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Wake Forest establishes Campus Safety and Security Web site

October 2, 2007

Wake Forest University launched its new Campus Safety and Security Web site on Sept. 28.  The site is designed to inform the university community of policies and guidelines related to safety and security, provide information on steps by the university to prepare for potential emergencies, alert the community to emergencies, and be among university Web pages that frequently update the community on university responses to emergencies.

The Web site’s address is  Links to the site are located on the university’s Window on Wake Forest and Parents’ Web pages.

The site immediately assisted Wake Forest in its effort to collect mobile phone numbers from students, staff and faculty to assist in reaching them in the event of an emergency.  The university sent an e-mail Oct. 2 to staff, faculty and graduate and professional school students in an effort to obtain their mobile phone numbers.

The university suggested that recipients of the e-mail visit the new Web site for more details about the university’s plan to use the mobile phone numbers to reach students, staff and faculty in emergencies.  The university requires all students to provide numbers, but only requests the numbers from staff and faculty.  The deadline is Oct. 12 for receiving mobile phone numbers from faculty, staff and graduate and professional school students.

Earlier this fall semester, the university obtained the numbers from undergraduates.

The Web site and mobile phone number collection is part of a university response to the Virginia Tech tragedy.  Immediately after the Virginia Tech tragedy last spring, Wake Forest President Nathan O. Hatch directed the university’s Crisis Management Team to begin an extensive, detailed review of the university’s emergency preparedness measures, including the university’s methods for communicating with students, faculty and staff in the event of a crisis or emergency.

Throughout this academic year, the university will announce new methods for communicating with students, staff and faculty in the event of emergencies.

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