FOR JULY 1, 1998 TO JUNE 30, 1999


I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

Black, Ralph

Poetry reading at Wake Forest University 1999, and discussion with the Philomathesians.

Brown, Elizabeth Barnsley

"Celebrating the (Extra)Ordinary: Alice Childress’s Representations of Black Selfhood." Black Women Playwrights in Twentieth Century America (Garland, 1999).

Review of The Luminous Disarray by Mary E. Martin (Floating Bowl P, 1998) in Oyster Boy Review 10 (1999).

Poetry reading at the Vermont Studio Center, June, 1998.

Poetry reading at Wake Forest University, February, 1999.

Edelson, Julie

Novel: Courting Disaster (Cambridge, MA: Zoland Books, 1999).

Novel: Kinder, Kunst, und Katastrophe (Hannover: Lappan Verlag, 1999).

Short Story: "Cher’s Thoughts on Bosnia." (Raleigh News and Observer, 4/18/99).

El-Beshti, Bashir

"The Semiotics of Salvation: Malcolm X and the Autobiographical Self," Journal of Negro History 82.4, Fall 1998.

Ettin, Andrew

"Will Sommers." Fools and Jesters in Literature, Art, and History: A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook. Ed. Vicki K. Janik. (Westport, CT & London, 1998). 406-10.

Johnson, Jeannine

"New Criticism," Encyclopedia of Aesthetics

"A. R. Ammons," Contemporary Southern Writers

"Yusef Komunyakaa," Contemporary Southern Writers

"Elizabeth Seydel Morgan," Contemporary Southern Writers

"Margaret Walker," Contemporary Southern Writers

"Adrienne Rich: ‘Orion,’" Poetry for Students

"Langston Hughes: ‘Theme for English B,’" Poetry for Students

"H.D.: ‘Helen,’" Poetry for Students

"Yusef Komunyakaa: ‘Facing It,’" Poetry for Students

"Ernest Lawrence Thayer: ‘Casey at the Bat,’" Poetry for Students

King, Wayne

Article: "States in cahoots with Tobacco Companies." Triad Business Journal.

Klein, Scott

"The Euphonium Cagehaused in Either Notation: John Cage and Finnegan’s Wake." Bronze by Gold: The Music of Joyce. Ed. Sebastian D. G. Knowles. New York and London: Garland, 1999, 151-70.

"National Histories, National Fictions: Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Scott’s The Bride of Lammermoor." ELH 65.4 (Winter 1998): 1017-38.

"The Good Soldier," "James Joyce," "Wyndham Lewis," and "Lord Jim." Encyclopedia of the Novel. Ed. Paul Schellinger. Chicago and London: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 1998. 491-2; 652-3; 764-66; 780-1.

Knezevic, Borislav

"An Ethnography of the Provincial: The Social Geography of Gentility in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford." Victorian Studies 41.3 (Spring 1998).

Maine, Barry

"Erich Auerbach’s Mimesis and Nelson Goodman’s Ways of Worldmaking: A Nominalist Revision." Poetics Today (Spring 1999): 41-52.

Review of James Agee and the Legend of Himself by Alan Spiegel in American Literature, June 1999.

Mathews, Carolyn

"Appalachian Literature and the Adolescent Reader." Two Decades of The Alan Review. Eds. Patricia Kely and Robert Small. National Council of Teachers of English, 1999.

Mead, Jane

The Iowa Review: "What Happens" and "However" poems

Wine Country, A Literary Companion, Heydey Books: "Where the Zinfandel Pass Their Seasons in Mute Rows," "To Vincent Van Gogh of the House He Painted in 1890, the Year of his Death," poems.

Poet’s Choice: an anthology edited by Robert Hass included the poem "Passing a Truck Full of Chickens At Night on Highway Eighty."

Luna: "Physics and Lightning/Lightening and Truth," and "The Seventh Revelation of my Thirty-Seventh Year," poems.

The Indiana Review: "Notes Toward a Definition of Prayer," poem.

The Greensboro Review: "The Defenestration of Nancy Reagan by the Inner Ghetto," and "Small Drama in a Field at Dusk," poems.

Caffeine Destiny (on-line): "The Prairie as Valid Provider," poem.

Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D.C.: read and taught a seminar on literary influence with Evan Boland.

Appalachian State University, Boone, NC: poetry reading.

East Carolina University, Greenville, NC: read and taught a workshop.

Regulator Bookstore, Durham, NC: poetry reading.

Geraldine Dodge Foundation, Waterloo Village, NJ: poetry reading.

