JULY 1, 1999-JUNE 30, 2000

I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits


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II. Papers and Presentations



Coates, David


Paper:  (with Colin Hay) “Home and Away:  The Political Economy of New Labour,” Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association, London, UK, April 2000.


Paper:  (with Matthew Bodah  and  Stephen Ludlam) “Trade Unions and the Third Way in Britain and the United States,”  Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association, London, UK, April 2000.


Paper:  “New Class Forces, Old Class Realities,” Conference on the State of the Global Proletariat, University of York, Ontario, Canada, January 2000.


Paper:  “The Novelty of New Labour:  A View At Half-Time,” Annual Conference of the American Political Science Association, Atlanta, GA, September 1999.


Dinan, John J.


Paper:  “‘The Earth Belongs Always to the Living Generation’: A Reevaluation of the State Constitutional Tradition,” presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Atlanta, GA, September, 1999.


Paper:  “Rights and the Political Process: Physician-Assisted Suicide in the Aftermath of Washington v. Glucksberg,” presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association, Savannah, GA, November, 1999.


Durotoye, Yomi


Moderator and Presenter:  Panel on International Issues.  Conference on Environmental Justice, Hilton Head, SC, June 9-12, 1999.


Presenter:  “Democratic Practice in Traditional Yoruba Political System,” Conference on the Globalization of Yoruba Culture.  University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, November 17-18, 1999.


Harriger, Katy J.


Panelist:  “Prosecuting Public Officials,”  International Meeting of COGEL (Council on Government Ethics Laws),  Providence, RI, December 3, 1999.


Kennedy, Charles H.


Paper:  “Islamic Reform and the Superior Judiciary in Pakistan:  Recent Developments,” American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies, 17th Annual meeting, Villanova University, Villanova, PA, April  28-29, 2000.


Paper:  “Islam and Constitutionalism in Pakistan (1979-2000),” Islam and Constitutionalism Conference, Harvard University, School of Law, Cambridge, MA, April 7-9, 2000.


Presentation (with Craig Runde):  “Distance Learning Possibilities for CAORC Member Centers,” Council of Overseas Research Centers (CAORC), CAORC Overseas Directors Workshop, Cairo, Egypt, March 21, 2000.


AIPS Director/Workshop Participant:  Council of Overseas American Research Centers, Overseas Directors’ Workshop, Cairo and Upper Egypt, March 19-28, 2000.


AIPS Director/Workshop Participant:  Association for Asian Studies (AAS) 52nd Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, March 9-12, 2000.


Paper:  “The Superior Judiciary and Legal Change in Pakistan since 1997,” Berkeley South Asian Conference, 15th Annual meeting, University of California at Berkeley, Boalt School of Law, February 19-20, 2000.


Presentation:  “NGOs in Bangladesh,” Civil Services Academy, Lahore, Pakistan, November 17, 1999.


Distinguished Invited Lecture/Paper:  “Development NGOs and the State:  The Case of Bangladesh,” Pakistan Society of Development Economists (PSDE), 15th Annual meeting, Islamabad, Pakistan, November 5-8, 1999.


Presentation:  “Globalization and Democratization, What Went Wrong?:  The Military Coup in Pakistan,” Wisconsin Conference on South Asia, 28th Annual Meeting, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, October 14-17, 1999.


Co-organizer, moderator, chair with Md. Rashiduzzaman:  “Roundtable Dialogue on NGOs—A Three Day Conference.  Independent University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Sponsored by the American Institute of Bangladesh Studies, August 16-18, 1999.


Lee, Wei-chin


Paper: “One Talk, Two Tables: Domestic Politics and the 1998 Koo-Wang Meeting,” Conference on Taiwan Issues, April 7-9, 2000, Charleston, SC, April 7-9, 2000.


Paper: “Koo-Wang Talks? External Pressures and Internal Restraints,” Southeast Conference, Association for Asian Studies, Durham, NC, January 14-16, 2000


Paper: “One Talk, Two Tables: A Case Study of the Koo-Wang Meeting Across the Taiwan Strait,” Southern Political Science Association annual meeting, Savannah, GA, Nov. 3-6, 1999.


Chair, “Breeze or Storm Across the Taiwan Strait?,” 1999 American Political Science Association meeting, Atlanta, GA,  September 2-5, 1999


Rich, Andrew


Paper:  “Policy Advisors in the United States,” Japan Center for International Exchange’s Global ThinkNet Conference, Tokyo, Japan, May 27-30, 2000.


