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Wake Forest sends strategic plan summary to faculty and staff

November 19, 2008

Wake Forest University recently mailed a summary of the university’s new strategic plan to faculty and staff.

The eight-page summary, titled “Wake Forest:  The Collegiate University,” offers highlights of the plan, including its priorities and the key plan components that support those priorities.

The university is in the process of sending the summary this month to several groups in addition to faculty and staff, who began receiving the summary this week.  They include members of current boards and councils, alumni and friends, and donors.  It is being made available widely in other ways, too, including posting on the university’s Web site at

Development of the plan began in 2006 and was completed this year.  A University Planning Council was formed, all academic and administrative departments submitted departmental plans, focus groups met, community meetings took place and on-line surveys were conducted as Wake Forest invested two years in the effort.

Nathan O. Hatch, president of Wake Forest, introduced highlights of the plan in his Oct. 29 State of the University address presented in Wait Chapel.

President Hatch described the plan as a “valuable guide to us as we prioritize our programs now and in the coming years.”

In his remarks, President Hatch characterized Wake Forest as a “collegiate university,” a term that Wake Forest adopted during the planning process. 

“I am convinced that Wake Forest can claim a very special, even extraordinary place in American higher education,” President Hatch said.  “As a collegiate university, we bring a set of strengths that are increasingly rare.  If we can remain true to our traditions, and leverage them creatively in a swiftly changing world, we can envision a kind of holistic education that equips our students unusually well to find their place in the world.”

In defining Wake Forest as a “collegiate university,” President Hatch stressed three major university assets:

  • Wake Forest has a “deeply personal” nature.  The university values individuals and nurtures community.
  • Wake Forest is dedicated to enhancing its commitment to help students “find meaning and purpose in their lives and in their work.”
  • Wake Forest will strengthen its position as “a place of opportunity.”  The university “welcomes every individual with respect and opens doors to a promising, fulfilling future.”

Referring to Wake Forest’s assets, Hatch declared, “That is why I believe in Wake Forest.  And why I share your optimism about our future.  By working together, we have set big goals for this university.  And by working together, we will achieve them.”

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