JULY 1, 1999-JUNE 30, 2000

I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Anderson, Carol


North Carolina Trial Practice (Lexis Law Publishing) (1999 Supplement)


Hall, Mark



Disclosure of Physician Incentives: Do Practices Meet Purposes?  Health Aff., in press, with Kristin Kidd and Beth Dugan.


The Competitive Impact of Small Group Health Insurance Reform Laws.  Univ. 32 Michigan J. Law Reform 685 (1999)


The Structure and Enforcement of Health Insurance Rating Reform.  Inquiry (in press).


Agents' Behavior under Health Insurance Market Reforms.  18 J. Ins. Reg. 341 (2000), with Craig Richardson. 


The Role of Independent Agents in the Success of Health Insurance Market Reforms.  78 Milbank Q. 23 (2000). 


An Evaluation of New York's Health Insurance Reform Law.  25 J. Health Politics Policy & Law 71 (2000).


An Evaluation of Vermont's Health Insurance Reform Law.  25 J. Health Politics Policy & Law 101  (2000).


The Geography of Health Insurance Regulation: A Guide to Identifying, Exploiting, and Policing Market Boundaries.  19(2) Health Affairs 173 (2000). 


Laws Restricting Health Insurers' Use of Genetic Information:  Impact on Genetic Discrimination.  66 Am. J. Human Genetics 293 (2000), with Steven Rich.


Legal Rules and Industry Norms: The Impact of Laws Restricting Health Insurers' Use of Genetic Information.  40 Jurimetrics 93 (1999). 


State Strategies to Reduce the Growing Numbers of People without Health Insurance.  22(3) Regulation (1999), with Frank Sloan and Chris Conover.


The Impact of Health Insurance Market Reforms on Market Competition.  6 Am. J. Managed Care 57 (2000).


Barriers to Small‑Group Purchasing Cooperatives (March 2000), a research report done for the Economic and Social Research Institute, with Elliot K. Wicks and Jack A. Meyer.


Letter to the Editor, JAMA, May 2000 (with Carl Schneider, re. informed consent).


When Genes are Decoded, Who Should See the Results?  New York Times, Feb. 29, 2000, at D7 (invited op-ed column).


Forward, AGenetics, Law and Public Policy,@ Wake Forest L. Rev., 1999.


Letter, AExpanding Managed Care Liability,@ Health Affairs, 1999


Letter, AExploring the Ethics of Clinical Role Conflicts,@ 282 JAMA 132 (1999)


Mewhinney, Katherine


“Living Wills” –article for in March 2000


Newman, Joel S.


“Taxation in Christopher Gray, ed. Philosophy of Law: An Encyclopedia”

“The Audit Lottery:  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?” 86 Tax Notes 1438 (March 6, 2000)

“Circular 230 Revisions” 84 Tax Notes 1531 (September 13, 1999) [with Michael Lang}


Palmiter, Alan


Law & Valuation e-book:  http:\\\courses\law&valu.


“Aircraft Carrier—SEC reforms”  Notes Bearing Internet, Business Law Section (NCBA) (7/99)


Comments to Aircraft Carrier Proposal, submitted to SEC and posted on SEC website (7/99)


Roberts, Thomas G.


Cases and materials on land use (3d ed 1999)


Amicus Brief for American Planning Association in lake Tahoe litigation before Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. (July 1999)


Walker, George K.


The North Carolina Family Law Arbitration Act, ch. IIA in North Carolina Bar Foundation, Billing Alternatives, Arbitration and Mediation for the Family Law Lawyer (2000).


State Rules for Arbitrator Ethics, in American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution, Arbitration Now:  Opportunities for Fairness, Process Renewal and Invigoration 241 (Paul N. Haagen ed. 1999); also published as article in 23 J. Legal Prof. 155 (1999).


Co-drafter, Final Report:  Helsinki Principles on Maritime Neutrality, in International Law Association, Report of Sixty-Eighth Conference Held at Taipei, Republic of China 24-30 May 1998, at 496 (1998) (Not reported 1998-99 due to late printing and not being received in hand during prior reporting period).


Reporter, North Carolina Canons of Ethics for Arbitrators, adopted by Supreme Court of North Carolina, 350 N.C.—(No. 5, 1999).  (Printed advance sheet version, reported here, does not have page numbers but has been published; final bound volume will have page numbers).


