FOR JULY 1, 2005 TO JUNE 30, 2006

Physics Department


I.                  Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II.               Papers and Presentations

III.           Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV.            External Grants Received

V.               Awards


I.                  Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Anderson, Paul R.


(with Ardeshir Eftekharzadeh and Bei-Lok Hu) “Self-force on a Scalar Charge in Radial Infall from Res Using the Hadamard-WKB Expansion.”  Phys. Rev. D 73 (2006): 064023.


(with Carmen Molina-Paris and Emil Mottola) “Short Distance and Initial State Effects in Inflation: Stress Tensor and Decoherence.” Phys. Rev. D 72 (2005): 043515.



Bonin, Keith D.


(with Andrew W. Shelton, D. Bonessi, and Thad G. Walker) “Nonlinear Motion of Rotating Glass Fibers.” in Optical Trapping and Optical Micromanipulation, edited by Kishan Dholakia, Gabriel C. Spalding, Proceedings of SPIE 5930 (SPIE, Bellingham, WA, 2005): 59302B-1 to 59302B-8.



Carroll, David L.


“Functional Carbon Nanotubes.”  Ed. D.L. Carroll, B. Weisman, S. Roth, A. Rubio, MRS Symposium Proceedings, Volume 858E, (MRS Press, Pittsburg PA, 2005).



Refereed Articles:


(with Scott Webster, Marisol Reyes-Reyes, Xavier Pedron, Román López-Sandoval, and Mauricio Terrones) “Enhanced Nonlinear Transmittance by Cooperative Nonlinear Mechanisms: a reverse saturable absorbing carbocyanine dye blended with nonlinear scattering carbon nanotubes.” Advanced Materials, Volume 17, Issue 10 (May 2005): 1239-1243.


(with Kyungkon Kim, Scott Webster, Nicole Levi, Mauricio R. Pinto, and Kirk S. Schanze)  “Luminescent Poly(phenylene ethynylene) Coated Silica Opals.”  Langmuir 21(11)(2005): 5207 – 5211.


(with Kyungkon Kim) “Roles of Au and Ag Nanoparticles in Efficiency Enhancement of Poly(3-octylthiophene) / C60 Bulk Heterojunction Photovoltaic Devices.”  Applied Physics Letters 87(2005): 203113.


(with Marisol Reyes-Reyes and Kyungkon Kim) “High Efficiency Photovoltaic Devices based on Annealed Poly(3-hexylthiophene) and 1-(3-methoxycarbonyl)-propyl-1-phenyl-(6,6)C61 Blends.”  Appl. Phys. Lett. 87 (2005): 083506. 


(with S. A. Curran, J. A. Talla, and D. Zhang) “Defect-induced Vibrational Response of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes using Resonance Raman Spectroscopy.”  Journal of Materials Research 20 (12) (2005): 3368-3373.


(with J. Liu) “Temperature and Flow Rate of NH3 Effects on Nitrogen Content and Doping Environments of Carbon Nanotubes Grown by Injection CVD Method, Temperature, and Flow Rate of NH3 Effects on Nitrogen Content and Doping Environments of Carbon Nanotubes Grown by Injection CVD Method.”  J. Phys. Chem. B. 33 (2005): 15769-15774.


(with B. Berzina, L. Trinkler, R. Rutohvostov, R. T. Williams, R. T., Czerw, and E. Shishonok)  “Photoluminescence Excitation Spectroscopy in Boron Nitride Nanotubes Compared to Microcrystalline h-BN and c-BN.”  physica status solidi (c), Volume 2, Issue 1 (2005): 318 – 321.


(with M. Reyes-Reyes, K. Kim, J. Dewald, R. Lopez-Sandoval, A. Avadhanula, and S. Curran)   Meso-Structure Formation for Enhanced Organic Photovoltaic Cells.”  Org. Lett.7 26 (2005): 5749-5752.


(with J. Liu, and R. Czerw)  “Large-scale Synthesis of Highly Aligned Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanotubes by Injection Chemical Vapor Deposition Methods.”  Journal of Materials Research 20 (2) (2005): 538-543.


(with H. S. Woo, S. Cho, T. W. Kwon, D. K. Park, Y. B. Kim, R. Czerw, and J. W. Park)  “Truly Blue Organic Light-emitting Diodes Based on Carbazole-doped 4,4 '-Bis[carbazolyl-(9)]-stilbene.”  Journal of the Korean Physical Society 46 (4) (2005): 981-984.


