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I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II. Papers and Presentations

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV. External Grants Received

V. Awards



I.          Publications, Performances, Exhibits  


Alarcón, Irma V.:


The Second Language Acquisition of Spanish Gender Agreement: The effects of Linguistic Variables on Accuracy, published by Lincom Europa Academic Publishers


Albrecht, Jane W.:


“Bibliografía general de Tirso de Molina: 2003-2006,”  separata, Revista Estudios (Spring 2007).


Ewalt, Margaret R.:


“Christianity, Coca, and Commerce in the Peruvian Mercury.”  SECC:  Studies in Eighteenth Century Culture.  36 (Spring 2007):  187-212.


Gala, Candelas S.:


“Poetry’s Malentendu: Love, Gender, and Paradox in Pedro Salinas’La voz a ti debida.” Revista Hispánica Moderna 57. 1-2 (double issue 2004): 121-136.

“Ana María Fagundo.” http:///

It includes a critical study of Fagundo’s poetry, bibliography, and anthology.


The Poetry of Sara Pujol Russell. Translated and with an Introduction by Noël Valis. Selingsgrove: Susquehanna UP, 2005. 123 pp. In Letras Peninsulares v17.2 17.3 (Fall/Winter 2004-2005): 623-624.


Hardcastle, Anne E.:


Hardcastle, Anne E. “Representing Spanish Identity through españolada in Fernando Trueba’s The Girl of Your Dreams (La niña de tus ojos).” Film Criticism 31:3 (Spring 2007): 15-37.


Hardcastle, Anne E. “The Guilt of the Innocent: Memory, History, and Trauma in Saura’s Cría cuervos and Matute’s Primera memoria.” Letras Peninsulares 17:3 (Fall/Winter 2004-5): 387-403.  (Despite the date, this article only appeared in print Fall 2006.)


Kem, Judy K.:


Symphorien Champier, La Nef des dames vertueuses. Critical edition by Judy KEM.  Textes de la Renaissance, 114.  Paris: Honoré Champion, 2007.


"Symphorien Champier." Sixteenth-Century French Writers.  Ed. Megan Conway. Dictionary of Literary Biography, vol. 327.  Detroit:  Bruccoli Clark Layman, 2006.  98-104. (came out in late 2006)


Strong Voices, Weak History:  Early Women Writers and Canons in England, France, and Italy.   Pamela Joseph Benson and Victoria Kirkham, editors.  Ann Arbor:  University of Michigan Press, 2005. The Sixteenth Century Journal XXXVIII, 1 (Spring 2007): 285-86.


Jean Gerson and the Last Medieval Reformation.  Brian Patrick McGuire.  University Park, PA:  The Pennsylvania State University Press,  2005.   The Sixteenth Century Journal XXXVII, 4 (Winter 2006):  1181-82.


Mayers, Kathryn M.:


“Autorrepresentación, andinismo, y artificio barroco en el “Apologético” de Juan de Espinosa Medrano.” Memorias de las VII Jornadas Andinas de Literatura Latinoamericana. Bogotá: Universidad de los Andes, 2006.


Murphy, Stephen J.:


Maro mutatus in melius?  The Form and Fortune of Lelio Capilupi’s In Feminas,” in Acta Conventus Neo-Latini Bonnensis (Tempe, AZ: ACMRS, 2006).


“Guillaume Briçonnet,” in Centuriae latinae: Mélanges M.-M. de La Garanderie, ed. Colette Nativel (Geneva: Droz, 2006).


Tarte, Kendall B.:


Book review, Actualité de Jeanne Flore, ed. Diane Desrosiers-Bonin and Éliane Viennot, Renaissance et Réforme/Renaissance and Reformation, Renaissance et Réforme/Renaissance and Reformation 28 (2004): 98-100.



II.         Papers and Presentations Presented at Professional Meetings 


Alarcón, Irma V.:


April 21-24, 2007. Presented “Effects of morphological marking and noun class on the relationship between gender assignment and agreement in L2 Spanish” at the annual American Association of Applied Linguists (AAAL) conference. Costa Mesa, California.


November 4, 2006. Conducted a three-hour workshop, “Teacher-talk in the Foreign Language Classroom: L1/L2 alternation,” for the faculty at UNC-Greensboro.


October 19, 2006. Participated as a guest speaker at COOK IT UP, a Creativity Forum, organized by Lynn Book, Wake Forest University.


Barbour, Sarah E.:


November 2006.  “Gisèle Pineau’s Espérance Macadam: Créolité au féminin”  (Women in French panel), Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association (PAMLA), Riverside California


October 2006.  “History, Mystery, and Liberation, Coming of Age in an African

Context,” Romance Languages Film Symposium, Wake Forest University,

Winston-Salem, NC.  Also panel organizer: “Youth, Identity, Female Sexuality,

and Community: Some Examples from African films”


March 2007.  Invited as moderator of the panel “Maryse Condé:  Beyond

Borders,” at the Franklin College conference on Caribbean Literature and

Culture, “The Caribbean Unbound III,” Lugano, Switzerland.


Ewalt, Margaret R.:


“A Jesuit El Dorado:  Evangelism and Economics in El Orinoco ilustrado.” – To be Presented at the Third International Interdisciplinary Symposium for CASO:  Colonial Americas Studies Organization in Quito, Ecuador June 4-10, 2007.


“How to Teach the Transatlantic or Hemispheric Eighteenth Century.” – Roundtable Participant for ASECS:  American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Meeting in Atlanta March 21-24, 2007.


Friemdan, Mary L.:


“The Function of Simile in José Manuel Prieto’s Livadia,” Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, University of Kentucky at Lexington, April 19-21, 2007.



