Reporting Professional Activities


Reynolda Campus



I.                Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II.              Papers and Presentations

III.            Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV.          External Grants Received

V.        Awards


I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Bender, Margaret


American Indian Contributions.  In The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Volume 6: Ethnicity.  R.C. Ray, ed.  Center for the Study of Southern Culture, University of Mississippi.


Cherokees Prior to 1838.  In The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Volume 6: Ethnicity.  R.C. Ray, ed.  Center for the Study of Southern Culture, University of Mississippi.


Bowne, Eric


The Westo Indians: Slave Traders of the Early Colonial South, University of Alabama Press


A Bold and Warlike People: The Basis of Westo Power, In Light on the Path: The Anthropology and History of the Southeastern Indians, edited by Robbie Ethridge and Thomas Pluckhahn, University of Alabama Press


Review of The History of American Indians, by James Adair (edited and annotated by Kathryn Holland Braund), Journal of Southern History 72(2):452-453


The Little Brother of War: An Introduction to Southeastern Indian Stickball, public lecture, St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Visiting Ethnographer Program (Oct. 06) & delivered at the Museum of Anthropology, Wake Forest University (Jan 07)


Miller, Ellen


2005   Miller ER, Gunnell GF,  Martin RD. Deep time and the search for anthropoid origins. Yrbk Phys Anthropol 48:60-95. (Published December 2005)


2007 Morlo M, Miller ER, El-Barkooky AN. Creodonta and Carnivora from Wadi Moghra, Egypt. J. Vert. Paleontol. 27:145-159.


Robinson, Ken


“Landscape Histories of Two Late 18th-Early 19th Century Farmsteads in Western North Carolina” in Uplands Archaeology in the East, published by the Archaeological Society of Virginia (with Tom Beaman and John Mintz).


Ground Penetrating Radar at Bentonville Battlefield, to be featured on Save Our History television show on The History Channel (May or June 07)


Multi-media Presentation, Archaeology and History of the Historic Wolf-Moser Farmstead, a Moravian Farmstead in Forsyth County, NC, at the Grand-Opening of the new Bethania Visitors Center, Bethania, NC: included video presentation and poster display prepared by WFU students under direction of Ken Robinson, and artifact exhibit prepared by Ken Robinson and Michael Murrow. (Feb 07)


Guest Curator, Exhibit on Arsenal Archaeology, Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex (a branch of the N.C. Museum of History), Fayetteville, NC (Jan 06- Jan 07)


Wake Forest University Archaeology poster display, at Archaeology Days Exhibition, NC Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh (Nov 06)


Salisbury Confederate Prison Archaeology artifact display and poster, at the Salisbury Confederate Prison Annual Symposium, Salisbury, NC (April 07)


Fort Dobbs Revisited Archaeology display, N.C. State Fair exhibit sponsored by the Archaeological Society of North Carolina, Raleigh, NC (Oct 06)


Simonelli, Jeanne


2006               Invited Commentary on Joshua Rosenthal’s Politics, Culture and Governance. Current Anthropology Vol 47 (1): 135-6.


2006               News from Indian Country, Inside the Red Alert, Oct. 16, 2006


2007               Field of Dreams; Field of Reality: Growing with and in Anthropology (In) Extraordinary Anthropology: Transformations in the Field Jean-Guy A. Goulet and Bruce G. Miller, eds., pp. 352-379,  Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press


2006               The Reflecting Pool:  Fieldwork, Learning, and the Navajo Way, revisited (In) Bridges to Humanity:  Anthropological Friendships in the Field, 2nd edition . B. Grindal and F. Salamone, eds., pp. 198-208,  Prospect Heights, Ill.: Waveland Press.



Editor, Practicing Anthropology, A Quarterly Journal of the Society for Applied Anthropology


2006 Quarterly writing contributions:

1)     Society for Applied Anthropology Newsletter quarterly column (4)

2)     Teaching Practicing  Quarterly contribution to the journal Practicing Anthropology (4)


Thacker, Paul


Bicho, N. and P. Thacker editors.  (2007) From the Mediterranean Basin to the Portuguese Atlantic Shore: Papers in Honor of Anthony Marks. University of Faro Press; Faro.


Thacker et al. (2007) Palimpsests, forest fires, and pedoturbation: granule analysis and high definition archaeology at Vale de Óbidos. Promontoria 8: 42-50.


Thacker, P. and B. Ellwood (2007) Late Pleistocene paleoclimate and sediment magnetic susceptibility at Lapa dos Coelhos, Portugal. In  From the Mediterranean Basin to the Portuguese Atlantic Shore: Papers in Honor of Anthony Marks. pp. 24-32. University of Faro Press; Faro.


