FOR JULY 1, 1997 TO JUNE 30, 1998



I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits


II. Papers and Presentations

Andronica, John L.

"The Latin Advanced Placement Exams: A Behind-the-Scenes Information Session." Foreign Language Association of North Carolina, Research Triangle Park, NC, October 18, 1997.

Pendergraft, Mary L.

Panel discussion on new North Carolina Latin curriculum standards, Foreign Language Association of North Carolina, October 1997.

"Ancient Astronomy and Poetry," Fall Forum, Junior Classical League, November 1997.

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

Andronica, John L.

Educational Testing service: Faculty Consultant, 1998 Advanced Placement (AP) Latin Reading, June 5-12, 1998.

Pendergraft, Mary L.

Consultant, Latin area.  Program review, Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Lenoir-Rhyne College, February 1998.

Reader for A.P. Latin Exam.  Educational Testing Service, June 1998 (scheduled).

Guest Lecturer, Summer Institute.  North American Cambridge Latin Project, Davidson, NC, July 1998 (scheduled).

Ulery, Robert W., Jr.

Secretary-Treasurer, Southern Section, Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS).

Committee, and member, Committee on Merit, CAMWS.

Secretary-Treasurer, American Association for Neo-Latin Studies.

Board of Directors, N.C. Affiliate of the National Association of Scholars.

IV. External Grants Received