JULY 1, 1999-JUNE 30, 2000

I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Boyd, Stephen B.


"Theological Roots of Gender Reconciliation in 16th Century Anabaptism: A Prolegomenon" Journal of Mennonite Studies 17, (1999).


"' I'll be home for Christmas': Welcoming Everyone to the Holiday Table," Manifest: The Newsletter of Disciples Men, Vol. 5, No. 1, December 1999.


"Seeing Beyond our Needs to Jesus", Manifest: The Newsletter of Disciples Men Vol. 5, No. 2 May 2000.


Collins, John E.


(Editor) "Thinking about Religion".  A publication of North Carolina Religious Studies Assoc.


Ford, James


Book review of Renegade Monk: Honen and Japanese Pure Land Buddhism

by Machida Soho (California University Press, 1999).  To appear in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Summer 2000 (68/2).


Hoglund, Kenneth G.


Introduction and running notes on Ezra-Nehemiah and 1&2 Chronicles, in The Access Bible  (Oxford University Press, 1999).



Horton, Fred L.


(with Jeffrey A,. Blakely), "Behold Water!"  Tell el-Hesi ad the Baptism of the Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:26-40), Revue Biblique 107/1 (January 2000): 56-71.


"The Advent of Islam at Sepphoris and at Caesarea Maritimia", Galilee through the Centuries: Confluence of Cultures, Eric Meyers, ed. Duke Judaic Studies Series, Volume I.  Winona Lake, Indiana: Eisenbrauns, 1999, 377-390.


Ilesanmi, Simeon O.


"Just War Theory in Comparative Perspective", Journal of Religious Ethics 28.1

(Spring 2000), 139-55.


Kimball, Charles A.


"W.C. Smith, 1917-2000: Reflections on his Life and Work", Religious Studies News (May, 2000) p.22.


Pleasants, Phyllis R.


#42 Studies form the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, "Justification and Sanctification in the Traditions of the Reformation", A Baptist Perspective, 223-232.


Review and Expositor, Vol. 96, No.1, Winter 1999, "E.Y. Mullins: Diplomatic Theological Leader", 43-60.



II. Papers and Presentations



Collins, John E.


"Advantages of Digital Publication of Graduate Thesis", North Carolina Religious Studies, Wake Forest University, November 1999.


Foskett, Mary F.


Formal Response to Panel of Papers, Asian and Asian American Biblical Hermeneutics Group, Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, Boston, November 1999.


"Like a Virgin: Mary and Eve in Narrative Counterpoint", International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (Helsinki/Lahti, Finland) July 1999.


Ford, James L.


"Jokei and Honen: Debating the Universal and Particular in Medieval Japanese Buddhism" presented at the American Academy of Religion annual meeting, Boston, November 23, 1999.


Hoglund, Kenneth G.


"Gideon the Black Belt: Finding Harmony through Hermeneutics", North Carolina Religion Studies Association, Wake Forest University, October 1, 1999.


"Giving Mary a Home: Spatial Dimensions to Marian Traditions in the Byzantine Period". Society of Biblical Literature Seventeenth International Meeting, Lahti, Finland, July 20, 1999.


Horton, Fred L.


"What Was the Name of Tell el-Hesi in the Biblical Period?" Biblical Archaeological Society of Greater Atlanta, May 2, 2000.


Ilesanmi, Simeon O.


"The Society of Christian Ethics and the Challenges of Globalization", The Annual Meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics, Washington, DC, January 7, 2000.


"Ethnicity and the Right to Self-determination", public lecture given at Princeton University, March 1, 2000.


"Globalization, Developmental Right and Transnational Duties", invited lecture, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, March 23, 2000.


"Right to Self-Determination in Africa: A Liberal Democratic Approach, invited lecture at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University, March 31, 2000.


"A Liberal Democratic Argument for the Separation of Religion and the State in Africa", invited plenary address at the annual meeting of the Dutch Association for the Study of Religion, Amsterdam, June 2-3, 2000.


Kimball, Charles A.


"Embracing the Challenges if Inter-religious Understanding and Cooperation in the Local Church", Four, two hour presentations, Urban/Suburban Clergy Conference of the Episcopal Church, Healdsburg, CA, May 1-3, 2000.


LaHurd, Carol J.


"Walking by Faith: Witness and Dialogue in the Multi-faith Americas", Lutheran World Federation Consultation on Christianity and Other Faiths in the Americas, Sao Leopoldo, Brazil, November 28-December 3, 1999.


"What the Hebrew Prophets and Jesus Might Say on Major Issues of 21st Century Christianity and Judaism", "Higher Education Issues", and "Turning Points" for Renaissance Women's Forum, Panel Presentations, Renaissance Weekend XLII, Kiawah Island, SC March 22-26, 2000.



III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

Boyd, Stephen B.


Member, Editorial Board, Harvard Theological Review


Associate Editor, Journal of Men's Studies


President, American Men's Studies Association


Member, Steering Committee, History of Christianity Section, American Academy of Religion.


Consultant, Ph.D. Dissertation in anthropology at Binghamton University (SUNY) on the "Debate in Christianity Over the Inclusion of Gay and Lesbian Believers in the Life of the Church".



Collins, John E.


Editorial board member: "Thinking About Religion".


President: North Carolina Religious Studies Association.


Foskett, Mary F.


Member, Steering Committee, Synoptic Gospels Section, Society of Biblical Literature (Spring 1998-present).


Member, Steering Committee, Asian and Asian-American Biblical Hermeneutics

Section, Society of Biblical Literature (Fall 1998-present).


Program Unit Chair, International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (Fall 1998-Summer 1999).



Ford, James L.


Executive Secretary, Society for the Study of Japanese Religions.


Hoglund, Kenneth G.


 Member, Old Testament Editorial Board, Smyth-Helwys Commentary Series.


Member, Editorial Board, Near East Archaeology.


Horton, Fred L.


Consultant: Hospice of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County


Theologian-in-Residence, St. Paul's Episcopal Church


Ilesanmi, Simeon O.


Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Religious Ethics.


Referee, Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics.


Member, Board of Governors and Executive Committee, Society of Christian Ethics.


Co-Chair, African Religions Group, American Academy of Religion.


Member, Program Committee, International Association for the History of Religions.


Member, Steering Committee, Religious Consultation on Human Rights, American Academy of Religions.


Member, Executive Committee, African Association for the Study of Religions.


Member, Executive Committee, Society for the Study of Black Religions.


Religious Consultation on Reproductive Technology, Health and Ethics.



Kimball, Charles A.


Member, Editorial Board for Perspectives in the Study of Religion.



LaHurd, Carol J.


Member, Editorial Board of Dialog: a Journal of Theology.


Co-Chair, Literary Aspects of the Gospels and Acts Group of the Society of Biblical Literature.



IV. External Grants Received


Ilesanmi, Simeon O.


$754,155    "Humans in Research" (co-applicant with six other faculty members)

                    National Institute of Health.


$ 39,000     " Religion and Human Rights in Africa: A Study in Comparative

                    Ethics" Center for Human Values, Princeton University.