Interview with George Olsen for WTEB public Radio, Greenville, NC.

Garrison Keiler read my poem "Passing A Truck Full of Chickens / At Night On Highway Eighty," nationally on NPR’s Writer’s Almanac.

Moss, William

"Faulkner’s Theory of the Subject and Object of Literature." Waiguo Wenxue. (Foreign Literature Review) (1998, no.2) 88-94.

"‘He Was Talking About a Girl...He Had to Talk About Something’: William Faulkner on the Subject and the Object of Literature." Faulkner: Achievement and Endurance: Selected Papers, International Conference on William Faulkner. Beijing: Peking University Press, 1998, 161-75.

Overing, Gillian

"A Body in Question: Aging, Community and Gender in Medieval Iceland." Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies. 29.2 (Spring 1999).

"Before History, Before Difference: Bodies, Metaphor and the Church in Anglo-Saxon England." Yale Journal of Criticism. 11.11 (1998): 315-36. (with Clare Lees).

Review of Anglo-Saxonism and the Construction of Social Identity. Eds. Frantzen and Niles. In Medieval Feminist Newsletter 26, Fall 1998.

Sternlieb, Lisa

"Molly Bloom: Acting Natural." In ELH.

"Jane Eyre: Hazarding Confidences." In Nineteenth Century Literature.

Thomas-Kairoff, Claudia

With Paul Escott: "The Strategic Plan for Technology." Electronically-Enhanced Education: A Case Study of Wake Forest University. Ed. David G. Brown. Winston-Salem: Wake Forest UP, 1999. 8-14.

Review of Dustin Griffin’s Literary Patronage in England, 1650-1800. In Age of Johnson 9 (1998): 372-79.

Review of Betty Rizzo’s Companions Without Vows. In Age of Johnson 9 (1998): 406-12.

Contributed 15 article-reviews to The Scriblerian 31.1 (1998).

Valbuena, Olga

"‘The dyer’s hand’: The Reproduction of Blot and Coercion in Shakespeare’s Sonnets." Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Critical Essays. Ed. James Schiffer. Garland 1999.

Weyler, Karen

"Profile: Sally Sayward Barrell Keating Wood." Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers. 15.2 (1998): 204-12.

"‘The Fruit of Unlawful Embraces’: Sexual Transgression and Madness in Early American Sentimental Fiction." Sex and Sexuality in Early America. Ed. Merril D. Smith. New York: New York UP, 1998. 283-313.

"Martha Ostenso," "Linnie Marsh Wolfe," and "Caroline Matilda Warren." American National Biography. New York: Oxford UP, 1999.

Review of A Feeling for Books: The Book-of-the-Month Club, Literary Taste, and Middle-Class Desire. By Janice A. Radway. In American Literature 71.1 (1999): 133-34.

Wilson, Eric

Emerson’s Sublime Science. London and New York: MacMillan/St. Martin’s, 1999.

"Thoreau, Thales, and the Distribution of Water." Concord Saunterer 6 (1998): 27-46.

"From Metaphysical Poverty to Practical Power: Emerson’s Embrace of the Physical World." ESQ. 43:1.4 (1998): 295-322.

"The Nomad, the Pilgrim, and the White Whale." Colby Quarterly. 34.3 (1998): 226-42.

II. Papers and Presentations

Black, Ralph

Western Literature Association Conference (Banff, Alberta). October, 1998. "The Nature of Nature: An Experiment in Ecological Literacy."

Modern Language Association conference (San Francisco), Dec. 1998. "The Apparent Earth: Imagined Ecologies in Modern American Poetry."

Boyle, Anne

Organized panel discussion "Writing Stories of Technological Change at Wake Forest University" for 4C’s Convention, Chicago, April 1998 with Tom McGohey, Jennifer Burg, Amy Huser, and Glen Piper.

"Publishing in the new AACE/Wake Forest University Electronic Journal: The Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal for Computer-Enhanced Learning." WebNet, November 9, 1998. This was a collaborative one-hour presentation given with Jennifer Burg and Yue-ling Wong.

Brown, Elizabeth Barnsley

"Derac(e)ination and Didacticism: Alice Childress’s and Octavia Butler’s Treatment of Interracial Relationships." Presented at SAMLA conference, November 1998.

"Who’s the Smart Ass in this Class: Humor as Pedagogical Tool and Practice." Presented at CLA conference, April 1999.

Caldwell, Janis M.

"Stream of Consciousness: A Metaphor for Cognitive Science." MLA conference. San Francisco, 1998.

