FOR JULY 1, 1997 TO JUNE 30, 1998


I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

Anderson, Carol B.

1997 Supplement to N.C. Trial Practice (Lexis [Michie]).

CLE Manuscript, "Making a Record & Laying Foundations," NC Bar Association (June 1998).

Chair and team leader of NC Academy of Trial Lawyers Trial Advocacy Clinic, March 11-14, 1998.

Billings, Rhoda Bryan

WFU Law School CLE, Seventeenth Annual Review Materials on Civil Procedure, Evidence, and Ethics.

Castleman, Don

Ethics for Trust Bankers - Trust Education Foundation.

Ethics in Estate Planning -- Certifying Trust Bankers School, Pinehurst, NC, February 23, 1998.

Curtis, Michael Kent

Resurecting the Privileges of Immunities Clause, 38 Boston College Law Review 1 (1996).

The Crisis Over the Impending Crisis Chapter in Slavery & the Law (Madison House, 1997).

Hall, Mark

Health Care Law & Ethics, 5th ed., Aspen.

Teacher's Manual for Health Care Law & Ethics, 5th ed., Aspen.

Ethical Practice in Managed Care, Annals of Internal Medicine, 128:395-402 (1998).

A Theory of Economic Informed Consent, Georgia Law Review, 31:511-586.

Mewhinney, Kate

"Variables Predicting the Completion of An Advance Directive by Older Adults," 6 Annals of Long-Term Care 3, p. 83; March 1998, by C. Colenda, M.D., M.P.H.; M. Jensen, PhD.; J. Foster, M.Dir; B. Kendrick, D.Min.; K. Mewhinney, J.D.; and Catherine Messick, M.D., M.S.

Newman, Joel S.

Federal Income Taxation: Cases, Problems & Materials, West Publishing Company.

Palmiter, Alan R.

Alan R. Palmiter, Securities Regulation: Examples & Explanations (Aspen Law & Business 1998).

"Limited Liability Entities," The Jurist (Wake Forest University School of Law - Fall 1997).

Parker, J. Wilson

"Must Constitutional Rights Be Specified? Reflections on the Proposal to Amend Article 40.3.1." Vol. XXXII, The Irish Jurist, p. 102 (1997).

Peeples, Ralph

"Empirical Perspectives on Mediation and Malpractice," 60 Law and Contemporary Problems 101-144 (1998) (with T. Metzloff and C. Harris).

Perry, Michael J.

The Idea of Human Rights: Four Inquiries (Oxford University Press, 1998).

"Are Human Rights Universal?" 3 Human Rights Quarterly 461 (1998).

Reynolds, Suzanne

Supplements to Lee's N.C. Family Law, Vols. 2,3,4, (4th ed).

Supplement to Lee's N.C. Family Law, Vol. 1 (5th ed).

Roberts, Patricia

Article, Adopted and Non-Marital Children--Exploring the 1990 Uniform Probate Code's Intestacy and Class Gift Provisions (Real Property, Probate and Trust Journal, Winter 1998).

Chapter, Future Interests: A Practical Approach to the Rule Against Perpetuities & More (Chapter 3 of the Real Property Section's Annual CLE publication, May, 1998).

Roberts, Thomas E.

Land Use Planning and Control Law (West, June 1998) 706 pp. (with J. Juergensmeyer).

Rose, Charles

CLE Chapter WFU Annual Review, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure.

Rose, Simone

47 Florida Law Review 653--"Will Atlas Shrug? Dilution Protection for 'Famous' Trademarks: Anti-Competitive 'Monopoly' or Earned 'Property' Right?"

Shores, David

Two chapters in Newman, Federal Income Taxation: Chap. XI. Deferred Payment Sales; Chap. XII. Non-recognition Transactions.

Chap. 10B. Tax Aspects of Real Estate & Real Estate Sales, Powell, Real Property.

Article: Section 304 and the Limits of Statutory Law, 16 Va. Tax Rev. 455 (1997).

Steele, Thomas M.

The Advisor 27 Stetson Law Review 373 (1997), "The Business of Law: A Bibliography" on

Walker, George K.

Reporter, Civil Justice Reform Act Annual Assessment of the United States Court for the Middle District of North Carolina for Calendar Year 1996 (1997).

Reporter, North Carolina Bar Association, North Carolina Canons of Ethics for Arbitrators.

Ethics Rules for Arbitrators, ch. 3 in North Carolina Bar Foundation, "Winning" at Mediation: Tips and Techniques for Litigators and Mediators (1998).

Article, The Colleague at Wake Forest University, 27 Stetson Law Review 355 (1997).

Book reviews, Stanimir A. Alexandrox, Self-Defense Against the Use of Force in International Law (1996); Timothy L.H. McCormack, Self-Defense in International Law (1996), in 91 American Journal of International Law 757 (1997).

Lead drafter, 3 NCBA-sponsored bills enacted during the 1997 North Carolina General Assembly: North Carolina International Commercial Arbitration & Conciliation Act, North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedcure amendments.

As amateur painter, entry in Wet Paint benefit show, Newport Art Museum, Newport, R.I.; two entries in Sawtooth Center for Visual Art student show, Winston-Salem, May 1998 and NCBA annual meeting Legal Service Corporation of North Carolina benefit show, Myrtle Beach, SC, June 18-21, 1998.

Wright, Ronald

Criminal Procedures: Cases, Statutes and Executive Materials (Aspen Publishers, 1998).

Teachers' Manual for Criminal Procedures (Aspen Publishers, 1998).

Book Review of "The Constitution and Criminal Procedure: First Principles," in 14 Constitutional Commentary 557 (1997).

Managing Prison Growth in North Carolina Through Structured Sentencing (National Institute of Justice, Feb. 1998).

II. Papers and Presentations

Anderson, Carol B.

Regular NITA (National Institute of Trial Advocacy) instructor, Southeast Regional Trial Advocacy Program (since 1989).

Instructor, Intensive Trial Advocacy Program, Duke Law School, (1994-97).

Speaker, NC Academy of Trial Lawyers, "Persuasive Techniques for Public Service Lawyers" (Direct Examination of Experts) Spring, 1998.

Speaker, "Best of the Best CLE for 1997-98", N.C. Bar Foundation (Use of Exhibits at Trial), June 19, 1998.

Covington, I. Boyce

Annual Review of Developments in N.C. Law.

Curtis, Michael K.

Paper given at George Washington University Symposium, Textualism and the Constitution, February 13-14, 1998.

Hall, Mark

Duke Law School Conference on Medical Malpractice Reform.

East Carolina Medical School CME Conference.

Federal Judicial Conference educational course for federal judges.

Georgia State University conference on Genetics and Insurance.

Am. Enterprise Institute conference on Insurance Regulation.

Univ. Penn. Center for Law and Economics conference on Health Care Regulation.

Am. Assoc. of Law, Medicine and Ethics annual Health Law Teacher's Conference.

Logan, David A.

"Newsgathering", University of Kansas School of Law, April, 1998.

Newman, Joel S.

"Ethics for Litigators", NC Bar Foundation Seminar, October, 1997.

Peeples, Ralph

"Court Ordered Mediation and Medical Malpractice," at IMPACS/Duke University Medical Malpractice Conference, September 12-13, 1997.

"Court Ordered Mediation in North Carolina ini Medical Malpractice Cases, Preliminary Results," given at NC Superior Court Judges' Spring Meeting, Raleigh, NC, March 1998; also given at Annual Meeting of Dispute Resolution Section of NC Bar Association, May 1, 1998.

"Court Ordered Arbitration in North Carolina," given to Forsyth County Bar Association, February 1998.

Perry, Michael J.

15th Annual Church/State Lecture, DePaul University, April 1998.

Reynolds, Suzanne

Speaker and manuscript, "The Law of Domestic Violence: Legislative Update," AHEC of Northwest NC, Winston-Salem, NC, March, 1998.

Speaker and manuscript, "Implementing the New Alimony Law," and "Changes in the Law of Equitable Distribution," Conference of District Court Judges, Boone, NC, October 1997.

Roberts, Patricia

Speech: Future Interests, N.C. Bar Association's Real Property Section's Annual Meeting, May 8, 1998.

Rose, Charles

Lecture WFU CLE Annual Review - Fall 1997, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure.

Rose, Simone

Speaker: North Carolina Association of Librarians, "Copyrights and the Internet," October 1997.

Panelist/paper: ABA Intellectual Property Section Young Lawyers Division Annual Meeting, "Resolving Ethics Conflicts in Patent Prosecution", April, 1998.

Panelist: North Carolina Bar Intellectual Property Section (Annual Meeting), "Ethics in Patent Prosecution---PTO Rules v. State Rules of Professional Conduct," May 1, 1998.

Steele, Thomas M.

"Mandatory PC Purchases," American Association of Law Librarians Annual Meeting. Baltimore, MD, July 1997.

"Special Libraries," NC Special Library Assoc. meeting, Winston-Salem, NC, September 1997.

"Funding Technology for Law Schools, Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, January 1998.

"Planning and Programming Summer Associate Workshop", SE Assoc. Law Librarians Annual Meeting, April 1998.

"Internet Legal Reearch Strategy", Legal Tech Expo, NCBF, Greensboro, NC, May 1998.

Walker, George K.

Moderator, opening remarks, Wake Forest International Law Society meeting, "Paying the Bills at the United Nations: A Debate," Wake Forest University, October 13, 1997.

Comments on draft Helsinki Rules on Maritime Neutrality, for ILA (American Branch) annual meeting, New York City, November 7-8, 1997; for ILA biennial meeting, Taipei, Taiwan, May 23-30, 1998.

Talk, "Developments in the Law of Maritime Neutrality," Naval Reserve Legal Service Office Mid-Atlantic meeting of Naval Reserve Judge Advocates, Raleigh, NC, December 13, 1997.

Presentation to People's Republic of China legal education delegation, Wake Forest University School of Law, March 26, 1998.

Paper, "Ethics Rules for Arbitrators," NCBA Dispute Resolution Section continuing legal education program, Cary, NC, May 1, 1998, published in North Carolina Bar Foundation, Winning at Mediation: Tips and Techniques for Litigators and Mediators (1998).

Walsh, Robert K.

Presentations, "A Day in the Live of a Dean," and "Relationships with the Central Administration," ABA Seminar for New Law School Deans, Graylyn Conference Center, Wake Forest University, June 11-14, 1997.

Wright, Ronald

Presentations to the law faculties at UNC-CH and Duke, April 10 and 23, 1998. Topic was "Leaky Floors: State Criminal Procedure Below Federal Limits"; same topic presented November 17, 1997, to law faculty at University of Minnesota.

"Georgia's Sentencing Options for 1997-98 and Beyond," presentation to Georgia Senate Sentencing Commission, Atlanta, GA.

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

Anderson, Carol B.

Master of the Bench, Chief Justice Joseph Branch Inn of Court.

Castleman, Don

Tax Lawyer--Editor 1998 Report of Estate & Gift Tax Committee, American Bar Association.

Hall, Mark

Annals of American Health Law.

Mewhinney, Kate

Board of Directors, National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, member 1996-99.

Executive Committee member, Section on Law & Aging, Association of American Law Schools, 1997-99.

Newman, Joel S.

Commentary on tax incentive plan for St. Petersburg, Russia.

Palmiter, Alan R.

Reviewer, Aspen Law & Business.

Treasurer, North Carolina Bar Association - Business Law Section.

Perry, Michael J.

Editorial Board, Journal of Law & Religion.

Reynolds, Suzanne

Co-chair, Equitable Distribution Legislative Subcommittee of the NC Bar Association.

Family Law Council, NC Bar Association.

Roberts, Thomas E.

Communications Director, Section of State and Local Government Law, American Bar Association.

Taylor, James, Jr.

Board of Directors, Center on Law, Ethics and National Security.

Board of Directors, Legal Aid Society of Northwest North Carolina.

Permanent Member, Fourth Circuit Judicial Conference.

Walker, George K.

Nonpay consultant, Naval War College (average of an hour a week).

Nonpay consultant, calla-ins from lawyers, judges, Wake Forest students as summer associates (average of an hour a week).

Walsh, Robert K.

Vice-Chair, Council of American Bar Association Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.

Chairperson, 1997-98 Annual Meeting Program Committee, American Bar Association Section of Legal Education.

Member, Budget Committee, American Bar Association Section of Legal Education.

Member, Long Range Planning Committee, American Bar Association Section of Legal Education.

Member, Law School Project Advisory Committee, American Inns of Court.

Member, New Deans Seminar Planning Committee, American Bar Association.

Member, Long Range Plannaing Committee, North Carolina Bar Association.

Member, Task Force on the Legal Education of Lawyers in North Carolina, North Carolina Bar Association.

Master of the Bench, Chief Justice Joseph Branch Inn of Court.

Wright, Ronald F.

Federal Sentencing Reporter.

Georgia Senate Sentencing Commission, 20 hours (uncompensated).

IV. External Grants Received

Anderson, Carol B.

$279,000.00.  Grant for Wake Forest's Elder Law Clinic, 1991, U.S. Dept. of Education (over 3 years).  (Title IX funding).

$50,000.00.  Emil Gumpert Award Proposal, 1996, 1997, 1998, American College of Trial Lawyers.

Hall, Mark

$480,000.00.  Patient Trust in Managed Care, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

$160,000.00.  Restricting Insurers' Use of Genetic Information, NIH.