Furmanek, Olgierda:


Crossroads of Spanish and Polish: Poetry Perception, International Congress: Translation and Interpreting at the Crossroads of Intercultural Communication, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, October 2006.


Gala, Candelas S.:


“Players in the Field: Poetry and Physics in the Spanish Avant-Garde.” Bridge-Building. The 28th Annual Association for the Integrative Studies Conference. Connecting Hearts and Minds, Arts and Sciences, Teaching and Research, Academy and Community. October 5-8, 2006, Atlanta, Georgia.


“Con Gerardo Diego: Creacionismo, cubismo y el campo electromagnético.” SAMLA, Charlotte, Nc, November 9-12, 2006.


Invited lecture: “Sinergias (con Lorca, Salinas, Diego): vanguardismo poético, cubismo y física.” University of Virginia, February 23, 2007.


Invited lecture/videoconference: University of Lleida, Spain. International Forum on the Teaching of Literature. May 3, 2007.


Hardcastle, Anne E.:


Hardcastle, Anne E. “Family Systems Therapy and Spanish Difference/Deviance in Almodóvar’s La ley del deseo and Tacones lejanos” Conference on “Spanishness” in the Spanish Novel and Cinema of the 20-21st Century, University of North Texas, May 4-5, 2007. 


Kem, Judy K.:


"Fatal Lovesickness and Early Modern Medicine in Marguerite de Navarre's Novella 26," Renaissance Society of America, March 24, 2007.


Mayers, Kathryn M.:


“La evocación de un conocimiento social criollo en tres retratos literarios de Sor Juana.” Paper to be read at the Third International Interdisciplinary Symposium for CASO (Colonial Americas Studies Organization). Quito, Ecuador 2007.


“Illusion and Elision in the Ekphrastic Imagery of the Poema heroico a San Ignacio de Loyola.” Paper read at the symposium The Soul of Empire: Visualising Religion in Early Modern Spain and the New World. London, November 2006.


“Autorrepresentación, andinismo, y artificio barroco en el “Apologético” de Juan de Espinosa Medrano.” Paper read at the VII Jornadas Andinas de Literatura Latinoamericana (JALLA). Bogotá, August 2006.


Murphy, Stephan J.:


“Martyrdom and Philology,” International Association for Neo-Latin Studies, August 2006.

“Aubigné the Autobiographer and Where He Came From” Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, October 2006.


“Religious Renegation and Literary Affirmation,” Renaissance Society of America meeting, March 2007.


“Autobiography and Pathology,” Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, April 2007.


Ospina, Claudia C.:


“Locura, violencia y narcotráfico en Delirio de Laura Restrepo,” presented at the 60th Annual Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, Lexington, Kentucky April 19-21, 2007.


Pellet, Stephanie H.:


Paper presented at the Georgetown University Round Table 2007 - Title: ‘The pragmatics of French discourse markers donc and alors’


Presented preliminary research at the Linguistics Circle of Wake Forest University (April 13th, 2007).


Paper presented at the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference 2007 – Title: ‘Pragmatic violations of factors underlying the development of French interlanguage competence: the case of the discourse marker donc’


Tarte, Kendall B.:


Renaissance Society of America, Miami, March 2007.  “Metalepsis of the Author of French History.”


Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Salt Lake City, October 2006.  “Blushing Through the Sixteenth Century.”


Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, Lexington, April 2007.  Organized two panels: “Exploring the Sixteenth Century City” and “What Ails the Sixteenth Century?”


Wells, Byron R.:


“Rousseau, Condorcet, and the Republican Dream.” Biannual meeting of the Rousseau Association. Lyon, France. June 2007.


Whitley, Stanley M.:


Two invited talks and paid curricular/pedagogical consultation at Temple University, series: Second Language Learners’ Interlanguage: An Abundance of Data, a Paucity of Application): “Error Analysis vs. the Canon” (3/22/07), “Contrastive Analysis vs. the Canon (3/23/07).



III.        Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies  


Furmanek, Olgierda:

External Book Reviewer, for Chruszczewski, Piotr P, Cultural Patterns in Discursive Practices of Scandinavian Speech Communities in the Viking Age, Tertium, Cracow, 2006, 272 pages


Gala, Candelas S.:


Editorial Board of Crítica Hispánica, a professional journal


Editorial Board of the North Carolina Series in Romance Languages and Literatures.


Puckett, Jenny R.:


Educational Testing Service: Rubrics Research Project, January through April, 2007


College Board:  serve as Question Leader for the Advanced Placement Spanish Language Examination annual scoring process.  This is an annual ten-day work/grading standards project which I have done since 1998.


Turner, Maria-Encarna M.:


Helped the Davie County Schools with translation projects. Time varies from time to time.


Wells, Byron R.:


Editorial Board, Eighteenth-Century Studies.


Advisory reader, Eighteenth-Century Thought


Executive Director, American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies


President, Rousseau Association


Executive Committee, International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies


External referee for a candidate for tenure and promotion at the U. of Massachusetts, Boston


Whitley, Stanley M.:


Associate Editor (Theoretical Linguistics section), Hispania (journal of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese).


MIFLC (Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference) Executive Board, 2003-2010.


External reviewer of candidate for promotion/tenure, University of Minnesota, 2006.



IV.        External Grants Received  



V.  Awards   


Mayers, Kathryn M.:


Student Government Certificate of Appreciation for teaching.


Puckett, Jenny R.:


WFU Student Government Excellence in Teaching Award, Fall 2006


Panhellenic Faculty Advisor of the Year, Fall 2006