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I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II. Papers and Presentations

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV. External Grants Received

V. Awards




I.  Publications, Performances, Exhibits  


Albrecht, Jane W.:


“Theater and Politics in Four Film Versions of the Quijote,” Hispania, Special Quixote Issue, 88.1 (March 2005): 4-10


Barbour, Sarah E.:


Maryse Condé and Her Readers:  Hesitating Between Irony and the

Desire to be Serious in Moi, Tituba sorcière...noire de Salem,” Studies in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature, 28. 2 (Summer 2004).


Ewalt, Margaret R.:


“Father Gumilla:  Crocodile Hunter:  The Function of Wonder in El Orinoco ilustrado.”  In El saber de los jesuitas, historias naturales y el Nuevo Mundo.  Madrid/Frankfurt:  Iberoamericana/Vervuert, 2005.  303-333.


Friedman, Mary L.:


Book: The Self in the Narratives of José Donoso (Chile 1924-1996).  Lewiston, N.Y.: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2004.


“José Donoso’sTaratuta’” The Uses of Cultural Patrimony.”  Romance Notes,  XLIV, 3 (Spring 2004): 327-335.



Gala, Candelas S.:


Book: The Poetry of Ana María Fagundo. A Bilingual Anthology. Edited with an Introduction by Candelas Gala. Lewisburg: Bucknell UP, 2005.


“Essences Made Presence: The Poetry of Ana María Fagundo.” The Poetry of Ana María Fagundo. A Bilingual Anthology. Ed. Candelas Gala. Lewisburg: Bucknell UP, 2005. 17-48.


A modo de introducción.” Introductory Study to Desnudos del alma by Marisa Estelrich. Buenos Aires: Nuevo Ser, 2005. 5-10.


“’Un hombre sin nombre’: The Mirroring of Language and Nature in Tirso’s El burlador de Sevilla.” Boletín of the Comediantes 56.1 (2004): 97-114.


“The Name of the Game Is in the Signifier: Molière’s Dom Juan and the Binding Power of Words.” Papers in Seventeenth Century French Literature XXXI. 60 (2004): 49-67.


“’Lucinaciones’ alucinadas: los poemas de Julia Uceda.” Julia Uceda. Conversación entre la memoria y el sueño. Ed. Luisa Mulet et al. Ferrol: La barca de loto, 2004. 97-118.


González, Luis


“On the Difference between Washing Machines and Waiting List.” Hispania 88.1 (March 2005): 190-200.


Miguel-Prendes, Soledad:


Reimagining Diego de San Pedro’s Readers at Work: Cárcel de amor.” La corónica 32.2 (2004): 7-44.


Morosini, Roberta:


Book review: Victoria Kirkham, “Fabulous Vernacular: Boccaccio’s Filocolo and the Art of Medieval Fiction,” in Studies in The Age of Chaucer, 26 (2004): 403-6.


“Il Roman de Mahomet (1258) tra tradizione  e riscrittura nei Commentari danteschi del XIV secolo e nella Cronica di Giovanni Villani: un antieroe a corte,” Letteratura Italiana Antica, June 2005.


“A Sud: tra pescatori di nuvole, cacciatori di elefanti e ladri di ricordi. Viaggio nel pianeta sottosopra con Erri De Luca. Scrivere nella polvere: saggi su Erri De Luca ed. Myriam S. Ruthenberg. Pisa: E.T.S., 2005.



Murphy, Stephen J.:


Book : [Edited, with introduction and notes:] Jean de La Haye, Le Commentaire de Marsille Ficin, Florentin: sur le Banquet d’amour de Platon (Paris : H. Champion, 2004)


Book Review of Jean-Eudes Girot, Pindare avant Ronsard, in Renaissance et Réforme (2004)


Book Review of Martine Furno, Une « fantaisie » sur l’antique […], in Renaissance Quarterly (2004)


Tarte, Kendall B.:


“Early Modern Literary Communities: Madeleine Des Roches’s City of Women,” Sixteenth Century Journal 35 (Fall 2004): 751-69.


 “Seductive Topographies: The Languages of Landscape in La Puce de Madame des-Roches,” Romanic Review 95 (May 2004): 249-69.


Presentation of Madeleine and Catherine Des Roches, Les Secondes Oeuvres, and La Puce de Madame des-Roches, for World Wide Web site “The Renaissance in Print: Sixteenth-Century French Books in the Douglas Gordon Collection,” University of Virginia Library.


