Faculty Summary Report

July, 2006


I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II. Papers and Presentations

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV. External Grants Received



I.  Publications, Performances, Exhibits



Angelou, Maya


 Amazing Peace, Random House, December 2005


Mother, a Cradle to Hold Me, Random House, April 2006



Leonard, Candyce


José Martín Recuerda: A Spanish Soul and a Granada Spirit". Western European Stages 17.3 (2005): 132-37.


"Memories of the Forgotten". Western European Stages 18.1 (2006): 51-54.


Book Review: Identidad en el teatro español e hispanoamerican contemporáneo. Editado por Susanne Hartwig y Klaus Pörtl. Bibliotheca Romanica et Latina IIII. Frankfurt am Main: Valentia, 2003. 207 pgs. In Bulletin of Spanish Studies. Volume 83.3 (2006): 451-52.


Mandelbaum, Allen


Vetted and prepared his published jacket assessment of George Economu’s Acts of Love, comprehensive Greek lyrics anthology for Random House, May 2005


Previewed in detail for the U. of Michigan Press the Schlegel-Weinfield Hesiod manuscript, and complemented his approval of Michigan’s volume with jacket copy which they printed on publication, March, 2006


Vetted the second volume of the U of California Press California Lectura Dantis: Purgatorio forthcoming in the early 2007.


Wiethaus, Ulrike


“Medieval Spirituality in the West”, in The New Westminster Dictionary of Christian Spirituality, Philip Sheldrake, ed., Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster John Knox Press, Winter 2005 (429-32).


Nominalism”, in The New Westminster Dictionary of Christian Spirituality, Philip Sheldrake, ed., Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster John Knox Press, Winter 2005 (462-64).


“Christian Spirituality in the Medieval West (600-1450)”, in The Blackwell Companion to Christian Spirituality, Arthur Holder, ed., Malden/Oxford/Victoria: Blackwell Publishing, Fall 2005 (106-22).


“Dionysius of Ryckel: Masculinity and Historical Memory”, in Anchorites, Wombs and Tombs. Intersections of Gender and Enclosure in the Middle Ages, Liz Herbert McAvoy and Mari Hughes-Edwards, eds., Cardiff: University of Wales Press, Winter 2005 (116-31).


“Spatial Metaphors, Textual Production, and Spirituality in the Works of Gertrud of Helfta”, in A Place to Believe In. Locating Medieval Landscapes, Clare A. Lees and Gillian R. Overing, eds., University Park, Pennsylvania: Penn State University Press, Spring 2006, (132-50). 


Arnaud de la Croix, Liebeskunst und Lebenslust. Sinnlichkeit im Mittelalter. Aus dem Franzosischen von Gritje Hartmann, Jan Thorbecke Verlag, Ostfildern 2003. Book Review for Mediaevistik 18: 2005, 249-52.



II. Papers and Presentations


Angelou, Maya


Her presentations included “An Evening with Maya Angelou” performed in California, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, etc.  She gave several commencement addresses.  She attended and appeared in Oprah Winfrey’s “Legends Ball”.  She appeared on the Larry King Live show and the Today show.


Candyce Leonard


Presented paper titled "All Sex and No Fun in El local de Bernardeta A. by Lourdes Ortiz" in a session entitled "Women Playwrights of Modern and Contemporary Spain", at the Northeast Modern Language Association Conference held in Philadelphia, PA, March 2-5, 2006.


Organized and Chaired session: "Contemporary Spanish Theatre: Cultural Conflicts and

Conflicting Cultures", at the Northeast Modern Language Association Conference held in Philadelphia, PA, March 2-5, 2006.


Presented paper titled " Dramatizing Politics: El olvido está lleno de memoria by Jerónimo López Mozo" in a session titled "Jerónimo López Mozo: Deslindes de un teatro posmoderno" at the Twentieth-Century Literature Conference at the University of Louisville in Louisville, KY . February 23-25, 2006.


       Presented paper titled "Las manos and La llanura: Contemporary Spanish Playwrights Writing the Spanish Civil War", at the Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference hosted by Wake Forest University, Oct 13-15, 2005.


Organized and Chaired session titled: Contemporary Spanish Theatre" at the Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference at Wake Forest University Oct 13-15, 2005.


Mandelbaum, Allen


                              Guest lectured at Guilford College for Prof. Hayton’s Dante Class, a notably ambitious year-long course in the Divine Comedy, March 2006


Served on the National Endowment for the Arts Translation Fellowships Panel, assessing the 48 (!!) competitors—in preparation for the finalists’ May 25 sessions in Washington, DC.


Wiethaus, Ulrike


Invited Speaker, "Endzeiterwartung und Apokalypse in den Schriften der Frau Ava", Frau Ava Gesellschaft, Goettweig/Vienna, July 2005


Invited Speaker, “Ava’s Apocalypse”, Rhetoric of the Anchorhold, Symposium of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Gregynog, July 2005


Presenter, “The Role of Women in Developing Countries”, Worldview Partners’ Workshop, Winston-Salem, August 2005


Invited Speaker, “ American Indian Sovereignty”, NC Commission of Indian Affairs, Raleigh, August 2005


Presenter, “Museum Board Diversity”, South Eastern Museums Conference, Jekyll Island, October 2005


Presenter, Round-table Discussion on Native American Studies, University of South Carolina at Lancaster, April 12th, 2006




III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies


Angelou, Maya

Member, US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Member, Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans

Member, Maya Angelou Research Center on Minority Health at WFUBMC

Member, Maya Angelou Institute for Family & Child Development at WSSU

Wiethaus, Ulrike

President, Advisory Board, Museum of Anthropology


Board of Directors, Cherokee Moravian Society


Strategic Planning, Culturally Appropriate Health Care Certificate Program, Western Carolina University and Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, on-going


IV. External Grants Received


They were all internal, such as the Lily Grant or the Fund for Leadership and Ethics.