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Planning Council reviews departments' plans, begins work on first draft of university plan

August 22, 2007

The Wake Forest University Planning Council has started evaluating plans submitted by academic and administrative departments on the Reynolda Campus as part of the university’s strategic planning process begun last year.

In a letter e-mailed Aug. 22 to faculty and staff, Provost Jill Tiefenthaler announced that the Planning Council members are identifying recurrent themes and ideas, focusing on those that best support the planning framework.  

"This summer Planning Council members reviewed each and every strategic plan received from all the academic and administrative departments,” wrote Tiefenthaler, co-chair of the Planning Council.  “It is evident that much research and good discussion have gone into this part of the strategic planning process.  Nancy Suttenfield (senior vice president and co-chair of the Planning Council) and I are grateful for the conscientious way in which members of the campus community have approached this important work.”

At an Aug. 14 meeting, the Planning Council had an initial discussion of plans that support the five strategic priorities already identified.

            Those priorities include: 

  • Enhance faculty distinction
  • Build academic programs of nationally recognized excellence
  • Attract a talented and diverse student body and develop exceptional leaders
  • Create a richer sense of community throughout the university
  • Strengthen Wake Forest’s connections to communities beyond the campus

The Planning Council will continue its work, suggesting strategies, objectives, implementation timelines and accountability requirements for each of the five priorities.

During the fall semester, Tiefenthaler will meet with departments to discuss their plans.  In those meetings, she will also address moving ahead with initiatives that "departments can, and should, implement on their own.”

Tiefenthaler and Suttenfield will develop a financial plan to support the new university-wide strategic plan that is expected to be complete by early 2008.  This year’s budget process will focus on initial funding for some of the strategic priorities.

They will report to the Reynolda Campus periodically on the status of strategic planning.

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