FOR JULY 1, 1998 TO JUNE 30, 1999


I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

Bridges, Sheri

"Instructor’s Manual" to Accompany Strategic Brand Management by Kevin Lane Keller, Prentice-Hall, 1998. Co-author: Kevin Lane Keller.

Gramling, Audrey

Coordinating Total Audit Coverage: The Relationship between Internal and External Auditors. Co-authors William L. Felix, Jr. and Mario J. Maletta. Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation. 1998.

Don Robin

Questions and Answers About Business Ethics: Running an Ethical and Successful Business. June 1999.


Baker, Terry

Options Reporting and The Political Costs of CEO Pay. Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance. Vol 14: pp 125-145. Spring 1999.

Beets, Doug

Corporate Environmental Reports: The Need for Standards and an Environmental Assurance Service. Co-author: Christopher C. Souther. Accounting Horizons. Pp 129-145. June 1999.

Bridges, Sheri

The Ownership Effect in Consumer Responses to Brand Line Stretches. Co-authors: Kirmani, Amna; Sood, Sanjay. Journal of Marketing. January 1999.




Duchac, Jon

Evaluating and interpreting the Effectiveness of End-User Interest Rate Derivatives. Journal of Managerial Issues. Volume X, Number 4, pp 419-438. Winter 1998.

John Dunkelberg

The Anatomy of Fraudulent Behavior. Co-author Don Robin. Business Horizons. Pp 77-82. Nov-Dec 1998.

Gramling, Audrey

Discussion of Timely Industry Information as An Assurance Service – Evidence on the Information Content of the Book-to-Bill Ratio. Auditing: Journal of Practice and Theory.

Supplement 1998.

The Impact of Legal Liability Regimes and Differential Client Risk of Client Acceptance, Audit Pricing, and Audit Effort Decisions. Co-authors: Andrew D. Bailey, Jr., Jeffrey W. Schatzberg, and H. Zhang. Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance. 1998.

Harrison, Kline

Antecedents to Organizational Commitment Among Mexican Employees of a U.S. Firm in Mexico. Co-author: Russell Hubbard. Journal of Social Psychology, 138(5), 609-623. 1998

Robin, Don

The Ethics of Antidumping Petitions. Co-author: W. Charles Sawyer. Journal of World Business. Fall 1998.

The Anatomy of Fraudulent Behavior. Co-author: John Dunkelberg. Business Horizons. Nov-Dec 1998.

Tower, Ralph

State and Local Taxation: An Internal Audit Perspective. Co-author Robert P. Moffie. Internal Auditing. Warren, Gorham and Lamont. Vol 13, number 7. Sept-Oct 1998.


West, Page

Temporal Dimensions of Opportunistic Change in New Ventures. Co-author: G. D. Meyer. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 22, pp 31-52. 1999.





II. Papers and Presentations

Akinc, Umit

Deac Inc—Teaching Production Planning as an Integrated System. Presented at the National Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) meeting. Co-presenter Dave Isbister. Las Vegas NV. November 1998.

Beets, Doug

Pedagogical Techniques and Technology: Student Performance and Preferences. Presented at the Southwest Region Meeting of the American Accounting Association. Houston TX. March 12, 1999.

Corporate Environmental Reports: The Need for Standards and an Environmental Assurance Service. Presented at the Southeast regional Meeting of the American Accounting Association. Atlanta GA. April 9, 1999.

Jon Duchac

The Effects of Derivatives Usage on Risk. Presented at the 1998 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA. August 1998.

The Effect of Derivatives Usage on Risk. Presented at the 1998 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Accounting and Finance . New Orleans, LA. December 1998.

The Effects of Derivatives Usage on Risk. Invited presentation at N.C. State University. April 1999.

Dunkelberg, John

The Anatomy of Fraudulent Behavior. Presented at the Fifth Annual International Conference Promoting Business Ethics. Chicago, IL. October 29-31.

Gramling, Audrey

A Review and Evaluation of Industry Concentration, Specialization, Experience, and Knowledge research in Auditing. American Accounting Association Auditing Section Midyear Conference. Atlanta, Ga. January 1999.

The Contribution of Internal Audit as a Determinant of External Audit Fees and Factors Influencing this Contribution. American Accounting Association Auditing Section Midyear Conference. Atlanta, GA. January 1999.