(with Kyong Kon Kim and Jiwen Liu) “Thermal Diffusion Processes in Bulk Heterojunction Formation for Poly-3-hexylthiophene / C60 Single Heterojunction Photovoltaics.”  in press APL, (will be out before 06/2006).


“Polymer Solar Cells Achieve 5.2% Efficiency.”  Laser Focus World 42 (2) (Feb. 2006): 11-11.


(with R. Czerw, and S. Webster)  “Polymer-nanotube Composites for Transparent, Conducting Thin Films.”  Synthetic Metals 155 (3) (Dec. 15, 2005): 694-697.






(with S. Akman, F. Torti, S. Torti, O. Nakasuma, and  P. M. Ajayan) “Novel Carbon Nanostructures for Cancer Therapeutics.” (2005)


(with M. Namboothiry and J. Liu.)  “Novel Fiber Architectures for Organic Solar Cells.” (2005)


(with S. Curran)  “Fiber Photovoltaic Devices and Applications Thereof.” MSU (2005).


(with N. Levi and F. Coldren)  “Inkjet Printing of Biologically Compatible Nanotube Composites.” (2005)


(with L. Webb, T. Smith, and F. Coldren)  “Novel Approaches to Nano-transducers for Pressure Measurements in Vivo.” (2005)


Patents Issued:


US Patent approved “Optical Fiber Amplifier with Fully Integrated Pump Source,” J. Ballato and D. Carroll (2005).


Popular lectures on Nanotechnology:


“Conversations of Hope”

“United Methodist Church Assembly of Ministers”


Interview in Local Papers on Nanotechnology:


Winston-Salem Journal

Triad Business Journal



Charnock, Forrest


(with R. Lopusnik and T. J. Silva)  “Pump-probe Faraday Rotation Magnetometer using Two Diode Lasers.” Review of Scientific Instruments 76 (2005): 056105.



Fetrow, Jacquelyn S.


“Active Site Profiling to Identify Protein Functional Sites in Sequences and Structures.”  Current Protocols in Bioinformatics. (2006) In press.


(with T. P. Creamer) “Rose is a Rose is a Rose. Especially if you're a George.” A perspectives article in Proteins Struct. Funct. Bioinformatics. (2006) In press.


(with E. E. Allen, A. Pecorella, D. J. John, and W. Turkett)  “Re-constructing Networks using Co-temporal Functions.”  Annual Association for Computing Machinery Southeast Conference.  (2006) In press.


(with D. J. John) “Bioinformatics and Computing Curriculum: A New Model for Interdisciplinary Courses.”  SIGSCE,  Houston, TX.  (2006) In press.


(with S. T.  Knutson and M. H. Edgell)  Mutations in α-helical Solvent Exposed Sites of Eglin C have Long-range Effects: Evidence from Molecular Dynamics Simulations. Proteins: Struct Funct Bioinform. (9 Dec. 2005) [Epub ahead of print].


(with R. G. Huff, E. Bayram, H. Tan, S. T. Knutson, M. H. Knaggs, A. B. Richon, and P. Santago II)  “Chemical and Structural Diversity in Cyclooxygenase Protein Active Sites.” Chemistry and Biodiversity 2 (2005): 1533-1552.


(with E. E. Allen, L. W. Daniel, S. J. Thomas, and D. J. John)  “Algebraic Dependency Models of Protein Signal Transduction Networks from Time-series Data.” J. Theor. Biol. 21:238(2) (Jan. 2006): 317-30. Epub 5 July 2005.



Guthold, Martin


(with A. K. Mallakin and  V. M. Inoue)  “In-situ Quantitative Analysis of Tumor Suppressor Protein (hDmp1) Using a Nanomechanical Cantilever Beam.”  Vib. Aco. Bio-mech. Sys / IDETC/CIE, Vol. 1 (2005): 2599-2606.



Holzwarth, Natalie A. W.


(with Yonas Abraham)  “A Method for Calculating Electronic Structures near Surfaces of Semi-infinite Crystals.”  Phys. Rev. B 73 (2006): 035412.



Kim-Shapiro, Daniel B.


