FOR JULY 1, 1997 TO JUNE 30, 1998



I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

Dalton, Mary

A feature article with sidebars published in the New York Times On the Web in the "Cybertimes" section on November 13, 1997. (

"Good Will Hunting: A Review Essay" in Creative Screenwriting, Vol. 5, No. 3 pp. 37-42.

Hazen, Michael David

(with David Cratis Williams) "Introduction: Argument and Identity." Argumentation and Advocacy 34 (1998), v-viii.

Book Review, The Orchestration of the Media: The Politics of Mass Communications in Communist Poland and the Aftermath, by Tomas Globan-Klas, in Slavic Review, 56 (1997), 564-565.

Hyde, Michael

(With McMillan and Mitra) "Where Art Thou? Here I am!: Computers Can Facilitate Our Moral Imperative to Acknowledge Others," Wake Forest Magazine, March 1998.

Llewellyn, John

"Another Opiate for the Masses: Smoking and the Death of Hope in America," Philomathesian, Spring 1998.

Louden, Allan

Leadership of forensics organizations: 1997-1998 officers. In AFA Newsletter, September 1997, pp. 24-36.

McMillan, Jill

Cheney, G.; McMillan, J.J.; & Schwartzman, R. (Fall, 1997). Should we buy the 'student-as-consumer' metaphor? The Montana Professor, 8 (3), pp. 8-11.

(With Hyde and Mitra) "Where Art Thou? Here I am!: Computers Can Facilitate Our Moral Imperative to Acknowledge Others," Wake Forest Magazine, March 1998.

Mitra, Ananda

"Categories of computer use and their relationships with attitudes towards computers." Journal of Research on Computing in Education, 30(3), 281-295.

"Toward evaluating computer aided instruction: Attitudes, demographics, context." Evaluation and Program Planning, vol. 20, no. 4, 1997.

(With Hyde and McMillan) "Where Art Thou? Here I am!: Computers Can Facilitate Our Moral Imperative to Acknowledge Others," Wake Forest Magazine, March 1998.

Rogan, Randall

Hammer, M.R., Hart, W., & Rogan, R.G. (1998). Can you go home again? An analysis of the repatriation of corporate managers and spouses. Management International Review, 38, 67-86.

Watts, Eric

"An exploration of spectacular consumption: Gangsta rap as cultural commodity." Communication Studies, vol. 48, no. 1, 1997.

Zulick, Margaret

"Generative Rhetoric and Public Argument: A Classical Approach." Argumentation and Advocacy 33 (1997): 109–119. Lead article.

Review of The Prostitute and the Prophet: Hosea’s Marriage in Literary-Theoretical Perspective, by Yvonne Sherwood. Catholic Biblical Quarterly 59 (1997): 558–559.

II. Papers and Presentations

Dalton, Mary

Chaired and responded to the panel "Celebrating Our Centrality: Rhetorical Criticism Meets Media Professionals," National Communication Association Convention, Chicago, IL, November 1997.

Responded to the panel "Sociology and Visual Media: Engaging the Public in Sociological Dialogue Through Visual Media" Southern Sociology Society, Atlanta, GA, April 1998.

Hazen, Michael David

(with Stefne Lenzmeier) "Methods for Arguer Reconstruction of Arguments." Fourth ISSA International Conference on Argumentation, June 1998.

Responded to the panel "Formal and Informal training and development: Career coaching, counseling, mentoring, and employee training issues," National Communication Association, Chicago, IL, November 1997.

Hyde, Michael

"The Rhetoric of Medicine: A Question of Ethics" and "Rhetoric and No-thingness: A Heideggerian Perspective," both papers presented at annual meeting of the National Communication Association, Chicago, IL, November 1997.

"The Call of Conscience, Rhetorical Interruptions, and the Euthanasia Controversy." Invited lecture for "Rhetoric and Science" Colloquium, University of Pittsburgh, March 1998.

Louden, Allan

(with Mike Allen, Sandra Berkowitz, and Steve Hunt)  Measuring the impact of forensics and communication education on critical thinking: A meta-analytic summary. National Communication Association, Chicago, IL, November 1997.

(with Craig Hullett) Influencing audience attributions at a congressional debate. National Communication Association. Chicago, IL, November 1997.

Panelist.  Debating a shared topic in CEDA and NDT: Roundtable discussion on our future together. National Communication Association, Chicago, IL, November 1997.

