Reporting Professional Activities

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I.                Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II.              Papers and Presentations

III.            Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV.            Awards



I.                Publications, Performances, Exhibits

Bender, Margaret

 Southern Anthropologist 31(1-2):  Themed Issue on Fatherhood and Masculinities in Context, Guest Editor.


Glimpses of Local Masculinities:  Learning from Interviews with Kiowa, Comanche, Apache and Chickasaw Men.  Southern Anthropologist 31(1-2): 1-17.


Framing the Anomalous: Stoneclad, Sequoyah, and Cherokee Ethnoliteracy.  In New Perspectives On Native North America: Cultures, Histories, Representations.  S. A. Kan and P. T. Strong, eds.  Pp. 42-62.  Lincoln and London: University of Nebraska Press.


Review of Blood Politics: Race, Culture and Identity in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.  Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 12(1):234-235.


Folmar, Steven

 2005   Folmar S.  The Unpaved Road to Development: An Example from Nepal.  Practicing Anthropology 27(4):27-30.


Robinson, Ken

 Archaeology Reports: 8 Technical Reports (see project in list of grants)

Guest Curator, Exhibit on Archaeology and the Fayetteville Arsenal, Museum of the Cape Fear (a branch of the N.C. Museum of History), Fayetteville, NC (Jan 06- ongoing)


Simonelli, Jeanne

       2005-2006 Quarterly contributions:

1)    Society for Applied Anthropology Newsletter (4)

2)    Teaching Practicing Practicing Anthropology (4)


Thacker, Paul

Upcoming publications: submitted two journal articles (Journal of Archaeological Science; Geoarchaeology) and three book chapters for publication. All should be published in 2006


Whittington, Stephen L.

  • Tokens of Thanks: Ex-votos from Brazil and Mexico (with P. Dillard) at Museum of Anthropology

            Marie Elaine Danforth, Stephen L. Whittington, and Keith P. Jacobi

An Indexed Bibliography of Prehistoric and Early Historic Maya Human Osteology (searchable on-line database). <>

Treasures from a Moravian Attic: Native American Objects from the Wachovia Historical Society Collection (with B. Hancock) at Guilford Native American Art Gallery, Sawtooth Center, and Museum of Anthropology.


II.              Papers and Presentations


Bender, Margaret




The Semiotics of Self, Gender, and Tribe in Kiowa, Comanche, Apache and Chickasaw Discourses of Fatherhood and Masculinity, 40th Annual Meeting of the Southern Anthropological Society, Pensacola, FL.


March 13                  The Other Matrilineal Puzzle: A Comparison of Gender-Related Beliefs and Practices in Two Oklahoma Native American Communities, 39th Annual Meeting of the Southern Anthropological Society, Chattanooga, TN.


October 14               Speaking Difference to Power: The Importance of Linguistic Sovereignty (with Thomas Belt).  Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, Winston-Salem, NC.


December 3              Looking to the Future and Drawing on the Past: Contrasting Ideologies of Fatherhood and Masculinity in Two Oklahoma Indian Communities (with Lisa J. Lefler). 104th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, D.C.


Panels Organized:


March 13                  Patterns of Masculinity and Fatherhood.  39th Annual Meeting of the Southern Anthropological Society, Chattanooga, TN.


Invited Lectures And Workshops:


May 26-27             Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Cultural Resources Department, Conference on Language Revitalization, panel member


Folmar, Steven 

 2006   Folmar SJ. Insider/Outsider: How a Nepalese Shaman Reworks Caste.  Society for Applied Anthropology.


2006    Folmar SJ.  Agency and Faith Healing in Nepal.  Southern Anthropological Society.

       2005 Panelist on Immigrant/Latino Health Issues.  Society for Applied Anthropology in Santa Fe, NM.

  • 2005 You are the Clever One: Semantic Contests and Transient Community Paper for Southern Anthropological Society Meetings in Chattanooga, TN. 