Thacker, P. (2006) Local raw material exploitation and prehistoric hunter-gatherer mobility. In Archaeology and Ethnoarchaeology of Mobility, edited by Frédéric Sellet, Russell D. Greaves, and Pei-Lin Yu. pp 240-261. University Press of Florida; Gainesville.


Wake Forest University Archaeology Booth Co-Presenter, Archaeology Days, November 18-19, 2006. North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh.


Whittington, Stephen


Stephen L. Whittington and David M. Reed (editors)

Bones of the Maya: Studies of Ancient Skeletons, first paperback edition. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press.


Stephen L. Whittington and Beverlye H. Hancock

Colors of Mexico/Colores de Mexico at Sawtooth Center.


Stephen L. Whittington

Gifts of the Monkey Gods: Maya Crafts from Guatemala at Museum of Anthropology.



II. Papers and Presentations


Bender, Margaret


The Semiotics of Group Identification in Kiowa and Chickasaw Discourses of Fatherhood and Masculinity, 2006 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Ethnohistory, Williamsburg, VA.


Bowne, Eric


Westo Slave Raids and the Development of Southern Indian Confederacies in the Seventeenth Century, paper presented at the American Society for Ethnohistory Conference in Williamsburg, VA (Nov. 06)


Folmar, Steven


2006   Workshop on Cultural Competency for Day Care/Preschool Providers.  Smart Start, Winston-Salem.


2006   Folmar SJ. Insider/Outsider: How a Nepalese Shaman Reworks Caste.  Society for Applied Anthropology.


2006   Folmar SJ.  Agency and Faith Healing in Nepal.  Southern Anthropological Society.


2007   Folmar SJ. Public Policy and the Village Tourism Project of Sirubari.  International Geographic Union International Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Miller, Ellen


2006   Miller ER, El-Barkooky AN, Hamdan M, Korany M, Nichols C.Paleoenvironmental recontruction of the mammals from Wadi Moghra, Egypt.         J Vert Paleont 26:100A.


2006   Morlo M, Miller ER, Barkooky AN. Creodonts and carnivores from Wadi Moghra, Egypt. J Vert Paleont 26:103A.


2006   El-Barkooky AN, Hamdan MA, Miller E, El-Sharkawi MA, Qorani M.     Geological context of the Moghra fossil vertebrates. Proc 8th Int Conf Geol Arab World, Cairo, Egypt,  pp. 161-162.


2006   Miller ER, Benefit BR. Systematics of the Victoriapithecidae. Am J Phys Anthropol Suppl 129:131


Robinson, Ken


Archaeology of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Symposium on North Carolina Urban Archaeology, Society for Historical Archaeology, Williamsburg, Virginia


Archaeology of the Salisbury Confederate Prison, North Carolina, Symposium on Civil War Prison sites, Society for Historical Archaeology, Williamsburg, Virginia


Simonelli, Jeanne


Mar. 2007

“Development Wars: Collaborating in Global Solutions” Session organizer. Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology, Tampa, Fla.


“Three Important “Rs” for Experiential Approaches to Education: Responsibilities,

Risks, and Rewards”. Roundtable leader. Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology, Tampa, Fla.


Feb. 2007

“Apocalypto: Fact and Fiction in Mel Gibson’s Maya World”. Museum of Anthropology Seminar Series


Nov. 2006

"The Active Voice:  Narrative in Applied and Activist Anthropology" Invited Session, The Art of Ethnography: Narrative Style as a Research Method, Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, San Jose, CA


Thacker, Paul


2007   “Espadanal and Upper Paleolithic Landscape Archaeology in Portugal” Society for American Archaeology 72nd Annual Meeting; Austin, TX


2007   “Keeping the Archaeological Research in Community Service Learning Projects: Learning from Happy Hill.” Society for Historical Archaeology 40th Annual Conference. Williamsburg, VA.


2006   “Middle Paleolithic Flake Technology and Raw Material Use at Vinhas, Alentejo, Portugal.” First Author with F. Almeida. Society for American Archaeology 71st Annual Meeting; San Juan, PR


2006   “Infrared Photography and Digital Enhancement of Prehistoric Rock Art in Karstic Portuguese Ribatejo.” Coauthor with A. Wright and C. Pereira. Society for American Archaeology 71st Annual Meeting; San Juan, PR


Whittington, Stephen


Stephen L. Whittington and Andrew G Workinger

The Archaeology and History of Colonialism and Culture Contact at Teozacoalco, Mixteca Alta. Seventy-second Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. Austin, TX. April 26, 2007.



