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Pro Humanitate: Students in the Community

July 23, 2010

STUDENT HELPS LAUNCH NEW PROGRAM: PATIENTS CAN LEAVE MEMENTO FOR LOVED ONES — This summer, Jay Lowrey has been working with Hospice & Palliative Care in Winston-Salem to launch a new program where patients can leave a recorded memento for family and friends. Lowrey, a senior psychology major, has been organizing methods for implementing the Life Review program, including coordinating requests with caregivers and training volunteers to help patients through the process. Lowrey says he chose to work with the Hospice center in part because of experiences with the organization when his grandmother died. “I was excited to have an opportunity to work at Hospice this summer. It’s a happy place to work. Everyone is extremely positive and gracious. It’s not about dying. It’s about how our patients lived. The issues our patients deal with are issues we will all have to deal with at some time,” says Lowrey.

SUPPORTING RESIDENTS IN DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE RECOVERY — Senior psychology major Anna Harris volunteered at the Prodigals Community during a local mission trip over winter break. Touched by the stories of hope and love, she decided she wanted to spend her summer nonprofit internship helping the ministry. Harris assists prospective residents with applications and has been working on the organization’s first newsletter. Committed to her work, Harris often works longer hours than she’s scheduled, and her supervisor, Dianne Dawson Garrett, credits her with “jumping in to do whatever needs to be done.” “Through my work at Prodigals, I’ve been able to learn about what it really takes to run a nonprofit,” says Harris. “I’ve also been exposed to people with different life experiences who I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.”

On-site interviews can be arranged with students and their supervisors. Please call for information. July 26-30 is the last week for internship work.

Thirteen undergraduates interested in careers in public service participated in the nonprofit summer internship program sponsored by a Lily Foundation grant. As part of the program, students met weekly to discuss their experiences. They also received nonprofit business management instruction.

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