(with Jinming Huang, Manudu Yakubu, and S. Bruce King)  “Rat Liver Mediated Metabolism of Hydroxyurea to Nitric Oxide.”  Free Rad. Biol. Med.  40 (2006): 1675-1681.


(with Alan N. Schechter and Mark T. Gladwin)  “Unraveling the Reactions of Nitric Oxide, Nitrite and Hemoglobin in Physiology and Therapeutics.”  Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biol. 26 (2006): 697-705.


(with Kris T. Huang, Ivan Azarov, Swati Basu, and Jinming Huang)  “Lack of Allosterically Controlled Intramolecular Transfer of Nitric Oxide from the Heme to Cysteine in the Beta Subunit of Hemoglobin.” Blood  107 (2006): 2602-2604.


(with Mark T. Gladwin, Alan N. Schechter, Rakesh Patel, Neil Hogg, Sruti Shiva, Richard O. Cannon, Malte Kelm, David Wink, Michael Graham Espey, Edward Oldfield, Ryszard M. Pluta, Bruce Freeman, Jack Lancaster, Martin Feelisch, and Jon O. Lundberg)  “The Emerging Biology of the Nitrite Anion.”  Nature Chemical Biology 1 (2005): 308-314.


(with Ivan Azarov, Kris T. Huang, Swati Basu, Mark T. Gladwin, and Neil Hogg)  “Nitric Oxide Scavenging by Red Blood Cells as a Function of Hematocrit and Oxygenation.”  J. Biol. Chem 280 (2005): 39024-39032.


(with Kris T. Huang, Agnes Keszler, Neil Patel, Rakesh P. Patel, Mark T. Gladwin, and Neil Hogg)  “The Reaction between Nitrite and Deoxyhemoglobin: Reassessment of the Reaction Kinetics and Stochiometry.”  J. Biol. Chem. 280 (2005): 31126-31131.


(with Anne Jeffers, Xiuli Xu, Kris Huang, Man Cho, Neil Hogg, and Rakesh P. Patel)  “Hemoglobin Mediated Nitrite Activation of Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase.”  Comp. Biochem. Physiol. Part A  142 (2005): 130-135.


(with Zhi Huang, Sruti Shiva, Rakesh P. Patel, Lorna A. Ringwood, Cythia E. Irby, Kris T. Huang, Chien Ho, Alan N. Schechter, Neil Hogg, and Mark T. Gladwin)  “Enzymatic Nitrite Reductase Activity of Hemoglobin Generates NO under Allosteric Control.”   J. Clin. Invest, 115 (2005): 2099-2107.


(with Fouad Azizi, Jerrold E. Kielbasa, Adedoyin M. Adeyiga, Rachel D. Maree, Matthew Frazier, Mamudu Yakubu, Howard Shields, and S. Bruce King)  “Rates of Nitric Oxide Dissociation from Hemoglobin.”  Free Rad. Biol. Med. 39 (2005): 145-151.



Macosko, Jed


(with T. P. Ortiz, J. A. Marshall, L. A. Meyer, R. W. Davis, J. Hatch, D. J. Keller, and  J. A. Brozik)  “Stepping Statistics of Single HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Molecules during DNA Polymerization.” Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (2005): 16127 – 16131.



Salsbury, Freddie R.


“Analysis of Errors in Stil's Equation for Macromolecular Solvation.”  Molecular Physics 104 (20) (April 2006): 1299-1309.



Williams, Richard T.


(with Gang Xiong, John Wilkinson, and K. B. Ucer)  “Time-of-flight Study of Bound Exciton Polariton Dispersive Propagation in ZnO.”  J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 17 (2005): 7287-7296.


(with K. S. Song)  “Dynamics Induced by Electronic Transitions:  Finite-temperature relaxation of self-trapped excitons to defects in NaCl.” Surface Science 593 (2005): 89-101.



II.        Papers and Presentations



Bonin, Keith D.


Paper:  (with Shelton, W. A., Bonessi, D., and Walker, T. G.) “Nonlinear Motion of Rotating Glass Fibers.”  50th Annual SPIE Meeting - Society of Optical Engineering, San Diego, CA, 31 July - 4 August, 2005.


Invited talk:  “Molecular Motors and Efficient Motion in a Viscoelastic Environment.”  72nd Meeting of the Southeastern Section of the APS, Gainesville, FL, 10-12 November 2005.