Sanhueza, Teresa:


Book: Continuidad, Transformación y Cambio: El grotesco criollo de Armando Discépolo. Buenos Aires: Editorial Nueva Generación, September 2004.


Dos aproximaciones a la marginalidad: los pescadores en Las redes del mar y Chiloé, cielos cubiertos.” Latin American Theatre Review 38/1 (Fall 2004): 73-91.


Book Review: Ictus. La palabra compartida. Antología. Dos tomos. Santiago: Editorial Don Bosco SA, 2002. Forthcoming. Latin American Theatre Review 38/1 (Fall 2004): 202-204.


Vitti, Antonio:       


Book review – Millicent Marcus, After Fellini: National Cinema in the Postmodern Age”, Johns Hopkins UP, 2002. In Italica Vol. 81, No. 3, Autumn 2004, pp. 443 – 444.

“IL  dei frondisti ciociari alla revista (Cinema), La Ciociaria tra scrittori e cineasta (Metauro Edizioni 2004): 457 – 482.


Wells, Byron R.:


Book: Wells, Byron R. and Philip Stewart, eds. Interpreting Colonialism. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, 2004.



II.   Papers and Presentations Presented at Professional Meetings


Albrecht, Jane W.:

El caballero de Olmedo: From Page to Stage and Tragicomedy to Tragedy,” presented at the International Golden Age Drama Symposium, Association for Hispanic Classical Theater, El Paso, Texas, March 2005


Anthony, Elizabeth M.:


“Fatal Attractions:  Love and Betrayal in the French Crime Film,”

Romance Language Film Symposium, Wake Forest University, September 2004


Barbour, Sarah E.:


April 2005, invited to organize and chair the panel “Cannibalism in the Works of Maryse Condé” at the Franklin College conference on Caribbean Literature and Culture, “The Caribbean Unbound,” Lugano, Switzerland


September 2004, “Sexuality and Gender in Ousmane Sembène’s Faat Kine,” Wake Forest Romance Language Film Symposium, Winston-Salem, NC.


Ewalt, Margaret R.


"The Legacy of Joseph Gumilla's Orinoco Illustrated" – Presented at "Jesuit Accounts of the Colonial Americas-Textualities, Intellectual Disputes, Intercultural Transfers" in Los Angeles, April 8-9, 2005. Invited Speaker Sponsored by the UCLA Center for Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Studies and the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library.


“Particularities and Perceptions of the Ibero-American Enlightenment.” – Session Organizer and Chair at ASECS:  American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Meeting in Las Vegas March 31-April 3, 2005


“The Da Vinci Code and the Eighteenth Century:  Fact and Fiction Regarding the Masons, Secret Societies, and the Illuminati.” – Session Chair for ASECS:  American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Meeting in Las Vegas March 31-April 3, 2005


“¡Oh monstruo! ¡Oh bestia!”:  Facing the Anaconda in the Orinoco River.” Invited Speaker Sponsored by Latin American Studies at Colby College, Waterville, ME  November 17, 2004.


“El culto a la coca:  de admiratio a scientia en El Mercurio Peruano.” –Presented at the XII Encuentro de la Ilustración al Romanticismo at the University of Cádiz, Spain, November 3-5, 2004.


“Exploring Humboldt’s Orinoco Debts to Gumilla.” –Presented at the Humboldt Bicentennial Interdisciplinary Conference:  "Alexander von Humboldt: From the Americas to the Cosmos" at the Graduate Center City University of New York October 14-16, 2004.


“El culto a la coca: Wonder and Science in El Mercurio Peruano” –Presented at the Midwest American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Meeting “New Worlds, New Frontiers” at the Drury Plaza Hotel in St. Louis October 7-10, 2004.


Fulton, J. Michael:


“Seize Which Day?: The carpe diem Motif in Three Golden Age Poems.” Presented at the annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Language Association, Boulder, CO, September 30 – October 2, 2004.


“Fray Luis and the Rhetoric of Self-Justification in Los nombres de Cristo.” Presented at the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, April 21-23, 2005.



Gala, Candelas S.:


“La esencia hecha presencia: La poesía de Ana María Fagundo.” Philological Association of the Carolinas. Myrtle Beach, SC, March 10-11, 2005.


Moderator for a Round Table Discussion with Poets Ana Rossetti, Fernando Operé, Mark Soto-Smith and María Paz Moreno. Symposium on Poetry and Poetics, UNC-Greensboro, March 3-5, 2005.