Miller, Ellen

 2006   Miller ER, El-Barkooky AN, Hamdan M, Korany M, Nichols C. (In press)      Paleoenvironmental recontruction of the mammals from Wadi Moghra, Egypt. (Accepted for fall meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Ottowa, Canada)


2006    Morlo M, Miller ER, Barkooky AN. Creodonts and carnivores from Wadi Moghra, Egypt. (In press). (Accepted for fall meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Ottowa,     Canada).


2006    El-Barkooky AN, Hamdan MA, Miller E, El-Sharkawi MA, Qorani M.Geological context of the Moghra fossil vertebrates. Proc 8th Int Conf Geol Arab World. Cairo, Egypt. pp. 161-162.


2005    Miller ER, Benefit BR. 2006 Systematics of the Victoriapithecidae. Am J Phys Anthropol Suppl:129:131


2005    Anemone R, Grossman A, Miller ER, Watkins R. Biochronology and paleoecology of the Buluk fauna, early Miocene of northern Kenya. J Vert Paleontol 2005:32A.


Robinson, Ken

 Papers Presented:


Archaeology of Carolina Backcountry: An Overview. Southeastern Archaeology Conference, Columbia, SC


Archaeological Investigations at the Chief Vann Plantation and the Spring Place Mission Site, Spring Place Georgia. Cherokee-Moravian Historical Association, Winston-Salem, NC


Archaeology of the Fayetteville Arsenal and Development of Teachers Training Program in Public History and Archaeology (in conjunction with the Museum of the Cape Fear), Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Museums Council, Winston-Salem, NC

Simonelli, Jeanne

October 2005

Everyday Acts of Reconciliation:  From Chiapas to the West Bank, Invited Speaker, Praxis Symposium, Clark University. Worcester, MA


October 2005

Activism, Advocacy and Latin America, Invited Speaker Marymount College, Worcester, MA


Nov. 2005

Organizer, Invited Session: “Seeing Struggle: Ethnography and Analysis in Difficult Times”

Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, DC


Individual Presentation: “Walls, Barriers, Fortifications... and other impositions on people's survival”


 “Privatized Collectivity: Collective Privatization: Reconfiguring Agriculture in Zapatista ChiapasInvited Session, Culture and Agriculture, Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, DC


Mar. 2006

Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology, Vancouver, BC


Mar. 2006

University of South Florida, Invited Speaker, conference on “New Social Movements and democracy in the Americas, March 2006, Tampa, Florida.


April 2006

Uprising of Hope, Department of Anthropology, UNC Greensboro,


May 2006

Crossing Between Worlds:  revisiting Canyon de Chelly, Invited talk for the Sierra Club of California, in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona.

Thacker, Paul

-Chair of “Paleolithic Europe” session at the Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City. (Seven presenters and a total attendance count of 162.)

-Thacker, P. Stone Boiling, Hide Smudging, and Ochre Production: Upper Paleolithic Thermal Technology at Vale de Obidos, Portugal. Paper presented at the Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT.

-Thacker, P. The Economic Role of Wild Turkey (Meleagis gallopavo) in the Late Woodland North Carolina Piedmont. Poster presented at the Southeastern Archaeological Conference in Columbia, SC.

Whittington, Stephen

 Stephen L. Whittington

Issues and challenges of board diversity: lessons from two university anthropology museums. Southeastern Museums Conference Annual Meeting. Jekyll Island, GA. October 7, 2005.


Stephen L. Whittington and Andrew G Workinger

The Teozacoalco Archaeological Project settlement survey in the area of the Mapa de Teozacoalco, Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca, Mexico. Seventy-first Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. San Juan, PR. April 30, 2006.


University Museums and Galleries and Community panel discussion. North Carolina Museums Council Annual Meeting. Winston-Salem, NC. March 3, 2006.


III.            Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

Bender, Margaret

 April – June     Linguistic consultant for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, working to develop language revitalization program 

Editorial Board Member, Southern Anthropologist

Peer Reviewer, Southern Anthropologist

Folmar, Steven

 2005  Spin 2005.  May 23 to July 1

Advisory Board.  Hispanic Achievers.  YMCA

Robinson, Kenneth

 Appointee, North Carolina National Register Review Committee, Advisory Committee to the NC Department of Cultural Resources, Raleigh, NC

Simonelli, Jeanne

Editor, Practicing Anthropology


President, Society for Humanistic Anthropology

Councilor, Society for Latin American Anthropology


Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology

Board of Directors, Society for Applied Anthropology


Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on Disaster Response, Society for Applied Anthropology


Mentor, American Anthropological Association


Autonomous Municipio of Tierra y Libertad       5 hrs week

Thacker, Paul

Academic advisor for 23 freshmen and sophomores.