Paper:  (with Bonessi, D. and Walker, T. G.)  “Optical Trapping and Torquing of Nanorods.”  72nd Meeting of the Southeastern Section of the APS, Gainesville, FL, 10-12 November 2005.


Paper:  (with Peng, Lu,  Cubiciotti, Roger, and Guthold, Martin)  “Novel Single-molecule Methodology to Identify New Aptamers.”  50th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, 18-22 February 2006.


Paper:  (with Bonessi, D. and Walker, T. G.)  “Nonlinear Motion of Optically Torqued Nanorods.”  BULL. AM. PHYS. SOC. {\bf 51}, 584(2006).  107th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society, Baltimore, MD, 13-17 March 2006.


Carroll, David L.


Invited presentations:


 “Colloidal Crystals with Conjugated Systems.”  American Chemical Society (Colloid Section) Potsdam, NY (2005)


“Advances in Organic Devices.” Workshop on IR Technologies, Kunming, China (2005).


“Advances in Organic Device Technologies.”  Int. Conf. on Quantum Transport and Quantum Functional Materials, Bologna, Italy (2005)


“Applications of Iron Filled Nanotubes.” American Chemical Society,  San Diego, CA (2005)


“High Efficiency Solar Cells.”  Kirchberg Winter School, Austria (2005)


“High Efficiency Organic Solar Cells.”  Optical Society of America,  CT (2005)


“High efficiency Solar Cells in Plastic.”  ICSM, Dublin, Ireland (2005)


“Negative Index Materials.”  International Conference on Scintillator Materials,  Prague (2005)


The group presented 7 talks and posters at SF. MRS, 2 at the Microscopy Society Meeting, 2 at Boston, MRS for a total of 11 over those listed above.



Cook, Gregory B.


Invited talk:  “Getting the Spin Right in Black-Hole Binaries.” Presented at the Post-YKIS2005 Scientific Program on Gravitation and Cosmology at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Japan, 25 July 2005.


Invited talk:  “Black-Hole Binary Initial Data.”  Presented at the workshop on Gravitational Wave Physics at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Japan, 28 July 2005.


Invited talk:  “Black-Hole Binary Initial Data: Getting the Spin Right.”  CTA Seminar on Theoretical Astrophysics and General Relativity at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, 5 Oct 2005.


Invited talk:  “Black-Hole Binary Initial Data: Getting the Spin Right.” Numerical Relativity 2005: Compact Binaries at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, 4 Nov. 2005.


Invited talk:  “Status of Initial Data for Binary Black Hole Collisions.” April APS Meeting in Dallas, Texas, 23 Apr. 2006.



Fetrow, Jacquelyn S.


Invited Presentation: “Winston-Salem Technology Council Speaker Series.”  21st Annual Perspectives in Biology Symposium, Wake Forest University, 11-12 Nov. 2005.


Invited Presentation:  “Systems Biology workshop for Educators.”  The Protein Society 19th Symposium, Boston, MA, 30 July – 3 August 2005.


Invited Seminar Speaker:  University of Delaware, 24 April 2006.



Guthold, Martin


Invited talk:  “The Viscoelastic Properties of Single Fibrin Fibers.”   Annual Technical Conference 2006, Society of Plastic Engineers, Charlotte, North Carolina, 9 May 2006.


Invited talk:  “The Visoelastic Properties of Single Fibrin Fibers.” Department of Physics, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, 4 May 2006.


Invited talk:  “The Visoelastic Properties of Single Fibrin Fibers.” Department of Physics, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA, 13 April 2006.


Chairing Platform session, “Molecular Mechansims & Force Spectroscopy.” Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, 18-22 Feb. 2006.


Invited talk:  “The Extreme Viscoelastic Properties of Single Fibrin Fibers.” Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, 18-22 Feb. 2006.


Poster:  (with Peng, L. and Cubicciotti, R.  Novel, Single-molecule Methodology to Identify New Aptamers.” BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 88 (2005): 65A-65A.


Paper:  (with Liu, W. H., Jawerth, L. M., Stephens, B. J., Hantgan, R., Lord, S., and Superfine, R.)  Visualization and Mechanical Manipulations of Individual Fibrin Fibers by Combined Microscope.” AFM/FM. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL  88 (2005): 155A-155A.