Reporter, North Carolina Family Law Arbitration Act, N.C. Gen. Stat. Sections 50-41 – 50-62 (1999).


Arbitrating Family Law Cases by Agreement:  Handbook for the North Carolina Family Law Arbitration Act (Aug. 20, 1999 draft), ch. 12 in Marcia H. Armstrong et al., Practicel Family Law Desk Book 1999 (1999).


Honorable mention for oil painting, “Hanging Rock, Middletown, R.I.” Associated Artists of Winston-Salem exhibition, Presenting Associate Members, Feb. 17-Mar. 18, 2000, Associated Artists Gallery of Sawtooth Center for Visual Art, Winston-Salem.  Another painting, “Shallow Ford of the Yadkin:  Summer,” also exhibited.



Wright, Ronald F.


1999 Supplement for Criminal Procedures – Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials (Aspen Publishers 1999) (with Marc Miller)


Empty Heart, Vibrant Corpus, 12 Fed. Sentencing Reporter 86-91 (Sept./Oct. 1999) (with Marc Miller)


Your Cheatin’ Heart(land): The Long Search for Administrative Sentencing Justice, 2 Buffalo Crim. L. Rev. 723-809 (1999) (with Marc Miller)




II. Papers and Presentations


Anderson, Carol


Instructor, National Institute of  Trial Advocacy’s Hanley Advanced Trial Advocacy Program, Colorado Spring, CO


Grebeldinger, Susan


Overview of Employment Discrimination law—ABA conference—April 28—Charlotte, NC


Hall, Mark


Speaker, "The Geography of Health Insurance Regulation," Am. Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics, Cleveland, June 2000.


Panelist, "Factors Affecting Decisions to Seeking Genetic Testing," Arizona State Univ., Phoenix, April 2000.


Speaker, "Doctor-Patient Trust and Public Policy," U. Mich. Law School, Feb. 2000.


Speaker, "Genetic Enhancement, Distributive Justice and the Goals of Medicine," Univ. San Diego Law School, Jan. 2000.


Organizer and Moderator, "Genetic Enhancementand Public Policy," Wake Forest Univ., Nov. 1999.

Speaker, "Doctor-Patient Trust and Public Policy," Am. Society of Bioethics and Humanities, Philadelphia, Oct. 1999.


Plenary Speaker, "Laws Restricting Health Insurers' Use of Genetic Information," Am. Society of Human Genetics, San Francisco, Oct. 1999. 


Speaker, "Health Insurance Market Reforms: A Qualitative Evaluation," National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Atalanta, Sept. 1999.



Mewhinney, Kate


July 18, 2000 [upcoming] – London, England; Annual Meeting of the National College of Probate Judges.  Panel presentation on how mental capacity problems of the elderly are addressed in the laws of other countries.


Presenter at plenary session panel, at the Annual Symposium of the National Academy  of Elder Law Attorneys, Philadelphia, PA., May 6, 2000.


“Legal Tools and Trends:  Getting Good Care,”  The Fourteenth Annual Alzheimer’s Research Disease Research Conference, sponsored by Duke University Medical Center.  February 2000.


Geriatric Mental Health for Long Term Care Professionals; UNC-CH School of Social Work.  April 5, 2000.


Palmiter, Alan


“Introductory remarks,” Executive Corporations, Wake Forest Business Law Symposium (3/00)


“Electronic Resources in Class”, Teaching Corporate Law, University of Georgia School of Law (10/99)


“US Corporate Governance” American Chamber of Commerce, La Paz Bolivia (6/00)


“Financial Transparency” Panel Discussion, Superintredimia de Valores, La Paz, Bolivia (6/00)


“Immigration Consequence of Criminal Convictions,” Forsyth Bar—Criminal Law Section (5/00)


Peeples, Ralph


“Settlement Has Many Faces:  Physicians, Lawyers and Medical Malpractice,” paper presented with Dr. Catherine Harris (Sociology) at the Southern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, April 2000.



Roberts, Thomas G.



Smart Growth, Conference of Leadership, North Carolina, Asheville, May 19, 2000.


Regulatory Takings in North Carolina, NCBA, Greensboro, February 2000.


Regulatory Takings, University of Missouri-Kansas City, October 1999.


