JULY 1, 1999-JUNE 30, 2000

I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

Bennett, Barbara


Ed. Final Vinyl Days by Jill McCorkle. Reader's Group Edition. New York: Ballantine, 1999.


Review of Lee Smith, Annie Dillard, and the Hollins Group (Baton Rouge: LSU P, 1998) by Nancy C. Parrish. American Literature (Summer 1999): 375-76.


Review of Eating the Cheshire Cat (New York: Scribner, 2000) by Helen Ellis.          The Winston-Salem Journal (9 April 2000): A16.


Review of Ecology of a Cracker Childhood (Minneapolis, MN: Milkweed, 1999) by

Janisse Ray. The Winston-Salem Journal (5 March 2000): A20.


Review of Between the Flowers (East Lansing: Michigan SU Press, 1999) by Harriette

Simpson Arnow. The Winston-Salem Journal (30 Jan. 2000): A20.


Review of Home Across the Road (New York: Longstreet, 1999) by Nancy Peacock. The Winston-Salem Journal (19 Dec. 1999): A24.


Review of The Slow Way Back (New York: Morrow, 1999) by Judy Goldman. The Winston-Salem Journal (14 Nov. 1999): A22.


Review of Reason For Hope: A Spiritual Journey (New York: Warner Books, 1999) by Jane Goodall with Phillip Berman. The Winston-Salem Journal (24 Oct. 1999): A20.


Boyle, Anne


Burg, Wong, Pfeifer, Boyle, and Yip, "Publishing an imej Journal for Computer-Enhanced Learning,  Proceedings of ED-Media 99,  Seattle:  AACE,  June 1999.


Cotton, Nancy


“Castrating [W]itches: Impotence and Magic in The Merry Wives of Windsor.” 1987. Rpt. in Shakespeare Criticism 47.  Summer 1999.


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Glass, Loren


“Nobody’s Renown:  Plagiarism and Publicity in the Career of Jack London.”  American Literature 71:3 (September 1999) 529-49.


Kairoff, Claudia Thomas


“Pope as a Book Collector,” Dictionary of Literary Biography: Pre-Nineteenth-Century British Book Collectors and Bibliographers, eds. William Baker and Kenneth Womack (Columbia, S.C.: Bruccoli Clark Layman, 1999): 279-87.


13 Article Reviews in The Scriblerian 31.2-32.1 (Spring and Autumn 1999)


King, Wayne


Article on 1960 sit-in for Wake Forest magazine, scheduled for June 2000 issue (David Fyten, editor)


Klein, Scott


“The Euphonium Cagehaused in Either Notation: John Cage and Finnegans Wake.” In Bronze by Gold: The Music of Joyce, ed. Sebastian D. G. Knowles. New York and London: Garland, 1999, pp. 151-70.


“Transatlantic Joyces.” Review Essay, Modern Fiction Studies, vol. 45, no. 4 (Winter 1999) pp. 1007-11.


Review, Jane Lilienfeld, Reading Alcoholisms: Theorizing Character and Narrative in Selected Novels of Thomas Hardy, James Joyce, and Virginia Woolf. James Joyce Literary Supplement, vol. 14, no. 1 (Spring 2000), pp. 29-30.


Kuberski, Philip


“A Worldly Mind: Natural History and the Experience of Consciousness,” Substance, Vol. 29, No. 1 (2000), 7-22.


“Yeat’s Political Imagination,” Seminar Lecture, Dept. of Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley, Novermber 1999.


Maine, Barry


Review of New Essays on The Education of Henry Adams (Cambridge University Press, 1996), Henry Adams Newsletter, Spring 2000.


Mandelbaum, Allen


‘99-2000         Three substantial verse sheafs of A.M., with facing text, translations by Alessandro Carrera in Poesia, Origini & Itinerari filosofici.


Sept-Oct ’99    Wake Forest Francesco Rosi visit; Allen Mandelbaum translated for him, and shepherded discussion at             NC School of the Arts after the showing of La Tregua


Oct. 21, ’99     Istituto Italiano di Cultura / NY: Presentation of the work of Claudio Magris


Nov. 11, ’99    Harvard Club, reading of  A.M.’s poetry


Nov. 12, ’99    1. Participated in Commemorative Conference on work of William Bronk

2. “Binding the Lands: Present Day Poetry, Present Day Poets”: at the Italian Cultural Institute, NY.


Dec. 06, ’99     Hunter College: Lecture-discussion of A.M’s work on Dante


Mar. 16, ’99    U of Miami: Gates of Horn, Gates of Ivory. Lecture and verse reading.


Apr. 2000        Dante 2000 / Columbia U. Chaired session on Dante and Ovid.


Apr. 2000        AAIS at Sheraton Hotel, NY. Chaired session on Pasolini and the Furies; was honored at

                        concluding banquet (A.M.’s work was presented by Teodolina Barolini, of Columbia U): concluding the banquet, A.M. read from his poety.


