JULY 1, 1999-JUNE 30, 2000

I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits



Harris, Catherine


“Grassroots Sociology and the Future of the Discipline” (with Michael Wise, Appalachian University).  The American Sociologist 29:29-47. (Winster, 1998 – did not appear until after July, 1999).


“Senior Faculty and Sociological Ambivalence” (with John R. Earle).  The Quarterly Journal of Ideology 21:51-62.  (December 1998 – did not appear until 2000).


Leggon, Cheryl


                Editor, special issue of Sociological Spectrum, “Race and Ethnicity: A Global Perspective”


Chapter in Access Denied: Race, Ethnicity, and the Scientific Enterprise, edited by George Campbell, Jr., Ronni Denes, and Catherine Morrison. Oxford: Oxford University Press. May 2000


Longino, Charles


                Hadden, J.K., and C. F. Longino, Jr.  1974. Gideon's Gang: A Case Study of the Church in Social

                Action. Philadelphia.:Pilgrim Press.


                 (2000)  Rereleased by Questia Media, Inc. (on-line library)


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                “The Retirement Migration of U.S. Veterans, 1960, 1970, 1980, and 1990.”   Journal

                of Applied Gerontology.   June, 2000.


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                medicine.”  Academic Medicine, 72(10): 841-847.


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Counties:  Implications Are Not Always Obvious.”  Hallym International Journal of Aging, Volume 1, Number 1:33-43.


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Pearson, Willie


Pearson, Willie, Jr. “Policy.”  Pp. 311-313 in George Campbell, Jr., Ronnie Denes, and Catherine Morrison, Editors, Access Denied:  Race, Ethnicity and the Scientific Enterprise.  NY:Oxford University Press, 2000.


Pearson, Willie, Jr. (with H. Kenneth Bechtel).  “Scientific Deviance.”  Encyclopedia of Criminology and Deviant Behavior.  Vol. 11.  Philadelphia:  Taylor and Francis, 2000.


Smith, Earl


Book Foreword:  “Addressing Tough Questions: African American Athletes, Sport, and Genetics.”


                “There Was No Golden Age of Sport For African American Athletes.”  Society Magazine, March/April


“Race Matters in The National Basketball Association.”  Marquette Sports Law Journal, Vol. 9, No. 2


 “Stacking in Intercollegiate Baseball.” in Dana Brooks and Ronald Althouse (Ed.), Racism in College Athletics.  Morgantown, Virginia: Fitness Information Technology, Inc. (with Debra Henderson), Pp. 65-84.


Taplin, Ian


“Managing Transitions: The reorganization of two clothing manufacturing firms in Hungary” Organization Studies, 1999, 20/5 (with C.M.Frege)


                “Organizational evolution: The American life cycle”, in National Productivity Review, Autumn, 1999.


“Continuity and change in the US apparel industry” in Journal of Fashion Management and Marketing, 1999, November, ¾.


Book review of Tilly and Tilly, Work Under Capitalism, in British Journal of Industrial Relations, spring 2000.



II. Papers and Presentations


Eargle, Lisa


“Determinants of Self-Employment in Midwestern Counties, 1980-1990” Presented at the 2000 Midwest Sociological Society Meeting.


“Farm Operators and their Patterns of Off-Farm Employment: A Comparison of Wisconsin and Michigan Counties” Presented at the 2000 Midwest Sociological Society Meeting


Earle, John


“Premarital Sexual Activity at a Small University Over Time” (with Catherine Harris, Philip Perricone, Sheila Cotton, J. Kenneth Davidson, Sr., and Nelwyn Moore).  Preesnted at the Mid-South Sociological Association Meeting, Jackson, Mississippi, November 3-6, 1999.


Harris, Catherine


Developed (with Michael Wise) and participated in a workshop on dealing with hostility in the classroom at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, August 1999, Chicago.


“Premarital Sexual Behavior at a Small University over Time” (with John R. Earle), presented at the annual Meeting of the Mid-South Sociological Association, Jackson, Mississippi, October, 1999.


“Settlement has Many Faces: Physicians, Attorneys and Medical Malpractice”, presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Sociological Society, New Orleans, LA, April 2000


Hattery, Angela


“Work and Family:  A Balancing Act”.  Presented at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Society. August 1999.  Chicago, IL.


“Perceptions of Non-Consensual Sexual Intercourse”.  Presented at the annual meetings of the Mid-South Sociological Society.  November, 1999.  Jackson, MS


“Motherhood and Self-Identity”.  Presented at the annual meetings of the Southern Sociological Society.  April 2000.  New Orleans, LA.