Paper:  “Experts as Policy Advisors: What Accounts for their Success?” Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, April 27-30, 2000.


Paper:  “Think Tanks and the Politics of Expertise,” Public Policy Institute of California, San Francisco, December  13, 1999.


Paper:  “The Sources and Influence of Policy Expertise and Advice in the United States,” Japan Center for International Exchange’s Guidance for Governance Workshop, Frankfurt, Germany, November 22-23, 1999.


Siavelis, Peter


Paper: “Legislative Oversight in Postauthoritarian Chile,” at the William Wilson Brown Conference in Latin American Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, January 16-17, 2000.


Chair: “Legislaturas y representación política en América Latina,” at the XXII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Miami Fl., March 16-18, 2000.


Paper: “Dictatorial Decentralization:  Empowering the Mayor of Santiago de Chile,” presented at the 1999 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Atlanta, Georgia, September 2-5, 1999.


Smith, Kathy B.


Chair and respondent:  “The Uses of Presidential Rhetoric,” American Political Science Association meeting, Atlanta GA, September 1999


Participant:  Southern Speech Association Meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 2000


Paper: “Super Tuesday: So Many Contests, So Little Time,” Central States Communication Association Conference, Detroit, MI, April 2000.


Weinstein, David


Discussant:  “Advising the Left: Theorists in Political Contexts,” Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Atlanta, GA, September 1999.


Welsh, Helga A.


Presentation: “Elites and Regime Change in Central Europe” (in German),  University of Jena, May 26, 2000.


Presentation: “Challenges to Policy-Making,” Germany at Midterm: The Schroeder Government After the Honeymoon, Conference sponsored by the University of Richmond, the Armonk Institute of New York, the Atlantik-Brücke, and Virginia Department of Education, April 7-8, 2000.


Paper: “Elites and Regime Change in Central Europe” (in German), Conference on Transformation and Interdependence, Free University of Berlin, December 2-3, 1999.


Presentation: “Expectations of German Unification and its Development: A Ten Year Assessment” (in German),  Free University of Berlin, December 1, 1999.



III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies


Harriger, Katy J.


Kettering Foundation, Dayton, OH, September 1999.


Kennedy, Charles H.


Contributing Editor, Asian Affairs


Director, American Institute of Pakistan Studies


Secretary, American Institute of Bangladesh Studies


Member Executive Committee, AIPS and AIBS


Member, Board of Directors, CAORC


Member, Kashmir Study Group


Lee, Wei-chin


Editorial Board, Journal of Chinese Political Science


Book Review Editor, Journal of Asian and African Studies


Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Asian and African Studies


Coordinator, Conference Group on Taiwan Studies, American Political Science Association.


Program Chair, Conference Group on Taiwan Studies, American Political Science Association Meeting in Atlanta, 1999.


At-Large member of the Executive Council, Southeast Conference of the Association for Asian Studies.


Sears, Richard D.


Secretary/Treasurer of the National Council of International Studies Program Administrators and of the International Section (NCISPA/IE) of the International Studies Association (ISA).


Siavelis, Peter


Screener, Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Field Research Fellowship Program.


Secretary, Latin American Political Institutions Section, the Latin American Studies Association.


Founding Board Member, Latin American Political Institutions Section, the Latin American Studies Association.


World Wide Web Page Coordinator LAPIS— Latin American Political Institutions Section, the Latin American Studies Association.


Consultant to the “Political Database of the Americas,” Georgetown

University/Organization of American States. 


Consultant, Student Advantage, Inc.  Developing electronic materials in Latin American Studies.


Consultant, The Encyclopedia of Latin American Studies.


Weinstein, David


NEH Summer Stipends 2000, reviewer


Chair and Organizer, 6th International Conference of the International Society for Utilitarian Studies, Graylyn Conference Center, March 24-26, 2000.


Welsh, Helga A.


Member, Editorial Board, German Studies Review


Executive Secretary-Treasurer,  Conference Group on German Politics



IV. External Grants Received


Harriger, Katy J.


$  20,000                     “Deliberation and College Students.”  Kettering Foundation.


Kennedy, Charles H.


$110,000                     “AIPS Activities.” UOSA/CAORC.


$100,000                     “AIPS Activities.” Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Education.


$225,000                     “AIPS ORC (Islamabad) Activities.” U.S. Department of



Lee, Wei-chin


$   4,452                      “A Strait Apart:  Taiwan’s Elections, U.S. Policy, and China.”

                                    Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Atlanta.


Rich, Andrew


$  45,925,00                “State-focused think tanks.”  Public Policy Institute of