DeShazer, Mary K.

National Women’s Studies Association conference. June 17-20, 1999. Will participate in panel on publishing in Women’s Studies.

El-Beshti, Bashir

Participated in session at conference: "Across Time and Space: Medieval and Early Modern Studies in a Global Context." Held at WFU. November 6, 1998.

Johnson, Jeannine

Four-day symposium participant, "Poetry and Pedagogy: The Challenge of the Contemporary," Institute for Writing and Thinking, Bard College.

Johnston, Dillon

"Muldoon’s Affrontive Poetry." At national meeting of Modern Language Association, December, 1998.

Klein, Scott

"Throwaway Plots: Ulysses, Don DeLillo’s Underworld, and the Persistence of Objects." North American James Joyce Symposium, Charleston, South Carolina, June 1999.

Kuberski, Philip

"Emerson and the Ecologies of Consciousness." Society for Literature and Science Annual Conference. University of Florida, November 1998.

"Emerson, Nietzsche, Gnosis." Modern Language Association Meeting. San Francisco, December 1998.

Lipscomb, David

"Water Leaves No Trail." Fifth International Scott Conference. Eugene, Oregon. July 20 – 25, 1999.

Maine, Barry

"Letters from an American Renegade: Henry Adams in the Saddle." Western Literature Association Conference. Banff, Alberta. October 1998.

McGohey, Tom

"Technology in the Writing Classroom." North Carolina Baptist Council on Higher Education, September 1999.

Overing, Gillian

Invited to present annual Christine de Pizan Lecture, UNC Chpel Hill, September 1998. "Homeless Bone-Crones: Aging in Medieval Iceland."

Invited to speak at conference "The Debate about Gender in the Medieval Period." Fordham University, March 1999. And to participate in round table discussion on "The Debate in Theory."

Sigal, Gale

"Marginalized Voices of the Court: The Troubadours’ Ladies and their Critics." At conference: Across Time and Space: Globalization and Diversity in the Middle Ages." Wake Forest University, Nov. 1998.

Chair, Medieval French Literature Session, Translation Conference. Stevens Institute of Technology, November 1998.

Sternlieb, Lisa

"Three Leahs to Get One Rachel: Redundant Women in Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles." MLA Convention Dec. 1998.

"Bad-Looking Women and Short-Sighted Men in The Woman in White." Nineteenth Century Studies Assocation, March 1999.

Thomas-Kairoff, Claudia

Chair, "Talking About Teaching the Eighteenth Century: New Directions for the Next Century." American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Meeting, Miwaukee, WI. March 24-28, 1999.

Wilson, Eric

Organizer and Chair, "Nietzschean Emerson / Emersonian Nietzsche." A Special Session, Modern Language Association Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA 1998.

"Emerson and the Redemption of Power." Annual Meeting of the Society for Literature and Science, Gainesville, FL, 1998.


III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

Black, Ralph

Editorial Board: ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment.

Editor: ASLE News

Boyle, Anne M.

Co-Editor of new journal, IMEJ: Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal for Computer Enhanced Learning.

Villanova University, 2-day consulting visit with Honors Program and English Department and talk on Writing and Technology.

ICCEL Workshop

Brown, Barnsley

Faculty Consultant for the AP Exams of the Educational Testing Service. 56 Hours in June, 1998.

Cotton, Nancy

Outside referee for promotion for Agnes Scott College.

DeShazer, Mary K.

Editorial Board, National Women’s Studies Association Journal

Editorial Board, South Atlantic Review

El-Beshti, Bashir

Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, Collegiate English Handbook.

Executive Committee Member, Group for Study of Colonialism

Mead, Jane

Guest Editor, Pequod.

Overing, Gillian

Journal of Advanced Composition – Editorial Reader

External tenure reviewer for Georgetown University Department of English.

Sigal, Gale

Editorial Board member (juror for articles in medieval literature), South Atlantic Review (journal of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association).

Book reviewer for Studies in the Age of Chaucer (Columbus: Ohio State University Press).

Thomas-Kairoff, Claudia

Editor, The Scriblerian

Executive Council, Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.


IV. External Grants Received

Johnson, Jeannine

Poetry and Pedagogy symposium. From Institute for Writing and Thinking. Requested $425, funded $225.

Valbuena, Olga

Folger Institute: "Redefining the Sacred in Early Modern England"

National Endowment for the Humanities (22 June to 31 July 1998)

Folger Shakespeare Library (6-weeks residence).