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Pizza Hut closes in Benson University Center

March 19, 2008

The Pizza Hut in Wake Forest University’s Benson University Center has gone out of business.  The store closed when the university’s spring break began. 

Since learning of the closing, university officials have begun making plans for the space.  The copy center, which is now adjacent to the Benson University Center’s food court, will be moved into the former Pizza Hut area during the summer, according to Jim Alty, assistant vice president for facilities management.

The move will be incorporated into the university’s existing plans for a phased renovation of the food court.

"The existing copy center area will be converted into additional seating for the food court patrons as the renovation takes place.  The additional seating will be a benefit, as the food court gets very crowded during meal times,” said Alty, whose responsibilities include overseeing food service on campus.

The first major phase of the food court upgrade will take place next fall, with the addition of a delicatessen and improvements to the Shorty’s area that will include installation of a fully-functional kitchen.  Additional phases, to be completed during the summer of 2009, will replace the current court seating and bring in a wider variety of international and local cuisines as recommended by the Benson Food Court Advisory Committee.

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