Panelist.  Operationalizing Wellness: A roundtable of forensics leaders. National Communication Association, Chicago, IL, November, 1997.

Teaching Kriticking/Kritiking Teaching: Reflections on Debate Pedagogy, Chair, Tenth NCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation, Alta, UT, August 1997.

Mitra, Ananda

"Needs Assessment and Citizen Input." Invited workshop at the annual convention of the Connecticut Parks and Recreation Association, November 1997.

"India at 50." Invited speech for the Winston-Salem State University Global Perspectives Symposium, Winstom-Salem, NC, December 1997.

"Attitude and Interest Surveys." Invited teleconference by the North Carolina Recreation Resource Services, January 1997.

"Role of citizen input in recreation planning: The feedback solution." NRPA Southern Regional Conference, April 1998.

"The notion of functionality in the faculty use of e-mail for instruction." AACE Ed-Media/Ed-Telecom 98 World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, Freiburg, Germany, June 1998.

McMillan, Jill

The consumer metaphor and the university.  Philomathesian Society, Wake Forest University, October 21, 1997.

Invited seminar participant.  Interpretive and Narrative Ethnography.  National Communication Association Annual Convention, Chicago, IL, November 18-23, 1997.

Metaphors we teach (and learn) by: Marketing public speaking.  Southern States Communication Association Annual Convention, San Antonio, TX, April 1-5, 1998.

Rogan, Randy

Rogan, R. G., & Hammer, M. R.  Message affect behavior of African-American and Euro-Americans: An exploratory study. Paper presented at the National Communication Association convention, Chicago, IL, November 1997.

Hammer, M. R. & Rogan, R. G. Indochinese conflict negotiation patterns within the United States. Paper presented at the International Association for Conflict Management conference, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, June 1998.

Watts, Eric

Presented, "Of the Meaning of Centrality," National Communication Association Conference, Chicago, IL, November 1997.

Zulick, Margaret

Conducted professional seminar on Bakhtin and Rhetoric/Rhetorical Criticism at National Communication Association, Chicago, IL, November 1997.

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

Dalton, Mary

Scripted the videotape "Therapeutic Alternatives."

Hazen, Michael David

Associate Editor, Argumentation and Advocacy.

Associate Editor, Quarterly Journal of Speech.

Editor (with David Cratis Williams, Meg Zulick, Frans van Eemeren, & Rob Grootendorst). Special Issue of Argumentation and Advocacy on "Argument and Identity," 34 (Fall 1997).

Hyde, Michael

Member of the following Editorial Boards: Quarterly Journal of Speech; Philosophy and Rhetoric; Journal of Applied Communication Research; Critical Studies in Mass Communication; Southern Speech Journal.

Louden, Allan

Editorial board for Speaker and Gavel.

Reviewer for Political Communication, Southeastern Political Review, and The Southern Communication Journal, 1997.

Reviewer for Critical Studies in Mass Communication, 1998.

President, American Forensics Association.  (Conducted AFA Convention at Chicago.)

McMillan, Jill

Reviewer, Women's Studies in Communication, Management Communication Quarterly.

Mitra, Ananda

Reviewed manuscript for Critical Studies in Mass Communication, 1997.

Reviewed manuscript for Convergence, 1997.

Reviewed new journal proposal for SAGE, 1997.

Serving as Guest Editor for a special issue of Evaluation and Program Planning, 1997.

Served as a respondent to a panel on Asian-American communication at the Annual convention of the National Communication Association at Chicago, IL, November 1997.

Reviewed manuscript for Women’s Studies in Communication, 1997.

Worked with Management Learning Laboratories in assessment of park and recreation services in several communities. Mostly in summer and during winter breaks with about 1 day per month during school year.

Rogan, Randy

Ad hoc reviewer for Human Communication Research.

Ad hoc reviewer for The International Journal of Conflict Management.

Editorial board of Southern Communication Journal.

Invited reviewer for Communication Yearbook, Volume 22.

Invited reviewer for Communication Studies.

Vice-Chair elect of the Peace and Conflict Communication Commission of the National Communication Association.

Maintaining dialogue with Winston-Salem Police Department and Forsyth County Sheriff's department concerning crisis negotiations. Serving as consultant/advisor on crisis negotiation for the Winston-Salem Police Department hostage negotiation team. No significant time commitment to date.

Threat assessment and author identification work with Van Zandt and Associates. Limited time commitment.

Zulick, Margaret

Editorial board for Women’s Studies in Communication.

IV. External Grants Received