Protégés Mentoring Program

Protégés Mentoring Program

A Peer Mentoring Program

Pre-registration for the 2015-16 program is now available! Please submit by August 17.


The Protégés Mentoring Program (PMP) is a peer mentoring program that serves as a resource to students of color by assisting their academic and social transition into the Wake Forest University community. PMP helps students by providing a continuing orientation to the University and community life, as well as inspiring students through a variety of support mechanisms. PMP provides incoming students with an upper-class peer mentor who not only has a genuine concern for the new student, but is also trained to assist him or her in their transition to Wake Forest. New students will have this guide to help them learn the ins and outs of Wake Forest, as well as get them actively involved in new and exciting opportunities around campus.

How Does This Relationship Work?


Once you are registered as a Protégé (first-year student in the program), a Mentor (upperclassman) will be assigned to you, and will contact you during your first few days on campus, typically either by meeting you at your residence hall as you move in or emailing you. Both you and your Mentor will receive resource guides during New Student Orientation which fully describe our expectations for your participation. Generally, your Mentor will meet face-to-face with you at least once per month, and check in with you via email, text message or a phone call at least once per week. You may talk about your concerns and successes, receive suggestions, guidance, and advice or just get together for a good time. Based on your class schedules, you and your Mentor plan your meetings.

Expectations of Protégés

There is a lot you can gain by participating in the Protégés Mentoring Program: having an upper-class Mentor who has been in your shoes and can help you navigate and plug into the Wake Forest community can sometime be the difference between a stressful or mediocre first-year experience and a healthy and fantastic experience!

t&dYour Mentor will do all they can to ensure that they are there for you, offering support in any way they can – but it is also important to remember that a mentoring relationship is a two-way street. You are responsible as the Protégé for half of the relationship! Actively seeking the wisdom and help your Mentor can impart, setting aside time to spend with your Mentor, responding to your Mentor when he or she contacts you – these are all things that you can and need to do as a Protégé.

PMP requires active participation in the program, in order to ensure that you get everything you can from the experience. There are several events and programs which you are expected to attend. Remember – you only get out of something what you put in – an important lesson for college. PMP will give you the opportunity to begin to live this philosophy, which you can translate into your newly-begun journey here at Wake Forest University!

Program Outline

PMP officially runs only for the fall semester - but most Protégés and Mentors continue their relationship far longer than that! You can expect a lot of contact for the first semester, as well as participation in a wide-range of planned activities and socials for all members of the program. You Mentor will also connect you with many other opportunities for campus involvement, inlcuding the many programs and experiences available through the Office of Multicultural Affairs and other campus organizations. Here are some of the previous year's programs and activities, and some you can look forward to:





Participating in the program offers the following benefits:



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