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WFU professor creates unique mathematics journal to 'Involve' students

May 14, 2007

To showcase high-quality mathematical research involving college students and their professors, Kenneth Berenhaut, associate professor of mathematics and statistics at Wake Forest University, has created a new mathematics journal called Involve. 

“It is somewhat rare for college students to be involved in pioneering mathematical sciences research as part of their studies, but it is even rarer for those students to be published and recognized for their work,” Berenhaut said. 

“Undergraduate mathematics research journals have been primarily aimed at purely undergraduate contributors, and mainstream research journals have targeted researchers,” he said.  Involve is a publication in between the extremes.

Berenhaut hopes the journal will help encourage more faculty to do research involving students, hence the name Involve. 

Having co-authored more than 25 papers with more than a dozen students, Berenhaut said, “Undergraduate and graduate students bring a lot of energy, enthusiasm and creativity to research.  They tend to look at problems in ways others might not.  This kind of opportunity furthers their knowledge beyond the textbook, and it is so rewarding to see their excitement over their first results or their names on their first papers.”

Berenhaut has been planning Involve since 2005.  To date, he has secured sponsorships from Maplesoft™, a leading mathematical software company; Mathematical Sciences Publishers (University of California at Berkeley); and SAS, a leading business intelligence and statistical software company.  He has also received several other grants through Wake Forest.  

He has established a 40-member editorial board that consists of many top research mentors in various subfields of mathematics at premier institutions across the world, including the University of Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins University, University of California at Berkeley, Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia), Université de Montréal, Dartmouth College and Massey University (Auckland, New Zealand). 

Since introducing the journal at a mathematics conference in January and on a Web site, Berenhaut said professors from numerous schools have expressed great interest in the publication.  “There is such enthusiasm out there for this.  I’m excited to see how well it is being received,” Berenhaut said.

Berenhaut also recently received the Faculty Venture of the Year award from Wake Forest’s Office of Entrepreneurship and Liberal Studies for the journal.   

The approximately 100-page quarterly journal will be available free online and in print for a small subscription fee.  A call for papers will be issued this spring, and the first issue of Involve is scheduled to be published at the end of the summer.

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