Voluntary Attestation in the Asset Management Industry: Its Influence on Users’ perceptions and Investment Decision. American Accounting Association ABO Section research Conference. Orlando, FL. October 1998.

Voluntary Attestation in the Asset Management Industry: Its Influence on Users’ Perceptions and Investment Decisions. Annual meeting of the American Accounting Association. New Orleans, La. August 1998.

The Association between Industry Experience of Audit Firms and Financial Reporting Quality.

International Symposium on Auditing Research. Los Angeles, CA. June 1999.


Harrison, Kline

Calloway Requisite Integrated Study Program (CRISP). Southern Management Association Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA. November 1998.

Lessons in Leadership from the Arts and Literature: A Liberal Arts Approach to Managerial Instruction. Presented at the Institute for behavioral and Applied Management. Orlando, FL.

October 1998.

Sustaining a Commitment to Quality: The Challenges of Self-Evaluation and the Opportunities on the Web. Presented at the Continuous Improvement Symposium of the AACSB. Dallas, TX. September 1998.

Antecedents to Job Satisfaction Among American Expatriates in a Russian-American Joint Venture. Presented at the Institute for Behavioral and Applied Management Annual Meeting. Orlando FL. October 1998.

Marcum, Bill

Initial Public Offerings: The Predictability of Subsequent Targets. Presented at the Eastern Finance Association Meeting. Williamsburg VA.

Robin, Don

Classifying Ethical Problems in a Way That Aids Our Understanding of Them. Presented at the Society for Marketing Advances. New Orleans LA. November 1998. (Won the award as the best theoretical paper at the conference.

Stewart, Yvonne

Integration of Technology into the Introductory Tax Course. Presented at the North Carolina Educators Conference. February 1999.

Multiple Common Bond Credit Unions and the Allocation of Benefits and Prerequisite Consumption and Tax Exemption: An Analysis of Credit Union Expense Preference Behavior. Academy of Accounting and Finance. December 1998.

West, Page

Barriers to Entry for High-Growth Entrepreneurial Firms: Implications for Manufacturer-Retail Retail Relations. Babson College/Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship Research Conference, University of Gent, Gent, Belgium. 1998.

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

Akinc, Umit

Member: Editorial Services Board, Journal of Operations Management

Dunkelberg, John

Associate Editor, Journal of Financial Education

Gramling, Audrey

The International Journal of Accounting (1998-2000)

Ad hoc reviewer, Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, Accounting Horizons, Contemporary Accounting Research.

Annual meeting of the American Accounting Association

Southeast Regional meeting of the American Accounting Association

American Accounting Association Auditing Section Midyear Conference

Juras, Paul

(with Bremser, Wayne) Editors, Cases from Management Accounting Practice, Vol 19, Institute of Management Accountants, 1998.

Robin, Don

Editorial Board, Business Ethics Quarterly & Annual Editions, Business Ethics

Reviewed articles for the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Sciences.


Taylor, Tom

Editorial Board, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics.

Tower, Ralph

Editorial Board, Journal of International Accounting Auditing & Taxation.



Juras, Paul

Institute of Management Accountants

Member National Committee on Academic Relations

IMA Campus Coordinator

American Accounting Association

Member of Management Accounting section Executive Committee

Co-chair of the 1998 AAA/IMA Management Accounting Case Symposium

American Institute of CPAs

On Campus Champion – liaison between students and this organization.

Robin, Don

President, Society for Marketing Advances Foundation – November 1999.

West, Page

Research Committee, Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division.

Co-chair, Inter-divisional relations committee of Entrepreneurship Division of Academy of Management.


Akinc, Umit

Sara Lee (Just My Size Division). 15 hours.

Bridges, Sheri

North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation. One half day.

National Rural Electrical Cooperative Association. One day.

Duchac, Jon

Taught Introductory Financial Accounting in the BB&T Banking School at WFU.

Taught CPA Review in the WFU CPA Review Course.

Harrison, Kline

Taught class on SPSS for students at Salem College (gratis)

Robin, Don

Sara Lee Corporation – "Just My Size" Products. 20 hours.

Tower, Ralph

Provided tax consulting services (at no cost) to WFU Faculty, Students and Staff.

IV. External Grants Received

Gramling, Audrey

Topic: The Role of Internal Audit in the Performance of the Strategic Systems Financial Statement Audit. Agency: KPMG/University of Illinois Business Measurement Case Development and Research Program. $40,000 Requested and Funded