June 2-4, ’00    Receives the Gold Medal of the City of Florence for his translation of Divine Comedy, and delivers his address—La doppia danza—at the Palazzo Vecchio.


Mead, Jane


The Bread Loaf Anthology of New American Poets, Ed. Michael Collier (New England University Press): “However,” “Incomplete Scenario Involving What the Voice Said,” “Point and Counter-Point in All Things,” and “Sometimes the Mind,” poems.

American Poetry Review: “Point and Counter-Point in All Things,” “The Animal Messenger,” “To Break the Spell Is To Invite Chaos Into The Universe,” “Nina, Remembering,” “Lack, The Willow,” “Lack, The Hummingbird,” and “But What If As Is,” poems.


 Great River Review:  The Bird That Keeps The Slow Boy Spinning,” “Hint,”  and “Prosody,” poems.


TriQuarterly:   “Wing Of Newt,” “Myth,”  “Seventy Feet From The Magnolia Blossom,” and “The World,” poems.


The Body Electric, (Anthology, Norton) “LaGuardia, The Story” and “Delphi, coming Around The Corner,” poems.


Poetry Reading: Left Bank Books, St. Louis.


Poetry Reading:  Washington University, St. Louis.


Poetry Reading: Lynchburg College in VA.


Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA: symposium participant, “Poetry--Who needs it” and “Solitude and Society”.


Michie, Allen


Richardson and Fielding: the Dynamics of a Critical Rivalry (Bucknell University Press)


Sampson, Dennis


Constant Longing, a volume of poetry, Carnegie Mellow University Press, Feb. 2000.


“Evening Inventory,” a poem from Constant Longing  (see above), featured in The Washington Post (Poet’s Choice, ed. Rita Dove) April 23, 2000.


Readings at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC and at California State University, Fresno, in Fresno, CA.


Sternlieb, Lisa


“’Three Leahs to Get One Rachel’: Redundant Women in Tess of the d’Urbervilles”


Sigal, Gale


"The Alba Lady, Sex-roles and Social Roles." In Reconstructive Polyphony: Studies in the Rhetorical Poetics of the Middle Ages. Eds., John M. Hill and Deborah Sinnreich-Levi. Madison, New Jersey: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2000, 221-240.


“’Reis glorios’: A Commentary.”  In Teaching Medieval Lyric with Modern Technology: An NEH Project (CD-Rom).  Margaret Switten, Director, Mount Holyoke College, 2000.


Shoemaker, Steve


“Carl Rakosi’s Poetic Argument.” Encyclopedia of Jewish-American Poetry and Drama.  Greenwood Publishers, 1999.


Contribution to Poetics@.  Roof Books, 1999.


Poetry reading at D.C. Arts Center, May 1999.


Valbuena, Olga


“‘The dyer’s hand’: The Reproduction of Blot and Coercion in Shakespeare’s Sonnets.” James Schiffer, ed. Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Critical Essays.  New York: Garland (1999): 325-45.


Topic Essay, “Recusancy” Brown Women Writers Project-Renaissance Women Online. Ed. Paul Caton. Published 1999.


Contextual Introduction, Elizabeth Evelinge, translator, “The history of the angelicall virgin glorious Saint Clare”(1635).  Brown Women Writers Project-Renaissance Women Online. Ed. Paul Caton. Published 1999.


Contextual Introduction, Alexia Gray, translator, “The rule of the most blissed father (1632).  Brown Women Writers Project-Renaissance Women Online. Ed. Paul Caton. Published 1999.


Wilson, Eric


Romantic Turbulence: Chaos, Ecology, and American Space (New York: St. Martin’s, 2000)


“Whitman’s Rhizomes,” Arizona Quarterly 55:3 (Autumn 1999): 1-22.


“Emerson’s Nature, Paralogy, and the Physics of the Sublime,” Mosaic 33:1 (March 2000): 15-38.



II. Papers and Presentations



Bennett, Barbara


Panel: “The Other in Southern Literature.” The Society for the Study of Southern Literature. Orlando, FL, April 2000.


Black, Ralph


MLA: “Eyeing the Desert: Mary Austin’s Desert Epiphanies” (Dec., 1999)


Interdisciplinary Conference on Nature & Culture: (poetry reading, Feb., 2000)


Boyle, Anne


Boyle and Rigg,  Technology and Problem-Based Learning:  The Virtual Benefits of the Processes of Critical Thinking and Collaborative Writing,  Philadelphia:  International Conference on Teaching with Technology, March 1999.


Boyle, From Peer Review to Collaboration:  Transforming the Relationship Between Readers and Writers through Hypermedia.  From Panel compromised of  Burg, Wong, Pfeifer, Boyle, and Yip, "Publishing an imej Journal for Computer-Enhanced Learning,  Seattle: ED-Media 99.


Garganigo, Alex


“The Work of Mourning: Fetishizing the Royal Martyr,” Group for Early            Modern Cultural Studies Conference, Miami, October 1999.


