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Wake Forest welcomes 43 new faculty this year

August 23, 2007

Forty-three new faculty members will teach at Wake Forest University’s Reynolda Campus during the 2007-2008 academic year.

Thirty-eight new faculty members will teach in the College of Arts and Sciences.  The School of Law and the Babcock Graduate School of Management each welcomes two new faculty members, while the Divinity School welcomes one new faculty member.  Four of the new faculty members either taught at Wake Forest in the past or are returning in new positions.  Following is a list of new faculty in each area:


  • Kim Babon, visiting instructor in sociology
  • Alessandra Beasley, assistant professor in communication
  • Kristin Bennett, assistant professor in education
  • S. Maxwell Brzezinski, visiting assistant professor in English
  • Devon Dobrosielski, visiting assistant professor in health and exercise science     
  • Trevor Dodman, visiting instructor in English
  • Robert Eastman-Mullins, assistant professor in theatre and dance          
  • C. Edward Ebert, visiting assistant professor in chemistry
  • Jennifer Erway, assistant professor in math
  • Adam Friedman, assistant professor in education
  • Jennifer Gentry, lecturer in art
  • Jason Gladstone, visiting assistant professor in English
  • Omaar Hena, visiting instructor in English
  • Avram Hiller, visiting assistant professor in philosophy
  • Susanne Hochreiter, visiting assistant professor in German and Russian
  • Keir Lockridge, visiting assistant professor in math
  • LeRhonda Manigault,    instructor in religion
  • Darlene May, visiting associate professor in classical languages
  • Bryan McCannon, assistant professor in economics
  • Charles McGraw, visiting assistant professor in history
  • Liliana Mendoza-Batista, visiting instructor in Romance languages
  • Philip Morgan, associate director of bands
  • Max Negin, visiting lecturer in communication
  • John Petrocelli, assistant professor in psychology
  • Brian Price, assistant professor in Romance languages
  • Tanisha Ramachandran, instructor in religion
  • Kevin Rask, professor in economics
  • Clara Reyes, visiting assistant professor in Romance languages
  • Rekha Rosha, visiting assistant professor in English
  • Jeffrey  Severs, visiting instructor in English
  • Joseph Stephens, visiting assistant professor in psychology
  • Erica Still, assistant professor in English
  • Daniel Stout, visiting instructor in English
  • John Tomlinson, visiting assistant professor in chemistry
  • Emily Wakild, instructor in history
  • Jacob Whittaker, visiting instructor in history
  • Dustin Wood, instructor in psychology
  • Daniel Worden, visiting assistant professor in English

School of Law

  • Steven Garland, visiting professor of law
  • Ramona Lampley, visiting assistant professor of law

Babcock Graduate School of Management

  • Kenneth Herbst, assistant professor of marketing
  • Charu Raheja,  assistant professor of management

Divinity School

  • Kevin Jung, assistant professor of Christian ethics

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