Anthropology Minors Advisor for 7 minors.

Cultural Resource Preservation Advisor for 3 minors.

Whittington, Steve

       Pre-Columbian and Native American collections. The Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts, St. Bonaventure University. Four days.

IV. External Grants Received

 Bender, Margaret

Participant in a National Science Foundation proposal, “Community Based Cherokee (CER) Language Documentation: A Vehicle for Language Revitalization” as Faculty Associate, with a requested $76,476 budgeted for Wake Forest 

Miller, Ellen

  • $60,000 from National Science Foundation. This was for Geology, Palentology and Biogeography of the North African Early Miocene

  Robinson, Kenneth

  • $ 170,000 18 varied propels.  Requested 200,000 and received 17,000.
  • Fort Dobbs Archaeology, NC Historic Sites and Fort Dobbs Alliance, $27,000
  • Archaeology Survey, River Road Tract, Cumberland County, NC, Prestige Homes, Inc. $20,000
  • Archaeology Investigations, Endor Iron Furnace, Lee County, NC, City of Sanford, $8000
  • Archaeology Puerto Rico, Caribbean National Forest & PR National Guard, $8000
  • Archaeology Survey, Spooner Creek, Carteret County, NC, Spooner Creek Development, $7,500
  • Archaeology of Salisbury Prison, Salisbury, NC, Salisbury Confed. Prison Assoc. $12,000
  • Archaeology Survey, Development Tract, Davidson County, NC, Boggs Realty & Trigon Eng. $3,500
  • Archaeology Investigations, Historic Bethabara Streamway, Trustees of Historic Bethabara, $12,000
  • Teachers Workshop Archaeology, Museum of the Cape Fear, Fayetteville, NC $14,500

Simonelli, Jeanne

  • $2,500 requested from NCHC for FOMMA: Cultural Presentation. Funded
  • Stipend Support for Peace and Conflict: Israel from Lady Davis Fellowship, Israel. Funded.

 Thacker, Paul

 $70,059  funded out of the  $70,059 requested.   from National Science Foundation for Award Transfer Request : Local Raw Material Variability and Hunter-Gatherer Lithic Economy in the Portuguese Magdalenian.

  • Cannon Foundation: Prepared requests and white paper for $50,000 in funding for geophysical and archaeological laboratory equipment for the WFU Archaeological Laboratories.
  • National Science Foundation: WFU received transfer of grant #0534923, Local Raw Material Variability and Hunter-Gatherer Lithic Economy in the Portuguese Magdalenian. This funding will extend through September of 2006.
  • National Science Foundation: Prepared collaborative proposal with Rebecca Saunders of Louisiana State University for Geoarchaeological Investigation of Bayou Grand Cheniere with and Assessment of the Archaeological Impact of Hurricane Katrina. This proposal is under informal review by peers and at LSU, and will be submitted to NSF in Spring of 2006

 Whittington, Steve

  • $1200.00 funded as requested from North Carolina Humanities Council for Asian Games exhibit
  • $54, 869 funded out of the 68,995 requested from Institute for Library and Museum Services for the Museums for America
  • $5,000 funded from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Preservation Assistance Grants for Smaller Institutions, for the conservation plan for the Museum of Anthropology’s collections
  • $5,000 for a long-range conservation plan, from Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
  • $3,000 (of $10,000 requested) for Hispanic arts programs from the Arts Council of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County
  • $7,486 travel grant to borrower from the Museum Loan Network
  • $149,000 for web access for the Museum of Anthropology’s collection catalogue from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Museums for America Grants [application pending]
  • $5,591 for Scholarships for Forsyth County schools to visit the Museum of Anthropology from the Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County [application pending]

 IV.            Awards

 Thacker, Paul

  • Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council for Teaching Excellence