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I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II. Papers and Presentations

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies
IV. External Grants Received

V. Awards


I.  Publications, Performances, Exhibits




Anderson, David


Hyrenbach, K. D., C. Keiper, S. G. Allen, D. G. Ainley, and D. J. Anderson.  2004.  Use of marine sanctuaries by far-ranging predators: commuting flights to the California Current System by breeding Hawaiian albatrosses.  Fisheries Oceanography 14:1-9.


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Humphries, C. A., V. D. Arevalo, K. N. Fischer, and D. J. Anderson.  2006.  Contributions of marginal offspring to reproductive success of Nazca booby (Sula granti) parents; tests of multiple hypotheses.  Oecologia 147:379-390.


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Ashley-Ross, Miriam


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Browne, Robert


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Curran, James


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Dimock, Ronald


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Esch, Gerald


Fellis, K.J., and G.W. Esch. 2005 Autogenic-allogenic status affects interpond community similarity and species area relationship of macro-parasites in bluegill sunfish, Lepomis macrochirus, from a series of freshwater ponds in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.  Journal of Parasitology 91: 764-768.


Fahrbach, Susan



Ismail, N., Robinson, G.E., and Fahrbach, S.E. (2006) Stimulation of muscarinic receptors mimics experience-dependent plasticity in the honey bee brain. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A 2006 103:207-11.



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Johnson, A. Daniel


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Johnson, Erik


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Kron, Kathleen


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Muday, Gloria


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Silman, Miles


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(Highlighted in Nature 440, 613-614, News and Views.  Ecology: Green and pleasant trials. Moore, P.D.)


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Smith, William


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Tague, Brian


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Weigl, Peter


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Zeyl, Clifford


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Book Chapter:

Zeyl, C.  2005  Rates and effects of spontaneous mutations in fungi.  In:  Evolutionary Genetics of Fungi (Xu, J.-P., ed.).  Horizon Bioscience, Norwich, U.K. 

II.  Papers and Presentations




Anderson, David


Arbogast, B. S., S. V. Drovetski, R. L. Curry, P. T. Boag, G. Seutin, P. R. Grant, B. R.

Grant, and D. J. Anderson. Origin and diversification of Galápagos mockingbirds. Joint

Meetings of the Society for the Study of Evolution,  Society of Systematic Biologists, and the American Society of Naturalists.  University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK.  June, 2005.


Maness, T. J.,  M. A. Westbrock, and D. J. Anderson. Ontogeny of the sex ratio in Nazca Boobies Oral presentation at AOU meeting.  Santa Barbara, Ca.  Aug. 23-27, 2005.


Awkerman, J. A., K. P. Huyvaert, J. Mangel, J. Alfaro Shigueto, and D. J. Anderson. Incidental and intentional catch threatens waved albatross population. 33rd annual Pacific Seabird Group meeting. Girdwood, Alaska. February 15-19. 2006.


Finkelstein, M., B. S. Keitt, D. A. Croll, B. Tershy, W. M. Jarman, S. Rodriguez-Pastor, D. J. Anderson, P. R. Sievert, and D. R. Smith.  Albatross species demonstrate regional differences in north Pacific marine contamination.  33rd Annual Pacific Seabird Group Annual Meeting.  Girdwood, Alaska.  February 15-19, 2006.


Westbrock, M. A. and D. J. Anderson.  Biased hatching sex ratio in a size dimorphic bird suggests constraint rather than adaptation.  123rd Stated Meeting of the American

Ornithologists' UnionSanta Barbara, CA.  August 2005.


Ashley-Ross, Miriam


Ashley-Ross, M.A. and H.S. Wade. Fearsome fangs and fast feet: Kinematics of prey capture in tarantulas. Presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Orlando, FL, January 2006. Abstract published in Integrative and Comparative Biology, 45(6): 958. 2005.


Huston, M.M. and Ashley-Ross, M.A. Feeding Kinematics of the Grotto Salamander Eurycea spelaea. Presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Orlando, FL, January 2006. Abstract published in Integrative and Comparative Biology, 45(6): 1148. 2005.


Browne, Robert


P. Helsen, S. Van Dongen, P. Verdyck, A. Tye, R. Browne and D. Anderson. 2005.  Micro- and macro-evolution of endemic Opuntia cacti:  conservation genetics on the Galapagos archipelago.  Congress on Phylogenetics:  Norway, July, 2005.


Chavez, C. and R. Browne.  Species Diversity and Community composition of carabid beetles from spruce-fir “sky-islands” of the Southern Appalachians.  Conservation Biology Annual Meeting, Brazil, August 2005.


