Reporting Professional Activities, Reynolda Campus 2006-2007



I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II. Papers and Presentations

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV. External Grants Received

V. Awards



I.  Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Bennett, Michael J.


Union Jacks: Yankee Sailors in the Civil War (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2004).


“Dissenters from the American Mood: Why Men Joined the Union Navy,” North & South 8 (March 2005): 12-21.


“Saving Jack: Religion, Benevolent Organizations, and Union Sailors During the Civil War,” Union Soldiers and the Northern Home Front: Wartime Experiences, Post-War Adjustments, edited by Paul A. Cimbala and Randall M. Miller.  New York: Fordham University Press, 2002.


“Frictions: Shipboard Relations between White and Contraband Sailors During the American Civil War,” Civil War History 47 (June 2001): 118-145.


Ira Dye, Uriah Levy: Reformer of the Antebellum Navy (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2006) for The Journal of American History (2008).


Robert M. Browning, Jr., Success Is All That Was Expected: The South Atlantic Blockading Squadron during the Civil War (Washington, D.C., Brassey’s, 2001), Civil War History 51 (March 2005): 102-104.


Escott, Paul D.


Reviewed Michael O’Brien’s Henry Adams and the Southern Question for the Florida Historical Quarterly.


O’Connell, Monique E.


Review of Jurgen Schulz, The New Palaces of Medieval Venice (University Park, PA, 2004) in The Sixteenth Century Journal , 37, no 4, Winter 2006


Review of Anthony Luttrell, The Town of Rhodes: 1306-1356 (Town of Rhodes, 2003) in Speculum (2006).


Watts, Sarah L.





II.   Papers and Presentations Presented at Professional Meetings


Bennett, Michael J.


“The Vietnam Syndrome,” Winston-Salem Kiwanis/Children of Vietnam, Joel Coliseum, January 2, 2007.


“Enlisted Life in the Civil War Navies” Fourth Annual Battle of Hampton Roads Weekend: The Civil War Navies, The Mariners’ Museum, Newport News, Virginia,     March 10-12, 2006.


“Blue & Brown Water Jacks: The Common Sailor’s Experience in the Civil War,” Military History Education Group, Atwood, Illinois, June 11, 2005.


“Union Jacks: The Yankee Sailor on the Blockade,” Civil War Roundtable of New York, New York, New York, May 12, 2005.


“Union Jacks: The Common Sailor on the Great Lakes,” Great Lakes Maritime Museum Author Series, Cleveland, Ohio, November 5, 2004.


“Jack Tar: Yankee Sailors in the Civil War,” Uncle Sam’s Web Feet: The Navies, Civil   War Institute at Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, June 30-July 3, 2004.


Bobroff, Ronald P.


“Sacred Ground: Russia and the Problem of Palestine in Allied Diplomacy during WWI,” the Southern Conference on Slavic Studies Annual Meeting, Montgomery, AL, March  2007


Caron, Simone M.


“‘I have done it and I have got to die’:  Coroners’ Inquests of Abortion Deaths,” American Association of the History of Medicine, May 2007, Montreal.


“Infanticide and Coroners,” Social Science Historical Association, November 2006, Minneapolis, MN.


Escott, Paul D.


Keynote speaker for Duke University’s Undergraduate Thesis Writers’ conference


Hellyer, Robert I.


From Intelligence Conduit to Border Bulwark: Tsushima’s Changing Defensive Role in the Nineteenth Century (2007) Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting, Boston, March 23.


Feeding China: Trade in Marine Products and the Creation of a Pacific World in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (2006) Indian and Pacific Crossings: Perspectives on Globalization and History, Fremantle, Australia, December 14.


Global Tides, Local Currents:  New Perspectives on Foreign Relations in Late Edo Japan (2006) Asiatic Society of Japan Tokyo, June 19.


Shock and Awe: Regional Roots of Japanese Colonialism in Korea (2007) Seminar Series, Colonialism and its Aftermath Research Centre, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia. January 10.


Japanese Green Tea and the American Market (2007) Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, January 5. 


Transition: Local Japan and Global Contexts, 1764-1868 (2006) Social Science Research Seminar, Wake Forest University, November 21.


Transition: Local Japan and Global Contexts, 1764-1868 (2006) Japan Studies Colloquium Series, Duke University, October 13.


Hughes, Michael L.


“The Dictators’ May Day. Celebrating the ‘Workers’ Holiday’ in Nazi Germany and Communist East Germany,” Social Science History Association meeting, Minneapolis, Nov. 5, 2006


Political Citizenship, Civil Society, and the Political Mass Strike in the Kaiserreich,” German Studies Association, Pittsburgh, Sept. 30, 2006


O’Connell, Monique E.


"Public Office and Patrician Family: Venice in the fifteenth century," IUE Florence, Italy, Nov. 20, 2006


Invited paper as part of the European University Institute's workshop on Early Modern History "Renaissance Republicanism and Venetian Empire," March 26, 2007, Villa Spelman, Florence Italy


Invited paper at the Villa Spelman, The Johns Hopkins University graduate Center in Florence Venice's Multicultural Renaissance: Reflections on Public and Private in the Maritime Empire.”  Villa I Tatti, Harvard Center for Renaissance Studies.  Public Lecture, April 17, 2007.  


Smith, James Howell


Critiquing Presentation at Southern Historical Association


Southwestern Social Science Association


Wilkins, Charles L.


Aleppo in the ‘The Age of Rebellious Governors’: The Revolts of Seydi Ahmed Pasha (1655-56) and Abaza Hasan Pasha (1658-59).”  Delivered at the 2006 Middle Eastern Studies Association Conference, Boston,  MA.


Williams, Alan J.


“Identities, Selves, and Revolution,” Paper presented at the XVth Rudé Seminar in French History and Civilisation, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia, July 12-15, 2006




III.  Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies  


Bennett, Michael J.


The Journal of American History


Civil War History


Hendrics, J. Edwin


Vice president of the Historical Society of North Carolina.  2006-2007. April 13, 2007 presided over spring meeting At Duke University



IV.  External Grants Received  


Hellyer, Robert I.


$40,000  Green Tea and the Path to an Industrial, International Japan.” Japan Foundation


$10,000  Green Tea and the Path to an Industrial, International Japan.” Smithsonian Institution



V. Awards for Distinguished Teaching, Research, or Professional Activities


Bennett, Michael J.


John Lyman Book Award for 2004 United States Naval History, North American Society for Oceanic History


Fletcher A. Pratt Literary Award, New York City Civil War Roundtable, Best Civil War Book of 2004


Rear Admiral Ernest M. Eller Prize in Naval History for 2001,Honorable Mention, United States Department of the Navy.


Selection of the Month History Book Club and Military Book Club


Bobroff, Ronald P.


MALS MLS 814: Decline of the Russian Aristocracy – New Course, Fall 2006


Hellyer, Robert I.


Postdoctoral Fellowship, Smithsonian Institution, 2007


Japan Foundation Research Fellowship, University of Tokyo, 2007-2008


Postdoctoral Fellowship, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, 2007-2008 [declined]


Entrepreneurship and the Liberal Arts Faculty Development Award, Wake Forest University, 2007  


Academic and Community Engagement Fellowship, Wake Forest University, 2006


Archie Research Fellowship for Academic Excellence, Wake Forest University, 2006, 2007