Steele, Thomas M.



“Using Retail Store Design Research in Law School Building—Planning.”  Bricks and Bytes Conference, Washington, D.C., March 9, 2000.


Walker, George K.


The North Carolina Family Law Arbitration Act, NCBA Family Law Section Annual Meeting, Williamsburg, Va., May 5-6, 2000.


Walsh, Robert K.


Presentations, "A Day in the Life of a Dean," and "Relationships with the Central Administration," ABA Seminar for New Law School Deans, Graylyn Conference Center, Wake Forest University, June 7-11, 2000.


 Speaker, "Site Evaluator Workshop," American Bar Association Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, Indianapolis, Indiana, September 9-10, 1999.


 Speaker, ABA Section conference on "Distance Learning," American Bar Association Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, Indianapolis, Indiana, November 19- 20, 1999.


 Speaker, "Conclaves of Deans and State and Local Bar Presidents," American Bar Association Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, Dallas, Texas, February 11, 2000.


 Chair of the ABA Section and Speaker, "The Lawyer as Creative Problem Solver" conference, American Bar Association Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, San Diego, California, February 24-26, 2000.


 Chair of the ABA Section and Co-Program Chair, Moderator, and Speaker, conference on "Legal Education," American Bar Association Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, Indianapolis, Indiana, April

6-9, 2000.



Wright, Ronald F.


Trial Rates, Sentencing Departures, Chickens and Eggs, presentation to the Sentencing Workshop for Federal Defenders and CJA Panel Attorneys, sponsored by the Federal Judicial Center; February 28, 2000.  



III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

Anderson, Carol


Committee Member, NC Academy of Trial Lawyers Editorial Board


Editor, October 2000 issue of TRIALBRIEFS magazine (NCATL)


Mewhinney, Kate


Member of Board of Directors of the National Elder Law Foundation, since 1999.  NELF is the only ABA approved organization that certifies lawyers in the field of elder law in most states.


May 2000—appointed to serve as co-chair of the Elder Rights Committee of the American Bar Association Section on Individual Rights and Responsibilities.


NC End of Life Care Coalition, member of Caregiver Advisory Council.



Newman, Joel S.


ABA-CEELI Consultant on Personal Income Tax Law for Ukraine


Palmiter, Alan


Book reviewer, Aspen Law & Business (20 hours).


Roberts, Thomas G.


Standing Committee on Publishing Oversight, ABA


Steele, Thomas M.


Member, Executive Board, Association of American Law Schools Insurance Law Section.


Secretary/Treasurer, Law Practice Management Council, North Carolina Bar Association.


Walker, George K.


Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law Advisory Board, appointed Nov. 1999.


Nonpay consultant, Naval War College, average of an hour a week.


Nonpay consultant, call-ins from lawyers, judges, Wake Forest law students while working as summer associates, average of an hour a week.



Walsh, Robert K.


Chairperson, Council of American Bar Association Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.


 Chair, Budget Committee, American Bar Association Section of  Legal Education.


 Member, Long Range Planning Committee, American Bar Association Section of Legal Education.


 Member, Law School Project Advisory Committee, American Inns of Court.


 Member, New Deans Seminar Planning Committee, American Bar Association.


 Member, Special Committee on Post JD Programs, American Bar Association.


 Member, Citizens for Independent Courts Committee of Law Deans, A Project of the Century Foundation/Twentieth Century Fund.


 Chair, Merit Screening Committee-Federal Public Defender, Eastern District of North Carolina, United States Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit.


 Member, Law School Liaison Committee, North Carolina Bar Association.


 Member, Public Service Advisory Committee, North Carolina Bar Association.


 Member, Chief Justice's Commission on Professionalism, State  of North Carolina


 Member, Long Range Planning Committee, North Carolina Bar Association.


 Member, Task Force on the Legal Education of Lawyers in North Carolina, North Carolina Bar Association.


 Master of the Bench, Chief Justice Joseph Branch Inn of Court.



Wright, Ronald F.


Editorial Board, Federal Sentencing Reporter (Univ. of California Press).


Criminal Justice Section, Association of American Law Schools, Steering Committee.


IV. External Grants Received


Mewhinney, Kate


“Training in the Ethical Challenges of Dementia and Memory Loss,” $9600 grant received from the Fund for Ethics and Leadership.