FOR JULY 1, 1998 TO JUNE 30, 1999


I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

Boyd, Stephen B.

"Theological Roots of Gender Reconciliation in Sixteenth Century Anabaptism: Prolegomenon", Journal of Mennonite Studies, Spring 1999.

Foskett, Mary F.

" Virginity as Purity in the Protevangelium of James", accepted for publication in a forthcoming multi-volume feminist companion to the Bible. Amy-Jill Levine, ed. Sheffield Academic Press.

A Virgin Conceived: The Significance of Sexual Status in Early Christian Portrayals of Mary. (under contract) Indiana University press, distribution fall 2001.

The Sermon on the Mount/ The Sermon on the Plain. The Jesus Collection Project.

(under contract) Abingdon Press, distribution fall 2001.

Hoglund, Kenneth G.

(with Meyers, Eric M. and Carol L) " Sepphoris Sippori" , Israel Exploration Journal 48 (1998): 278-281.

Horton, Fred L.

Department of Religion Database Project, Tech Fair, Wake Forest University

Ilesanmi, Simeon O.

"African Traditional Religion," in Robert Wuthnow (ed) Encyclopedia of Politicas and Religion (Washington, D.C.; Congressional Quarterly Inc., 1998).

Kimball, Charles A.

"Is Islam the Enemy?" Sojourners, November/December 1998.

Lecture: "Understanding the Children of Abraham Today", presented to the freshmen class at Averett College, September 1998.

Lecture: "The Challenge of Islam", North Carolina Baptist Historical Society Annual Meeting, November 1998.

Lecture: "On Ministry to Muslims", presented to the Chaplain Residents at the WFU Medical Center, April 1999.

Lecture: "Working with our Muslim Neighbors", Forsyth County Presbyterian Ministers Association, February 1999.

"The Challenges of Peace: Obstacles and Opportunities for the Children of Abraham", Cummings Lectures at the University of the Redlands, California, April 1999.

LaHurd, Carol S.

Review: "Abraham: Sign of Hope for Jew, Christians, and Muslims", Karl-Josef Kuchel Pro Ecclesia VII/1 (Winter 1998) pp 116-118.

Leonard, Bill J.

Editor: Christianity in Appalachia: Profiles in Regional Pluralism, University of Tennessee Press, 1999.

"Whose Story, Which Story? Memory and Identity among Baptists in the South,"

History and the Christian Historian, Ronald Wells, ed. Eerdmans, 1998.

"A Theology for Racism: Southern Fundamentalists and the Civil Rights Movement", Baptist History and Heritage, Winter 1999.

"Baptists in the South: A New Connectionalism", Review and Expositor, Fall, 1998.

Five editorial essays, FaithWorks, editorial correspondent for a new periodical.

Trible, Phyllis

"Not a Jot, Not a Title," Eve and Adam (Indiana University Press, 1999)

"Divine Incongruities in the Book of Jonah" God in the Fray (Fortress Press, 1998)

Review: Catholic Biblical Quarterly (October 1998)

II. Papers and Presentations

Boyd, Stephen B.

Paper: "Gender Reconciliation and Mutuality: Theological Roots in Sixteenth Century Anabaptism". Conference on "Endangering the Past: Women and Men in Mennonite History". University of Winnipeg, October 17, 1998.

Collins, John E.

Paper and Presentation: "Plan for Cyberization". North Carolina Religious Studies Association. October 1998

Ford, James L.

Paper: "Enlightened Nuns? The Paradoxical Status of Women in Early Buddhism". Interfaith Symposium on Women in Religion, Lenoir-Rhyne College, February 27, 1999.

Foskett, Mary F.

Paper: "What has Jerusalem to do with Beijing"? review of K.K. Yeo, Session of the Ethnic Chinese Biblical Colloquium, SBL Annual Meeting, Orlando, Fall 1998.

Paper: "The Apocryphal Virgin". International interdisciplinary conference, Virginity Revisited: Ancient and Modern Configurations of Sexual Renunciation,

University of Western Ontario, Fall 1998.

Hoglund, Kenneth G.

Paper: "Introduction to the Sepphoris Regional Project Publications: A Contextual Approach," American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meetings, Orlando, FL November, 1998.

"Qahal and Betíavot: Retrospects and Prospects", Chronicles-Ezra-Nehemiah and Literature and History of the Persian Period Joint Session, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meetings, Orlando FL, November, 1998.

Respondant, Archaeology of the Galilee Joint Society of Biblical Literature, American Sch9ools of Oriental Research Southeast Regional Meeting, Chapel Hill, NC, March 1999.

Ilesanmi, Simeon O.

Paper: "Religion and Conflict in Nigeria". Conference on conflict in Africa, Triangle Institute for Security Studies, Chapel Hill, NC February 5,6 1999.