Presentation:  “A Novel Aptamer Discovery Method.”  NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY IN NORTH CAROLINA 2006, North Carolina Biotechnology Center, RTP, 20 Jan. 2006.


Convocation speaker (two talks):  “The Visoelastic Properties of Single Fibrin Fibers” and “Nanotechnology-Hype Promise and Dangers.” Lenoir-Rhyne College, Hickory, NC, 27 Oct. 2005.



Holzwarth, Natalie A.W.


Poster:   (with Tang, P. and Salsbury Jr.)  “The Electronic Structure of z-BEDT-TTF×PF6 – a Comparison of Self-consistent Field and Hubbard Model Analyses.” 17th Annual Workshop on Recent Developments in Electronic Structure Methods (ES2005), Cornell University, Ithica, NY, 23-26 June 2005.  (Note: this information was not included in last year’s report.)


Presentation:  (with Tang, Ping)  “Comparison of the Electronic Structures of Four Crystalline Phases of FePO4  2006 March meeting of the American Physical Society, Baltimore, MD, 13-17 March 2006.


Presentation:  (with Abraham, Y. B.)  “Surface Electronic Structure of H/Li(110) -- an Application of the Semi-infinite Method.”  2006 March meeting of the American Physical Society, 13-17 March 2006.


Poster:  (with Hodge, W.B. and Kerr, W. C.)   Pair State Analysis of the Hubbard Hamiltonian in One-Dimension.”  2006 March meeting of the American Physical Society, 13-17 March 2006.



Kerr, William C.


Paper:  (with Hodge, W. B. and Holzwarth, N. A. W.)  Pair State Analysis of the Hubbard Hamiltonian in One Dimension.”  2006 American Physical Society March Meeting, Baltimore, MD, 13-17 March 2006.


Paper:  (with Rave, M. J.)  Berry Curvature Contributions to the Density Fluctuation Spectrum of Bloch Electrons.”  2006 American Physical Society March Meeting, Baltimore, MD, 13-17 March 2006.



Kim-Shapiro, Daniel B.


Presentation:  (with Azarov I., Huang, K. T., Hogg, N., Gladwin, M. T.) Hematocrit and Oxygen Dependence of Nitric Oxide Scavenging by Red Blood Cells.”  BLOOD 106 (11): 63A-63A 205 Part 1, 16 NOV 2005, American Society of Hamatlogy Meeting, Atlanta, GA, December 2005.


Presentation:  (with Huang, J., Basu, S., Huang, Z., Hill, J., Shields, H., Azarov, L., Huang, K. T., Hogg, N., King, S. B., Gladwin, A.T.)  Nitrosothiol Formation in the Reaction of Nitrite and Hemoglobin.”  FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 39: S100-S100 Suppl. 1, 2005, Free Radical Society Meeting, Austin TX, November 2005.


Presentation:  “GC/MS Analysis of Hydroxyurea Metabolism to Hydroxylamine by Rat Liver.”  Huang, J. M., Kim-Shapiro, D. B., King, S. B.)  ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 229: U208-U208 516-MEDI Part 2, 13 March 2005.


Presentation:  “Nitrogen Oxides in the Nitrite/Hb Reaction.”  The NIH Meeting, Role of Nitrite in Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Therapeutics, conference co-organizer and invited speaker, September 2005.



Macosko, Jed


Presentation:  (with Holzwarth, George M., Rockford, Jean, Fallesen, Todd L., Newbern, Jason)  A Handy Tool to Observe in vivo Molecular Motor Function: Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy with Background Subtraction.”  50th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, 19-22 February 2006.



Salsbury, Freddie R.


Presentation:  (with Knaggs, M. H., Edgell, M. H., and Fetrow, J. S.)  “Insights into Early Events in CheY Relaxation from Active to Inactive Form from MD Simulation.” Protein Society National Meeting, August 2005.



Williams, Richard T.


Invited Plenary Lecture:  “Fast Processes, Coherent Response, and Metamaterials:  Scintillating New Possibilities.”  8th International Conference on Inorganic Scintillators and their Use in Scientific and Industrial Applications,  Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine, 19 September 2005.



III.   Editorships, Offices, Consultancies


Carlson, Eric D.


Textbook reviewer for Tipler and Llewellyn, time of order 20 hours total.



Fetrow, Jacquelyn S.