Glass, Loren


“Impersonating the Audience:  Edward Bok and The Ladies’ Home Journal.”  Popular Culture Association Annual Conference.  New Orleans.  19-22 April 2000.


Johnston, Dillon


Paper at international meeting of American Committee for Irish Studies, Limerick, Ireland.  “Recent Counter-Reformational Poetry in Ireland & England”, 27 June, 1999.


Chair: “Living Book Review:  Derek Malion’s Collected Poems”, 27 June, 1999.


Kairoff, Claudia Thomas


Session chair, New Light on Samuel Johnson, annual meeting of the Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Savannah, Georgia, March 2000.


Klein, Scott


Organizer and Chair, “James Joyce and the 19th century” International James Joyce Sympsium, London, June 2000.


“Pierre Menard, Author of Ulysses,” International James Joyce Symosium, June 2000.


Session leader and respondent, “Wyndham Lewis: the Avant-gardist as Fascist.” Convention of the Modern Language Association, Chicago, December 1999.


Maine, Barry


“Picture and Text: Venetian Interiors by Henry James and John Singer Sargent,” Henry James Society Meeting, Canterbury, England, July 9-12, 1999.


Michie, Allen


“Reading Sterne through Locke through Chaos Theory.”  American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies conference, Philadelphia, April 18, 2000.


“Chaos Theory as a New Paradigm for the Arts.”  Celebration of Human Inquiry Symposium, Coastal Carolina University, Feb 17, 2000.


Guest speaker, dedication of books and papers to the Harriett Hawkins collection at the Massachusetts Renaissance Center, U. Massachusetts and Amherst, April 5, 2000.                      


Accompanied four undergraduates to Conway, SC for the Celebration of Human Inquiry Symposium at Coastal Carolina University on Feb. 17, 2000.  We all read papers for a panel entitled “Science and Literature: Chaos Theory as a New Paradigm for the Beautiful.”


Sigal, Gale


Chair, Chaucer and Langland session. 2nd International Langland Conference, July 1999, Asheville, NC.


Sternlieb, Lisa


“The Unpainted Canvas: Sordid Visions in Victorian Modern Life Painting,” 19th Century Studies Association, Washington, DC


“How to Handle a Woman: Ship her Off? Marry her Off?” International Narrative Conference, Atlanta.


Paper: “Jane Eyre: Hazarding Confidences,” Roehampton Institute, London, Fall 1999.


Invited talk:  “Becoming a Professor,”  for Graduate Students, Princeton University, Spring 2000.


Strysick, Michael


“National Narrative and the Legend of Louis Sockalexis”,South Central Modern Language Association, Memphis, TN, October 28-30, 1999.


III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies



Bennett, Barbara


Reader/reviewer of manuscripts for Louisiana State University Press (1999-present).


Reader/reviewer of manuscripts for South Atlantic Review (1997- present).


Black, Ralph


Editorial board member: ISLE (Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature & Environment)


Boyle, Anne


Co-Editor of IMEJ: The Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of  Computer-Enhanced Learning (two issues published)


Meredith College--Technology in Writing and Literature  (One day workshop)


Edelson, Julie


Editorial Board, Radical Pedagogy


El-Beshti, Bashir


Editorial Board, Collegiate Press


Member, Executive Committee , Group for the Study of Colonialism


Ettin, Andrew


Two manuscripts evaluated for Tulsa Studies in Language and Literature


Johnston, Dillon


External Reviewer, Pre-tenure Review, Emory University


Kairoff, Claudia Thomas


Co-editor, The Scriblerian


Executive Board member, Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies


Served as a consultant to the English Department at Duke University as they sought to make an appointment at the Associate-Professor level in her field.  At their request, she reviewed the publications of Srinivas Aravamudan and wrote a report recommending the appointment with tenure.


King, Wayne


Editorial Board: Academe


Michie, Allen


Secretary, Popular Culture Division, South Atlantic Modern Language Association.  Attended meeting at Atlanta, Nov. 22, 1999


Chair, Popular Culture Division, South Atlantic Modern Language Association.  Selected papers and will attend meeting in Birmingham, Alabama on Nov. 10-12, 2000.


Sigal, Gale


Studies in the Age of Chaucer (book reviewer)


South Atlantic Review (essay reviewer)


BETA Tester: NEH Teaching Medieval Lyric With Modern Technology. Margaret Switten, Director.  National Endowment for the Humanities; 3 weeks of review involved.


Strysick, Michael


Elected Secretary of the Native American Studies section of the South Central Modern Language Association for the 2000-2001 term.  Will succeed as President of the section in 2001-2002.


Wilson, Eric


Expert Reader, University of California Press, 15 hours



IV. External Grants Received



Mead, Jane


Completion Grant from the Patrick Lannan Foundation in the amount of  $30,000 to enable me to free up some time for writing.  This grant is an award in the sense that there is no application process.