Conner, William


Ultrasonic Defense and Mimicry in Tiger Moths. Invited Speaker in Symposium honoring Dame Miriam Rothschild at the Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.


Dimock, Ronald


Rogers-Lowery, Constance L. and Ronald V. Dimock, Jr. Changes in the composition and activity of the proteases in fish skin mucus during development of acquired resistance to glochidia larvae of freshwater mussels.  Ann. Mtg., Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Orlando, FL, Jan 4-8, 2006.


Dimock, Ronald V., Jr. Siphons on demand: not all bivalve molluscs have fused-mantle plumbing to separate inhalant and exhalant flow.  Ann. Mtg. Assoc. Southeastern Biologists, Gatlinburg, TN, March 29-April 1, 2006.


Fahrbach, Susan


Ismail, N., Robinson, G.E., and Fahrbach, S.E. (2005) Structural plasticity in the mushroom body neuropil of the honey bee is mediated by muscarinic receptors. Gordon Research Conference, Oxford, UK, August 2005.


Ismail, N., Robinson, G.E., and Fahrbach, S.E. (2005) Muscarinic signaling in the mushroom body neuropil mimics foraging experience in the worker honey bee. Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, November 2005.


Keynote Address, Southeast Nerve Net, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA. April 1, 2006.  Title: Plastic Behavior, Plastic Brain.


Invited symposium presentation at the 80th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Branch of the Entomological Society of America, Wilmington, NC. March 5-8, 2006.  Title: Advances in Apiculture and Honey Bee Biology.


Invited talk at a symposium to celebrate the opening of the University of Illinois Bee Research Facility Growth Points in the Study of Genes, Brain and Behavior: Honey Bees and Other Models. Urbana, IL, September 16, 2005. Title: Charismatic Minifauna.


Invited seminars at the Department of Biology, UNC-Greensboro (October 5, 2005) and Department of Biology, UNC-Charlotte (April 28, 2006).

Johnson, A. Daniel


Using Chlamydomonas for Signal Transduction Experiments in Undergraduate Labs. 28th Annual Meeting of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE).


Johnson, Erik


Shafer, O., Johnson, E., Mertens, I., Vaningenen, A., Li W., Schoofs, L., and P. Taghert. (2005). Identification of a G protein-coupled receptor for the pigment dispersing factor neuropeptide: implications for circadian output. Proc. 46th Annual Drosophila Research Conference, San Diego, CA.


Johnson, E.C., J.R. Aldridge, S. Hardison, J. Greier, and M. Metcalf. (2005). Conservation of CRF signaling in Drosophila. Neurobiology of Drosophila (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory).


Shafer, O., Johnson, E., Mertens, I., Vaningenen, A., Li W., Schoofs, L., and P. Taghert. (2005). PDF receptor signaling contributes to geotaxic and circadian behaviors. Neurobiology of Drosophila (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory).


Invited Seminar : Lenoir Rhyne College, Hickory, NC.


Kron, Kathleen


Co-organizer (with A. A. Anderberg, Swedish Natural History Museum and Institute of Botany, Stockholm) and speaker: Evolutionary studies in Ericales.  “Diversification and biogeography in Ericales” International Botanical Congress, Vienna, Austria, July 2005.


Kron, K. A. , C. Bush, and A. S. Lamb-Frye.  Phylogenetic relationships among the lepidote members of Rhododendron (subgenus Rhododendron) using molecular data. Botany 2005 Conference, Austin, TX. August 2005.


Kuhn, Raymond


"Role of Innate Immunity in Experimental Cysticercosis" with J. Aldridge at the Thirty-second Fancy Gap Immunoparasitology Workshop, Oct. 2005.


Lane, Hugo


Leadership Conference co-organizer and Co- Leader – NAAHP meeting Portland, June 2006

Senior Advisor Worksh0p – “Burnout”. Co-organizer and leader. NAAHP meeting in Portland
June 2006.


Muday, Gloria


Targeting membrane proteins that control auxin transport and root development in Arabidopsis. Pan American Membrane Biology Meeting, South Padre Island, TX, May, 2006.


Regulation of Auxin Transport by Phosphorylation and Vesicular Trafficking:  Invited Seminar: University of Massachusetts at Amherst, April, 2006.


Silman, Miles


ATB, July 05 (w/ M. B. Bush)


ESA, August 05 (w/ Delphine Masse)


ASB, April 06 (w/ Julie Wyatt, w/ Craig Moretz)


Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, University of Missouri, Fall 2005.


