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Wake Forest plans realignment for Calloway, Babcock schools

September 26, 2007

Wake Forest University announced an administrative realignment today to strengthen its two business schools.  The change is aimed at capitalizing on the strengths of the schools, promoting collaboration in teaching and scholarship, and creating new opportunities to ensure that students receive the most comprehensive and forward-looking educational experience possible.  Leading the initiative will be a single dean for both schools whom Wake Forest Provost Jill Tiefenthaler will appoint by next summer.  

The realignment of the Calloway School of Business and Accountancy and the Babcock Graduate School of Management under one dean is being launched as Wake Forest develops a strategic plan for the university that will outline university priorities in the years ahead.

Tiefenthaler announced the plans for the business schools in an e-mail today to faculty and staff after meeting with faculty members in the two schools.

"Our university planning process has revealed that interdisciplinary studies and cross-school collaborations are critically important to our success in doing what liberal arts universities do best — developing thoughtful, ethical leaders in all professions, whose critical thinking skills are informed by a broad range of disciplines. … A powerful first step in creating such a collaborative environment across the University can begin with the Babcock and Calloway Schools,” declared Tiefenthaler.

After consulting extensively with Calloway School Dean Jack Wilkerson and Babcock School Dean Ajay Patel, Tiefenthaler said that “it will be the new dean’s responsibility to think and plan strategically for business and management education — to capitalize on our strengths, promote collaboration in teaching and scholarship, and create innovative opportunities to ensure that our students have the most comprehensive and forward-looking experience possible.”

In her message to the university community, Tiefenthaler expressed goals for the effort to strengthen the connections between the Calloway and Babcock schools.

"Both the Calloway and Babcock Schools have developed distinctive areas of strength and expertise in which we all take great pride,” Tiefenthaler wrote.  “We have enormous opportunities to implement the best international study options for undergraduate and graduate business students, to prepare them rigorously for the global marketplace in which they will work and lead; to engage in discourse about ethics and social responsibility; to explore the many aspects of corporate and social entrepreneurship; and to find cohesive new ways to relate to businesses in our city and region.”

Tiefenthaler expressed appreciation to Patel and Wilkerson for their leadership.  "During their tenures, both Babcock and Calloway have realized many achievements, garnering national and international recognition.  With my full support, they will continue to lead and actively manage their programs until the new dean arrives, focusing the efforts of faculty and staff members on those initiatives that will continue their forward momentum. We look forward to having Jack and Ajay as members of our academic community for many years to come.”

Wake Forest is one of only a few national universities that still administers undergraduate and graduate business programs entirely separately.  According to Tiefenthaler, the University of Virginia is the only other school she could identify that follows the same model.    

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