Leggon, Cheryl


Presider, “Families in the New Millennium,” Mid-South Sociological Association, Jackson, MS, November 1999


Organizer, “Best practices and good ideas: increasing the participation of underrepresented groups in science and technology,” Triple Helix International Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 2000


Presenter, “Triad Women in Science and Technology:  Proposals and Prospects,” Triple Helix International Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 2000


Longino, Charles


The Royal Geographical Society of Queensland, Inc., Geodemographics of Ageing in Australia Symposium, Brisbane, December 1, 1999: Presenter:  “North American Experiences:  Migration of the Aged.”


Gerontological Society of America, Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California,  November 20, 1999, Presenter:  “Aging and Migration.”


                Gerontological Society of America, Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California,     November 21, 1999: Presenter:  “Translating Research for the Public – The Risks and Benefits.”


                Gerontological Society of America, Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California,     November 22, 1999: Presenter:  “The Aging Experience in a Global Economy & Postmodern Culture.”


                Southern Gerontological Society, Raleigh, NC, March 31, 2000:  Presenter:  “The Whats,     Wheres, and Whys of Retirement Communities.”


Opoku-Dapaah, Edward


Paper: “African Canadians: Prospects and Challenges in the New Millenium”  Presented at the Mid-West Sociological Association meeting, Chicago, August 19-21, 2000.


Pearson, Willie


Paper:  “The Career Experiences of African American Ph.D. Chemists.”  Committee on Equal Opportunity in Science and Engineering.  National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA. 1999.


Paper:  “Violent Juveniles and Their Families.”  Mid-South Sociological Association.  Jackson, MS, October, 1999.


Perricone, Philip


Premarital Sexual Activity at a Small University Over Time.”  Mid-South Sociological Association, Jackson, Mississippi, November 3-6, 1999 (with John R. Earle, Catherine T. Harris, Sheila R. Cotton, J. Kenneth Davidson, Sr., and Nelwyn B. Moore).


Taplin, Ian


                Presentation at European Sociological Association, Amsterdam, August 1999


                Presentation at Critical Management Studies conference, Manchester, UK, July 1999


                Presentation at Work and Globalization conference, Cardiff, Wales, September 1999


                Presentation at Western Academy of Management conference, Hawaii, April 2000




III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies




Bechtel, Ken


        King Police Department, King, NC:  Aug. 1998 – May 2000


Harris, Catherine


Co-edited a two volume special issue of The American Sociologist on applied sociology, Volume 29 (Winter, 1998 not out until after July 1999) and Volume 30 (Spring, 1999)


                Regional Representative, Alpha Kappa Delta (sociology honor society)

                Nominated to be International President of Alpha Kappa Delta, election pending


Leggon, Cheryl


                Editorial board member, Sociological Spectrum

                Reviewer, Sociological Spectrum

                Reviewer, Gender and Society

                Reviewer, Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Technology

                Safe Schools/Healthy Students


Longino, Charles


            Editorial Board, The Gerontologist                                   1997-

                Editorial Board, Journal of Aging and Health 1995-

                Editorial Board, Journal of Religious Gerontology         1994-

                Editorial Board, Abstracts in Social Gerontology           1990-

                Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Gerontology        1988-

                Editorial Board, Research on Aging                                 1983-      

                Also reviewed for:               Journal of Gerontology: Social Science

                                                                Social Science Research

                                                                Experimental Aging Research

                President, Southern Gerontological Society, 1999-2000

Immediate Past Chair, Section on Aging and The Life Course, American Sociological Association, 1999-2000

Brookings Institute, Washington, DC  - 2 days

                Invesco – 2 weeks

                Del Webb Corporation – 4 days


Pearson, Willie


                Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis

                Sociological Spectrum

                Science and Engineering Ethics


Smith, Earl


                Editorial Board – Deviant Behavior, published by Dusgkin/McGraw Hill

                Editorial Board, Sociology of Sport Journal

                Editorial Board, Journal of Sport and Social Behavior

Book Review Editor, Sociology of Sport Journal

                Secretary, North American Society for the Sociology of Sport

                Book Review Editor, Sociology of Sport Journal

                Forsyth/Winston-Salem Schools System

                James Madison University


Taplin, Ian


                Editorial board, Journal of Fashion Management and Marketing



IV. External Grants Received



Leggon, Cheryl


$30,000                   “Triad Women in Science & Technology.”  National Science Foundation



Pearson, Willie


$194,234 “Evaluation, Safe Schools/Healthy Students.”  Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools