FOR JULY 1, 1997 TO JUNE 30, 1998


I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

Phillips, David P.

Article: “Building Meiji Tokyo: Urban Growth in the Popular Imagination,” Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 31.2, Fall 1997.

Article: “From Life to Film: Using Japanese Films in Literature Courses,” Southeast Review of Asian Studies, Vol. XIX, 1997.

Wilkerson, Kyoko Takashi

Article: “A Study of the Speaker's Subjectivity in Causal Expressions."  Special Issue, La langue japonaise: Didactique et linguistique.  Cashier du Centre d'Etudes de l' Asie de l'Est (no. 9), pp. 91-98.  University of Montreal.  (1997)

Article: “Japanese Bilingual Brand Names."  English Today: the International Review of the English Language.  vol. 13, no.4, pp. 12-16. Cambridge University Press.  (1997)

Article: “Reference Terms for Husbands in Japanese: Sociolinguistic Perspectives."  Southeast Review of Asian Studies, vol. xix.  (1997)

Book Review: Buckley, Sandra (Ed), 1997.  Broken Silence: Voices of Japanese Feminism.  University of California Press.  To appear in Journal of Asian and African Studies, 1998.

II. Papers and Presentations

Liu, Hong
Moran, Patrick Edwin
Phillips, David P.

Presentation: “American Sources for Japanese Planning Practices: The Iwakura Diplomatic Mission,” presented at “Planning in the Americas,” Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning National Conference, November 1997.

Presentation: “Selling America Abroad: A Japanese view of American Cities in the 1870s,” Asian Studies Speakers Series, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, October 1997.

Wilkerson, Kyoko Takashi

Presentation: "Englishized Product Naming in Japan."
Annual Conference, International Association for World Englishes.  East-West Center, Honolulu, HI, December 1996.

Presentation: "A Study of Reference Terms for Husbands in Japanese."  South Eastern Regional Conference, Association of Asian Studies.  Savanna, GA, January 1997.

Presentation: "Reference Terms for Husbands in Japanese: Sociolinguistic perspectives."  Annual Conference, American Association for Applied Linguistics. Orlando, FL, March 1997.

Presentation: "Developing Motivation, Creativity and Proficiency in Japanese Classrooms."  Annual Meeting, Foreign Language Association of North Carolina. Research Triangle Park, NC, October 1997.

Presentation: "The Poetics of Visible Language: An Analysis of Furigana."  South Eastern Regional Conference, Association for Asian Studies. Charlottesville, VA, January 1998.

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

Phillips, David P.

Director, Piedmont Chapter, Japan Center of North Carolina.

Chair, Japan section, South Atlantic Modern Language Association.

IV. External Grants Received