JULY 1, 1999-JUNE 30, 2000

I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Ulery, Robert W.


“Sallust,” in Dictionary of Literary Biography, vol. 211: Ancient Roman Writers, ed. Ward W. Briggs (Detroit: Gale, 1999), pp. 267-276.


“Sallustius,” in Augustine Through the Ages: An Encyclopedia, Allan D. Fitzgerald (Grand Rapids:  Eerdman, 1999), pp. 749-750.



II. Papers and Presentations


Pendergraft, Mary L. B.


“Sulpicia:  A Roman Woman’s Elegiac Voice,” Foreign Language Association for North Carolina, October 30, 1999.


Ulery, Robert W.


“Accessus and commentary in the medieval tradition of Sallust’s monographs,” American Philological Assn.  (Medieval Readers Group), annual meeting, Dallas TX, Dec. 28-30, 1999.


“The Post-Mortem Adventures of a Roman Conspirator:  Catiline in Fiesole and Florence” (with Patricia J. Osmond), Renaissance Society of American, annual meeting, Florence, Italy, March 22-24, 2000.


“Catullum Quaerere Latine” (workshop), American Classical League, annual meeting, June 28 – July 1, 2000.




III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies


Andronica, John L.


Educational Testing Service:  Faculty Consultant 2000 Advanced Placement (AP) Latin Reading, June 8-15, 2000.


Pendergraft, Mary L. B.


Appointed to Joint Committee on Classics in American Education (a joint committee of the American Philological Association and the American Classical League)


Educational Testing Service:

  SAT II Latin Committee (writing questions; editing questions; annual committee meeting)

  Advanced Placement Exam, Latin, Faculty Reader (one week on site in June)


Ulery, Robert W.


Secretary-Treasurer, American Assn. for Neo-Latin Studies

Committee on the CAMWS Centennial, Classical Assn. of the Middle West and South



IV. External Grants Received