Paper: "Religion and Public Life in Africa: A Comparative Perspective on the Ethics of Responsibility". Lecture series on Civil Responsibility, Washington and Lee University, February 22, 1999.

Paper: "Religious and Contextual Constraints on Just Peacemaking". Annual joint meeting of Catholic Theology Society and National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion at St. Norbert College, DePere, Wisconsin, June 3-6, 1999.

Leonard, Bill J.

Staley Lectures, Anderson College, Anderson, SC

Staley Lectures, Lyons College, Batesville, AR

Lectures, College Park Baptist Church, Orlando, FL

Lectures, Eastern Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

Staley Lectures, Greensboro College, Greensboro, NC.

Baptist History Lectures, Mid-America Baptist Seminary, Memphis, TN.

Lectures, Ministerial Alliance, Grace Baptist church, Asheville, NC.

Lectures, Field Education Organization, Oklahoma Baptist University.

Respondent, National Baptist Professors of Religion, Spring meeting, March 1999.

Convocation lecturer, Baptist Theological Seminary, Richmond, VA, April 1999.

Lecturer, American Baptist Churches of the South, Winston-Salem, NC , April 1999

Baccalaureate Sermon, Wake Forest University, Mary 16, 1999.

Pleasants, Phyllis R.

"The Providence of God", sermon at Vienna Baptist Church, Vienna, Virgina. August 9, 1998.

"Contemporary Baptist Theology", sermon at First Baptist church, Lumberton, NC May 23, 1999.


III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

Boyd, Stephen B.

Board of Consultants, Harvard Theological Review

Associate Editor, Journal of Menís Studies

Planning Committee, History of Christianity Section, American Academy of Religion

Steering committee, Menís Studies in Religion, Group, American Academy of Religion

President, American Menís Studies Association

Member, Believerís Church Conference, Committee on Continuing Conversations

Reviewed manuscripts for publication for Pilgrim Press and Church History

(Journal of the American Society for Church History)

Collins, John E.

Editorial board member, North Carolina Religious Studies Association

Editorial board member, "Spotlight", Journal for teaching of AAR

Secretary/Treasurer, North Carolina Religious Studies Association

Ford, James L.

Executive Secretary, Society for the Study of Japanese Religions

Foskett, Mary F.

Program Unit Co-Chair, International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (Fall 1998-Summer 1999).

Member, Steering Committee, Synoptic Gospels Section, Society of Biblical Literature (Spring 1998-present).

Member, Steering Committee, Asian and Asian-American Biblical Hermeneutics Section, Society of Biblical Literature (Fall 1998-present).

Hoglund, Kenneth G.

Editorial board member, Old Testament, Smyth & Helwys Biblical Commentary.

Editorial board member, Near Eastern Archaeology

Member, Steering Committee, History and Literature of the Persian Period Group, Society of Biblical Literature.

Ilesanmi, Simeon O.

Editorial Advisory board member, Collegiate Press

Editorial board member, The Annual, Society of Christian Ethics.

Editorial board member, Journal of Religious Ethics.

Member, Board of Governors, Society of Christian Ethics.

Member, Committee for the Twenty-First Century, Society of Christian Ethics.

Member, Steering Committee, Religious Consultation on Human Rights, American Academy of Religion.

Member, Program Planning Committee, International Association of the History of Religions.

Board member, The Religious Consultation on Population, Reproductive Health and Ethics, Washington, DC.

Board member, Center for Ethics, Capital Markets, and Political Economy

Co-chair, African Religious Group, American Academy of Religion

Consultant, The Pew/Yale University project on Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa.

Kimball, Charles A.

Member, Editorial Board, Perspectives in Religious Studies.

Numerous interviews with print and broadcast media, e.g. The Dallas Morning News, Charlotte Observer, Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Rocky Mountain News, Winston Salem Journal, The news and Observer, the News and Record, St. Petersburg Times, Cox News Service, Associated Press, NPR, local ABC, CBS,NBC, and Fox television stations.

LaHurd, Carol S.

Member, Editorial board of Dialog: A Journal of Theology

Co-chair (with Robert Brawley of McCormick Seminary) of the Literary Aspects of the Gospels and Acts Group of the Society of Biblical Literature.

Trible, Phyllis

Editorial Advisor, Abingdon Press

Member, Finance Committee, Society of Biblical Literature

Consultant, Abingdon Press

IV. External Grants Received

Ilesanmi, Simeon O.

$ 30,500 "Religion, Human Rights and African Politics: A Study in

Comparative Ethics". The University Center for Human Values,

Princeton University.

$30,500 "Religion and Human Rights in Africa: A Study in Comparative Ethics

Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University. (Dr. Ilesanmi

declined this offer)

$30,500 "Religion, Human Rights and African Politics: A Study in

Comparative Ethics". The Center for the Study of Values in Public

Life, Harvard University. (Dr. Ilesanmi declined this offer).