Department of Biology, Bennett College, Spring 2006.


Silver, Wayne


TRPV1 RECEPTORS AND NASAL TRIGEMINAL CHEMESTHESIS Silver, W.L., Clapp T.R., Stone L.M., Kinnamon S.C. Presented at the 28th annual meeting of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences.


Smith, William


Invited Plenary paper: Ecophysiology of storm disturbance in dune species of the barrier islands of North Carolina, Sea-level Rise, Hurricanes, and the Future of Our Coasts, Texas A&M University, Spring Symposium of Sigma Xi, March 13, 2006.


Invited paper: Mechanisms of Treeline Altitude and Migration: Conifer Seedling Survival in the Treeline Ecotone. US Conference on Treeline Ecosystems of North America, USFS and USGS, Glacier National Park, August, 2006.


Invited paper: Sustaining the relic spruce-fir forests of the southern Appalachian Mountains. Hewlett Foundation and the National Commission on Energy Policy, Washington, DC. May 8-9, 2006.


Johnson, D.M., W.K. Smith, and M. Silman. 2005. Climate-independent pale-altimetry using stomatal density in fossil leaves as a proxy for CO2 partial pressure: Comment.  Geology, (Forum, Aug. 18, 2005).


(6 other papers were given by graduate students and colleagues at national and regional scientific meetings; two best paper student awards were received)

III.  Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies




Ashley-Ross, Miriam


Chair of the committee and representative of the Division of Vertebrate Morphology to the Public Affairs Committee of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology.


Secretary (interim appointment), Division of Comparative Biomechanics of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology.


Conner, William


Editorial Board of Insect Science, an Online Journal in Insect Biology, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.


President Elect of the Lepidopterists’ Society of America.


Curran, James


Three NIH study section panels (GGG-J).

One American Cancer Society study section panel (Genetic Mechanisms of Cancer).


Dimock, Ronald


Treasurer, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (3rd 3-yr term).


Chair, Finance Committee, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology.


Member Executive Committee, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology.


Esch, Gerald


Editor, Journal of Parasitology.


Member, Council, American Society of Parasitologists.


Eure, Herman


Consulting Editor, Journal of Parasitology.


Member of Organization and Registration Subcommittee of the 80th Annual meeting of the American Society of Parasitology, Mobile, AL, July 8-11, 2005.


American Institute of Biological Sciences.


Fahrbach, Susan


Editorial Board Member:


Journal of Comparative Neurology


Hormones and Behavior


Brain, Behavior, and Evolution


Member, NSF GK-12 Panel, Biology 2 (met at NSF headquarters in Arlington, VA, August 18-19, 2005). Two days actual meeting time, 12 hours preparation.


Kron, Kathleen


Editorial Board of the Edinburgh Journal of Botany 1995-present


Editorial Board of the Rhododendron Species Journal   2005


Editorial Board of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy journal: Taxon 2005-present


Council Member-American Society of Plant Taxonomists


Chair, Honors & Awards Committee – American Society of Plant Taxonomists 2005


Kuhn, Raymond


Editorial Board – Veterinary Parasitology.


Lane, Hugo


Immediate Past President, NAAHP (National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions.


NAAHP liaison to GSA Steering Committee of Association of American Medical Colleges.


NAAHP Liaison Coordinator.


NAAHP Ethics Committee – Chair.


NAAHP Advisory Council Task Force.


NAAHP Liason Coordinator Job Description Committee.

McCauley, Anita


High Point University, Biology Department, assistance purchasing a fluorescent microscope, ~8hr.


Silman, Miles


Lyonia, Journal of the University of Hawaii Lyon Herbarium, Editorial Board.


The Ecological Society of America W. S. Cooper Award Selection Committee.


Silver, Wayne


On nominations committee for Association for Chemoreception Sciences.


Smith, William


Editor, Tree Physiology.


Advisory Committee, Eurasian J Forest Research.


Co-Editor with Eric De LaCabrerra, Current Perspectives in Biophysical Ecophysiology, Academic Press, NY, in press.


Weigl, Peter


Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy.


Zeyl, Clifford


Member of the Editorial Board of the Federation of European Microbiological Studies Yeast Research.

IV.  External Grants Received





Ashley-Ross, Miriam


$199,688         From water to land:  salamanders as a model for understanding the evolution of tetrapod locomotion (continuing grant).  National Science Foundation.


Conner, Bill


$185,000.        Sound Strategies: Acoustic Mimicry and Jamming in the Bat-Moth Arms Race.  National Science Foundation.