III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies


Robinson, Ken


North Carolina National Register Review Committee, Advisory Committee to the State Historic Preservation Office and the NC Department of Cultural Resources, Raleigh, NC


Ground Penetrating radar consulting, for Dr. Paul Thacker and Rio Maior project, Portugal (5 days)


Ground Penetrating Radar consulting, Rockingham County Sheriff Department, NC [searching for murder victim] (3 days) [pro bono]


Ground penetrating radar consultant for Underground Imaging Solutions & National Forests in North Carolina, Buncombe County, NC (2 days)


Simonelli, Jeanne


·        Editor, Practicing Anthropology

  • Program Chair, Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting 2009

·        Board of Directors, Society for Applied Anthropology

  • Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology

·        Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on Disaster Response, Society for Applied Anthropology

·        Outside Reviewer, James Madison University, Department of Anthropology, Oct. 2006

  • President, Society for Humanistic Anthropology 2006
  • Councilor, Society for Latin American Anthropology 2006
  • Student Mentor, American Anthropological Association


Autonomous Municipio of Tierra y Libertad  5 hrs week


Yeibichai Footpath Journeys, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona (Consultant and mentor for Navajo community in the areas of tourism and entrepreunuership)


Whittington, Steve


Treasurer of the Southeastern Museums Conference



IV. External Grants Received


Robinson, Ken


  • $39,000 for Cultural Resources Background Study, Piedmont Triad Research Park, Winston-Salem, NC,


  • $54,000 for Archaeological documentation, Idols Hydroelectric Facility, Forsyth County, NC,


  • $15,000 for Archaeology survey, Rays Creek Alignment, Franklin County, NC


  • $15,700 for Archaeology testing, Historic William Smith House, Averasboro Battlefield, Cumberland County, NC


  • $6,000 for Ground Penetrating Radar Study, Historic William Smith House, Averasboro Battlefield, Cumberland County, NC


  • $8,000 for Archaeology survey, Outfall Alignment, Handy District, Badin Lake, NC


  • $34,000 for Archaeology survey, Endor Iron Furnace Properties, Lee County, NC


  • $5,000 for Ground Penetrating Radar Study, Bentonville Battlefield, Johnston County, NC


  • $45,000 for Archaeology survey and Cemetery Documentation, Caldwell County Reservoir, NC


  • $15,000 for Archaeology survey, Bear Creek Outfall, Davie County, NC


  • $13,000 for Archaeology Testing, Lots near Arsenal site, Fayetteville, NC


  • $14,500 for Field School for Educators, Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex, Fayetteville, NC


  • $14,000 for Archaeology Study, Fountainhead Spring, Fayetteville, NC


  • $14,000 for Mapping the Historic First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Greensboro, NC


  • $5,900 for Archaeology survey, Pearl Bay Development, Montgomery County, NC


  • $1,600 for Archaeology Probing, Historic First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Greensboro, NC


  • $17,000 for Archaeology survey, Charlotte Douglas Airport, Mecklenburg County, NC


  • $2,500 for Archaeology testing, Birkhead Wilderness Area Trail Head, Uwharrie National Forest, Randolph County, NC


  • $2,500 for Archaeology investigations, Camp Santiago Training Center, Puerto Rico


Thacker, Paul


None. Continuing funding from the National Science Foundation and the Cannon Foundation.


Whittington, Stephen


$149,000 funded out of a $149,000 requested from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Museum for America Grants for web access for the Museum of Anthropology’s collection catalogue


$10,000 funded out of a $10,000 request from the North Carolina Humanities Council’s Mudge Foundaton for the archaeological project at Teozacoalco.


$10,192 request pending from the North Carolina Humanties Council for the Rosebud Sioux exhibit and humanties program.


$10,500 request pending from the Winston-Salem Foundation for an educational program brochure.



V. Awards


Miller, Ellen


2006 Dunn-Riley Faculty Fellow, for “outstanding achievement in teaching, research and service”.


Simonelli, Jeanne


Kauffmann Foundation Award for International Entrepreneurship in the Community


Thacker, Paul


4 University-Wide Minor Recognitions:


      Faculty Appreciation WFU Mortar Board Honor Society

      Mens Basketball Guest Coach Faculty Honor

      Panhellenic Council Outstanding Teaching Recognition

      Mens Soccer Guest Coach Faculty Honor