1970.13.5 Print Melencolia Durer, Albrecht   1514
CU1965.2.1 Painting Morning News Avery, Milton   1960
GC2000.6.1 Print My Blue Lake Smith, Kiki   1995
SC1942.1.15 Painting Niagara Bierstadt, Albert   1869
CU1973.3.1 Sculpture Night Zag III Nevelson, Louise   1973
HC2000.1.1 Painting Outside Cannes Glackens, William James   1925
CU1963.3.1 Print Portrait de Femme a la Fraise et au Chapeau Picasso, Pablo   1962
GC1992.1.1 Painting Portrait of L.A. Harrison, Esquire Sargent, John Singer   nd
HC1991.1.1 Painting Portrait of Mrs. Daniel Rogers (Elizabeth Gorham Rogers) Copley, John Singleton   1762
CU1993.5.1 Print Promise I Won't Die? Applebroog, Ida   1987
CU2001.3.1a-c Sculpture Ralph Tiger Jones Frost, Phil   2001
GC1993.7.4 Print Savoir C'Est Pouvoir Kruger, Barbara   1989
RJR1987.1.143 Print Smoker Wesselmann, Tom   ~1976
CU1965.4.1 Painting Study for Drinking Fountain Bishop, Isabel   1964
CU2001.8.1 Sculpture telephone Lazzarini, Robert   2000
PC1971.1.1 Print The Grand Bathers (Large Bathers) Cezanne, Paul    
PC1971.11.1 Print The Presentation in the Temple van Rijn, Rembrandt   1640
GC1985.1.1 Sculpture Untitled Brosk, Jeffery   1982
CU1973.4.1 Painting Untitled Frankenthaler, Helen   1963
CU1985.3.1 Painting Untitled Haring, Keith   1983
CU1997.5.1 Sculpture Untitled (Mouth) Smith, Kiki   1993
CU1973.2.1 Painting Vincent with Open Mouth Katz, Alex   1970
CU1977.13.1 Print Visitation II Rauschenberg, Robert   1965
CU1977.2.1 Print Warm Drypoint Robe Dine, Jim   1976
CU1981.2.1 Painting What is Paradise Schapiro, Miriam   1980
PC1999.4.1 Print Where the Water Goes (from the series "Welcome to the Water Planet") Rosenquist, James   1989
CU2001.4.1 Print, Photographic Who Am We? Suh, Do-Ho   1999

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