Fahrbach, Susan


$236.297.        Muscarinic regulation of plasticity in the brain.  National Institute of Health.


Kron, Kathleen


$7,000.            Ericaceae in the Central Andes:  Bolivia and Adjacent Southern Peru – with J.L.Luteyn (PI).  National Science Foundation.


McCauley, Anita


$100,000.        Enhancement of Imaging Capabilities.  The Cannon Foundation.


Muday, Gloria


$100,000.        Enhancement of Imaging Capabilities.  The Cannon Foundation.


Silman, Miles


$834,376.        Conservation implications of climate change and fire in the Eastern Andes: Impacts on plant distributions and montane ecosystems.  The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.


$7,000.            Reconstructing past climates of the Amazon Basin from the isotopic analysis of tropical trees.  National Science Foundation.


$24,318.          Taphonomy: The pivotal process of selective preservation linking Biology to Geology.  An analytical and experimental approach for proxy validation.  Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research:  Earth and Life Sciences Division.


$7,443.            Vegetation and Paleoecology of an Amazon-Andean Elevational Transect.  REU Supplement Request.  National Science Foundation.


Silver, Wayne


$16,691           Multiple Mechanisms of Nasal Chemoreception.  National Institute of Health.


Smith, William


$13,788.          Stabilization of Barrier Islands and the Role of Primary Dune Colonizers.  NC Sea Grant. NOAA.


$74,540           Addition of a steromicroscope to the Department of Biology, Wake Forest University, Microscopy Laboratory. NSF, Instrumentation and Major Equipment Program. (Co-PI with 4 others)


$9,874.            Estimating anatomical effects on photosynthesis using fluorescence microscopy.  Research Experiences for K-12 Teachers, National Science Foundation.


$30,000.          Ecological facilitation by Rhodododendron causasicum extends the Betula litwinowii alpine treeline, Causasus Mountains of Georgia NSF, Partnerships for International Research and Education, Office of International Scie3nce and Engineering, Doctoral Dissertation Enhancement Program.


$4,792             Episodic versus daily stree effects on plant resource acquisition, survival, and fitness at the land-sea interface. NC Sea Grant.


$50,000.          Sustaining Relic Spruce-fir forests of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.  Hewlett Foundation and the National Commission on Energy Policy.


$14,380.          Workshop on the Sustainability of Barrier Island Ecosystems.  NSF Research Coordination Networks Program. Gulfport, MS. April 13-16, 2006.


Zeyl, Clifford


$399,066.        Evolutionary Advantage, Recombination and Adaptation in Experimental Yeast Populations.  National Science Foundation (DEB-0542738).

Internal Grants Received


Browne, Carole


$15,000.          Cross-Campus Collaborative Research Fund.


$200.               Research and Publication Fund.


Browne, Robert


$10,000.          Environmental Challenges Faculty Seminar. Lilly Foundation.


$4,500.            Internationalization of Environmental Issues. Mellon Foundation.


Conner, William


$10,000.          Sound Strategies: Acoustic Mimicry and Jamming in the Bat-Moth Arms Race.  Science Research Fund.


Johnson, Erik


$10,000.          Neuroendocrine Circuits.  Science Research Fund.


Kron, Kathleen


$10,000.          Evolutionary relationships in the rhubarb family (Polygonaceae) using data from nuclear genes LEAFY and AGAMOUS.  WFU Science Research Fund.


Muday, Gloria


$9.970.            Metabolic hormone levels associated with obesity, weight loss ability and osteoarthritis.  Science Research Fund.


$9,860.            Control of lateral root development by membrane trafficking machinery.  Science Research Fund.


Silman, Miles


$5,000.            The Wake Forest Biofuels Project and the Independent Biodiesel Production Standard.  Wake Forest University (Pro Humanitate Fund), Community-Based Research.

V.  Awards for Distinguished Teaching, Research, or Professional Activities




Conner, William


Service Leadership Award – Wake Forest Center for Entrepreneurship.


Nominated to be American Academy of Science Fellow.


Dimock, Ronald


Meritorious Teaching Award of the Association of Southeastern Biologists.  Presented March 31, 2006, Gatlinburg, TN, at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Association.


Eure, Herman


Delta Delta Delta Award for Outstanding Contribution to Student Life at Wake Forest University.


Member of the Study Abroad Site Visit Team to Australian Universities to assess Study Abroad Programs.  July 31-August 12, 2005.


Kuhn, Raymond


Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award for Program Development – Wake Forest University.