FOR JULY 1, 1997 TO JUNE 30, 1998


I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

Albrecht, Jane W.

"The Golden Age Playgoing Public: From the Highest to the Lowest?" Bulletin of the Comediantes 49.1 (Summer 1997): 89-96.

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Whitley, M. Stanley

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II. Papers and Presentations

Brock, Genevieve

Paper: "Jean Meslier: Revolutionary Atheist Priest." Presented at the following:

SEASECS Conference, Atlanta, GA, March, 1998, Early Modern Cultural Studies Conference, Chapel Hill, NC, December, 1997, and Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, Greenville, NC, October, 1997.

Cesaretti, Enrico

Paper: "A. Savinio: Il Nomade-Costruttore." American Association of Italian Studies, April, 1998.

Dragacci-Paulsen, Francoise

Paper: "Portrait de Rimbaud en Afrique." Eighteenth Annual Cincinnati Conference on Romance Languages & Literatures, U of Cincinnati, May, 1998.

Paper: "Portrait de Rimbaud en Afrique." Fourth Annual Carolina Conference on Romance Languages, Chapel Hill, NC, March, 1998.

Gala, Candelas S.

Paper: "Bridging the Gap Between Language and Literature." FLANC, Research Triangle Park, NC, October, 1997.

Paper: "Todo es coser y cantar: las bordadoras en la urdimbre de una estética lorquiana de la ironía." U of Rhode Island, Kingston, April, 1998.

Paper: "Dismantling Romanctic Utopias: María Beneyto’s Poetry Between Tradition and Protest." U of Rhode Island, Kingston, April 1998.

Paper: "When Italy Meets the Eye of a Spaniard: Maria Victoria Atencia, a Poet with a View." Circolo Italiano, Winston-Salem, NC, November, 1998.

González, Luis

Paper: "A More Predictive Theory of Thematic Roles." Spring Linguistics Colloquium, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC, March 21, 1998.

Paper: "From the Concrete to the Abstract or Why the Order of Presentation of the Subjunctive Should be Reversed." Twenty-First Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio, October 24, 1997.

Paper: "Sixteenth Century French Marriage Manuals and Their Women Readers." Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, October 23, 1997.

Miguel-Prendes, Soledad

Paper: "A Specific Case of the Docta foemina: Luisa Siegea and her Duarum virginum colloquium de vita aulica et privata." X Congreso Internacional de la Asociación de Estudios Neolatinos, Avila, Spain, August, 1997.

Organized special session "Wives and Monsters: The Construction of Feminine Identity in Castilian Humanism." X Congreso Internacional de la Asociación de Estudios Neolatinos, Avila, Spain, August, 1997.

Murphy, Stephen

Paper: "Budé and the Heritage of Italian Humanism." International Association for Neo-Latin Studies, Avila, Spain, August, 1997.

Paper: "Henri Estienne and the Question of Parody." Renaissance Society of America, College Park, Maryland, March, 1998.

Pujol, Ton

Paper: "Pepita Jiménez: the Meaning of Valera’s Novel." Hofstra U, October 1997.

Paper: "La Quimera o la venganza intertextual." University of Cincinnati, May 1998.

Tarte, Kendall

Paper: "Madeleine Des Roches’s Mythological Echo." Sixteenth Century Studies conference, Atlanta, GA, October, 1997.

Paper: "Fear in Rodogune." Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, Lexington, KY, April, 1998.

Paper: "Reading Readers Read." South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Atlanta, GA, November, 1997.

Paper: "Fictions of the Self: Language and Representation in Rousseau." Columbia U, March, 1998.

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

Albrecht, Jane

Secretary of the North American Catalan Society.

Friedman, Mary Lusky

Manuscript evaluator, University of Texas Press.

Gala, Candelas S.

Editorial Board of Critica Hispánica.

Member of the Committee: Graduate Student Paper Competition; Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies.

Reviewer for Letras Peninsulares.

Evaluated the academic record of a candidate for tenure and promotion at Illinois Wesleyan U, Fall 1997.

Evaluated Verbum, a Madrid publishing company, for the purpose of evaluating a candidate for tenure and promotion at UNC-Greensboro, Fall 1997.

Margitic, Milorad

Associate Editor, Purdue University Monographs in Romance Languages.

Editorial Board, Cahiers du Six-Septième.

Rodgers, Catherine

Translation and Consultation for private agencies (Champion Industries, WFU-MBA, Collaboration Co.).

Wells, Byron R.

Editorial Board, Eighteenth-Century Studies.

Editorial Board, Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture.

Executive Secretary, American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.

Past President, Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.

IV. External Grants Received