JULY 1, 2005-JUNE 30, 2006

I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II. Papers and Presentations

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV. External Grants Received

V. Awards


I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Iacovou, Charalambos L.


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II. Papers and Presentations Presented at Professional Meetings


Harris, Frederick H. deB.


Paper:  “Working Group in Market Microstructure.” National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, MA, May 4, 2006.


Paper:  "What Order Flow Reveals about the Role of the Underwriter." FMA International, Stockholm, June 7, 2006.


Paper:  "Market Design and Relative Execution Costs for Matched Stocks in Seven Tier-one Markets." New York Stock Exchange, June 19, 2006.


Iacovou, Charalambos L.


Presentation:  (with  Smith, H.J., and Thompson, R.)  “The Linkage Between Reporting Quality and Performance in IS Projects.  International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Las Vegas, NV 2005.


Presentation:  (with  Smith, H.J., and Thompson, R.) “Distortion in Information Systems Reporting.  Annual Conference of Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC), Toronto, ON, Canada, 2005.


Presentation:  (with Davis, S.) “A Tough Decision at the E.W. Scripps Company: A Profitability Analysis and Strategic Decision Making Case.  AAA Management Accounting Section Research and Case Conference, Clearwater FL, 2006.


Irvin, Nat


Presentation:  The Future of Wealth: African Americans.” Merrill Lynch Financial Advisors and Managing Directors, Princeton Campus, New Jersey, July 2005.


Presentation:  Thrivals.” Minority Business Development Agency, United States Commerce Department, Graylyn Conference Center, Winston-Salem, NC, August 2005.


Presentation:  Seeing the Future Through New Eyes.” The Executive Leadership Institute,  Annual Mid-Level Managers' Symposium, Washington, DC, October 2005.


Presentation:  “The Future: Managing Your Family Business in a Global Environment.” Family Business Center, Winston-Salem, NC, November 2005.


Presentation:  Seeing the Future Through New Eyes.” Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, Charlotte, NC, January 2006.


Presentation:  "Exploring the Future of Race and Identity.” Technology Entertainment Design Conference, Monterrey, Mexico, February 2006.


Presentation:  (with Mayor Alan Joines) “Looking at the Future of Winston-Salem.” Winston-Salem, NC, April 2006.


Presentation:  “Challenging our Imagination.” Odyssey Women’s Network, Phoenix AZ, April, 2006.


Presentation:  Exploring the Future of Emerging Markets.  Verizon Multicultural Marketing Teams, Orlando, Florida, April 2006.


Presentation:  “Challenging Our Imagination.” Burell Ad Agency, Chicago, Illinois, April 2006.


Presentation:  “Future Focus:  Seeing the Future through New Eyes.  ICMA Annual Conference, Washington, DC, April 2006.


Presentation:  “Challenging our Imagination:  Seeing the Future through New Eyes.” GMAC Annual Industry Conference, San Francisco, CA, June 2006.


Miller, Chet C.


Presentation:  (with Glick, William H., and Washburn, Nathan T.) “The myth of firm performance.  Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2005.


Mishra, Aneil K.


Presentation:  (with  Mishra, Karen E.)  “Trust from near and far.  Organizational Commitment and Turnover in Franchise-Based Organizations.” Academy of Management, Honolulu, Hawaii, 6-10 August 2006. 


Nash, Robert C.


Presentation:  “Determinants of Performance Improvements in Privatized Firms: The Role of Restructuring and Corporate Governance,” Financial Management Association Annual Meeting, October 2005.


Presentation:  “Determinants of Performance Improvements in Privatized Firms: The Role of Restructuring and Corporate Governance,” Global Finance Conference, April 2006.


Resnick, Bruce G.


Paper:  (with Glen A. Larsen, Jr.) “Return Sign Forecasting:  An Empirical Investigation of Trading Size-Based Portfolios. Financial Management Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, October 2005.


Shafer, Scott M.


Presentation:   “Karate in Business School?  This is not your Father’s Black

Belt” Decision Sciences Institute, San Francisco, November 19-22, 2005.


Thompson, Ronald L.


Paper:  (with Goodhue, D. and Lewis, W.) “Small Sample Size and Statistical Power in MIS Research.” Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences, (CD), R. Sprague (Ed) IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, CA, January 4-7, pg. 1-10.


Paper:  (with Iacovou, C. and  Smith, J.) “The Linkage Between Reporting Quality and Performance in IS Projects.” International Conference on Information Systems, (CD), Las Vegas, December.


III. Editorships, Offices and Consultancies


Boone, Derrick S.


Consultant, Strategic Metrics


Consultant, Smith & More LLP


Consultant, The Trivista Group


Iacovou, Charalambos L.


Editorial Review Board Member, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education


Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Cases on Information Technology


Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Global Information Management


Consultant, E. W. Scripps Company


Irvin, Nat


Multicultural Marketing Board Member, Kraft Foods, Inc.


Middaugh, J. Kendall


Consultant, Lowe’s Companies,


Consultant, Stephens, Inc.


Miller Chet C.


Associate Editor, Academy of Management Journal


Board Member, Organization Science


Mishra, Aneil K.


Consultant, The Sunrock Group


Moss, Sherry E.


Secretary/Membership, Chair for the Southern Management Association


Nash, Robert C.


Associate Editor, Journal of Corporate Finance


Resnick, Bruce G.


Associate Editor, Journal of Financial Research


Associate Editor, Journal of Multinational Financial Management


Associate Editor, Journal of Economics and Business


IV. External Grants Received


Irvin, Nat


$40,000           “Minority Executive Education Institute.” GlaxoSmith Kline and NC Institute for Minority Economic Development


$10,000           “It’s All About Business.” Ann Cannon Trust


$10,000           ING


V. Awards for Distinguished Teaching, Research, or Professional Activities


Iacovou, Charles L.


“Educator of the Year.  Class of 2006 Full-time MBA Program


Accenture Award.  California Management Review


“Professor of the Year Award.  Class of 2005 Charlotte Evening MBA Program


Narus, James A.


“ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow.” Institute for the Study of Business Markets at the Smeal College of Business at the Pennsylvania State University


Nash, Robert C.


“Orr Fellowship in Finance. Babcock Graduate School of Management


Cowan Faculty Research Prize.” Babcock Graduate School of Management


Pinder, Jonathan P.


“Medlin Excellence Fellowship.” John Medlin of Wachovia