JULY 1, 1999-JUNE 30, 2000

I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits


                Griffin, Michael


                “Leibniz on God’s Knowledge of Counterfactuals,” in The Philosophical Review 108 (July 1999).


II. Papers and Presentations


                Cross, Andrew


Paper:  “Normative Pull, Meaning, and the First Person.”  Presented to International Society of Phenomenological Studies Annual Meeting, July 22, 1999.


Kennedy, Ralph


Chaired the session of undergraduate papers at the annual meeting of the North Carolina Philosophical Association meetings, February 25-26, at Duke University.


Lee, Win-chiat


Commentator, Symposium on “Political Philosophy:  Voices from East Asia,” American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meeting, April, Albuquerque, NM.


Scott, N. Dane


Presentation:  “Marcel, Royce and Taylor on the Need for Recognition”, Third Biennial Personalist Seminar, June 18, 2000


Paper:  “Connecting Health and Environmental Issues in the Web of Causation”


International Conference:  “Connecting Environmental Ethics, Ecological Integrity and Health in the New Millennium” June 24, 2000, San Jose, Costa Rica


Paper:  “Connecting Health and Environmental Concerns in the Web of Causation” North Carolina Philosophical Society, Feb. 25, 2000.


III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies



                Kennedy, Ralph


Offices:  President, North Carolina Philosophical Society (first year of two-year term)



IV. External Grants Received