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Theologians Cobb, Suchocki to deliver Steelman Lectures at WFU Divinity School

September 11, 2006

John B. Cobb Jr., founder of the Center for Process Studies at Claremont School of Theology in California, and Marjorie H. Suchocki, director of the Process and Faith Program of the Center for Process Studies, will present the Margaret A. Steelman Lecture Series at Wake Forest University Divinity School Sept. 23.

The free, public lectures are scheduled for 10 a.m. in Wingate Hall, Room 202. Suchocki will present the first lecture, “John the Evangelist as a Process Theologian,” and Cobb will present the second lecture, “Paul the Apostle as a Process Theologian.”

Cobb, who established the Center for Process Studies at Claremont in 1973, is one of the leading voices of Process Theology in the United States. According to the Web site for the Center for Process Studies, “Process theology sees the universe as creative, interrelational, dynamic, and open to the future. In process theology, God is relational, present in every moment of our lives and in all entities and levels of being. The world is interconnected, in effect a giant ecosystem where what harms or blesses one, harms or blesses all.”

Cobb has received acclaim for his active participation in inter-religious dialogue and ecological ethics. He is the author of several books, including “Reclaiming the Church,” “Becoming a Thinking Christian,” “Beyond Dialogue: Toward a Mutual Transformation of Christianity and Buddhism,” and “Christ in a Pluralistic Age: God and the World.” He is co-author of “For the Common Good,” which was co-winner of the Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving the World.

Suchocki, a professor emerita at Claremont, is a frequent collaborator with Cobb. She has been director of the Process and Faith Program since 2001 and is a former vice president of academic affairs and dean at Claremont. Her work on violence has been recognized as making a major impact on American theology.

She is the author of “The End of Evil,” “God-Christ-Church: A Practical Guide to Process Theology,” “Divinity and Diversity,” and The Fall to Violence.”

During their visit to Winston-Salem, Cobb and Suchocki will also speak at Home Moravian Church and Knollwood Baptist Church.

The Steelman Lecture Series was founded by Sanford L. Steelman in honor of his wife, Margaret. The series brings prominent lecturers to the Divinity School on subjects relating to Jewish and Christian theology.

For more information, call the Divinity School at (336) 758-3957.

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