Invited Conference Presentations:

§      21st Annual Perspectives in Biology Symposium, Nov 11-12, 2005, Wake Forest University

§      Winston-Salem Technology Council Speaker Series, Oct 27, 2005

§      The Protein Society 19th Symposium. Systems Biology Workshop for Educators. July 30-August 3, 2005, Boston MA.

Invited Seminars:

§      University of Delaware, April 24, 2006



Kim-Shapiro, Daniel B.


Journals Reviewed for:


1.  Biophysical Journal

2.  Journal of Biological Chemistry

3.  Blood

4. Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

5. Circulation Research

6.  Medical Science Monitor

7. Free Radical Biology and Medicine

8. Cell

9. FEBS Journal

10. Proteins

11.  Inorganic Chemistry

12.  British Journal of Haematology

13.  FEBS Letters

14. Journal of Physical Chemistry

15 Analytica Chimica Acta

16.  Journal of Theoretical Biology

17 Biochemistry

18. Journal of Chemical Physics

19. Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry

20.  Bioelectromagnetics


Consulting:  NIH: ZRG1-HEME-C-(50R), Blood substitutes and adhesion molecules, Bioengineering Research Partnerships, 17 March 2006.


Consulting:  FDA: Blood Products Advisory Committee Site Visit group, FDA labs on the NIH campus, 6 October 2005.



Macosko, Jed


Consultant for Aperon, a medical device Start-up Company (1.5 hours/week)



Salsbury, Freddie R.


Ad hoc reviewer: Journal of Physical Chemistry, Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics, Nucleic Acids Research, the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Molecular Physics, and the Journal of Computational Chemistry



Williams, Richard T.


Member Editorial Advisory Board for Institute of Physics (Britain), publisher of Journal of Physics


Member Editorial Advisory Board of Materials Science Foundation (Trans Tech Publishing, Zurich)


Organizer and Chairman of 7th International Conference on Excitonic Processes in Condensed Matter, Wake Forest University, June 2006.


Organizer and Chairman of 9th International Conference on Inorganic Scintillators and their Applications, Wake Forest University, June 2007.


Member of International Advisory Committees for:

      International Conference on Defects in Insulating Materials

      International Conference on Inorganic Scintillators and Applications

      International Conference on Luminescent Detectors and Transformers of Radiation

      European Topical Conference on Defects in Insulating Materials



IV.               External Grants Received


Anderson, Paul R.


$63,376           “Studies of Classical and Quantum Effects in Gravity.” 

                        National Science Foundation.  Two year period.



Bonin, Keith D.


$100,000         Kinesin Velocity-Force Curves When 1,2 or 3 Motors Transport a Single

                        Load.”  National Institute of Health



Carroll, David L.


$700,000         “Negative Index Materials.”  DoD, AFSOR


$60,000           Nanoscience Approaches to Bone Infection.”  OREF


$20,000           “Nanotechnology Approaches to Cancer Therapeutics.”  GAC (NCI)


$500,000         “Agile Response Coatings.”  DoD, AFOSR



Fetrow, Jacquelyn S.


$220,000         “Algebraic and Statistical Models of Redox Signaling.” 

                        NIH-NIGMS (total amount for 1 year)


$154,419         “Profiling of Redox-Sensitive Signaling Proteins.”  NIH-NCI

                        (total amount for 1 year)


$170,967         “Integrated Process for Functional Site Feature Analysis.”

                        NSF MCB (total amount for 1 year)



Kim-Shapiro, Daniel B.


$518,400         “Effects of Nitric Oxide and Nitrite in Sickle Cell Blood.”  NIH



$1,563,320      “Effects of Nitric Oxide in Sickle Cell Blood.”  NIH



Williams, Richard T.


$5,000             Metamaterials for Negative Refractive Index.”  Air Force Office

                        Scientific Research (MURI grant) (with David Carroll), for 5 years



V.  Awards for Distinguished Teaching, Research, or Professional Activities




Cook, Gregory B.


“Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Fellow,” 2005-2007


“KITP Scholar,  2006-2008


“WFU Excellence in Research Award,” 2005-2006



Fetrow, Jacquelyn S.


“Innovative Teaching Award” (for Bioinformatics course, developed with David John), Center for Teaching and Learning, Wake Forest University, February 2006



Kim-Shapiro, Daniel B.


“NIH Independent Scientist Career Award (K02),” 2004-2009