González, Luis:


Grammar that Works. 3-hour Workshop at the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina. Co-presenters: Tyler Chapman and Mary Catherine Rich. October 2004.


Simplifying Role and Reference Grammar's Macrorole Selection. Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, April 21, 2005.


Teaching Writing Using the ACTFL Writing Proficiency Guidelines. Invited workshop to teachers and instructors, University of North Carolina at Charlotte. April 29, 2005.


Hardcastle, Anna E.:


“Getting into Bed with Fascists:  Fernando Trueba’s La niña de tus ojos” presented at 33rd annual Twentieth Century Conference at the University of Louisville, KY, February 2005.


León-Távora, Ana M.:


“A Hallucinatory Trip: Drugging Reality in a Postmodern Era” in the 54th Mountain Interstate Language Conference at the University of Tennessee, October 2004.


Mayers, Kathryn M.:


“Cross-Currents in the Literature Classroom: Teaching Hernando Domínguez Camargo’s Poema Heroico from a Trans-Atlantic Perspective.” Paper read at the Latin American Studies Association Congress (LASA). Las Vegas, October 2004.


Miguel-Prendes, Soledad:


The Performance of Chivalric Identity at the Court of the Catholic Monarchs,” 80th Annual Meeting of The Medieval Academy of America at Miami, March 2005.


Morosini, Roberta:


01/2005: “When Boccaccio speaks French … Romeo and Juliet do too.” In a section entitled Interdisciplinary approaches to the Italian Renaissance.” Chair and speaker. Honolulu, Hawaii, Humanities conference.


10/2004:Maometto e gli  infedeli nel Libro di varie storie di Antonio Pucci  e nel Dittamondo di Fazio Degli Uberti. Giornate di studio su “Firenze prima del Rinascimento”,  presented at McGill University, Montreal.


06/2004: “Urbano: verso l’urbanità. Un’opera attribuita a G. Boccaccio.” Zurich, Switzerland, Conference on the Cantari tradition.


Murphy, Stephen J.:


“On the Threshold of Guy Le Fèvre’s Philosophical Poems,” at Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, October 2004


Martyrology and the Cruelty of Inspiration,” for Renaissance Society of America meeting, April 2005


Sánchez, Ivo:


"Patterns of Repair in Spanish Conversation." Ohio State U.  Hispanic Linguistics Symposium. April 2005.


"Interactional Factors in the Placement of Final Adverbials." ELA Annual Meeting. Valencia, Spain. Sept. 2005.




Sanhueza, Teresa:


“La imagen femenina en Muñeca (1924) y Amanda y Eduardo (1931) de Armando Discépolo.” Carolina Conference on Romance Literatures. University of North Carolina. Chapel Hill, March 31 - April 2, 2005.


Tarte, Kendall B.


“Writing Local History: François Le Poulchre on the 1569 Protestant Siege of Poitiers.” Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Toronto, October 2004.


Vitti, Antonio:


Paper presented at the annual AATI


Paper presented at the annual AAIS


Paper presented at the Med. Studies Conference in Italy


Keynote Speaker at the Carolina Conference at UNC at Chapel Hill


Wells, Byron R.:


“’Un spectacle plein de vie’: Rousseau’s Enduring Nature and Body Ephemeral.”

Biennial Meeting of the Rousseau Association. Clinton, NY. June 2005.


Whitley, M. Stanley:


2004 “Verb + Verb in the Spanish of Advanced Learners,” Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, 10/16/2004.


Itzá Zavala-Garrett


"Días de guardar: representación y reformulación del espacio público."

Ninth Conference of the Revista Mexicana Contemporánea at El Paso, Texas (March 4-6, 2004).


“La humanidad y la naturaleza en Canto General. 24thAnnual ILASSA (Institute of Latin American Studies Association) Student Conference on Latin American at the University of Texas (February 12-14, 2004).


“Pánico o peligro: despertar intelectual y político del sujeto femenino.”

10th Conference of the Revista Mexicana Contemporánea at El Paso, Texas (March 4-6, 2005)



III.  Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies 


Barbour, Sarah E.


Outside reader for University of Delaware Press (two weeks).


Ewalt, Margaret R.


IASECS:  The Ibero-American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies:  Elected in 2004 at national ASECS (the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies) in Boston.  Currently serving the second of a three-year term as Executive Committee Member-At-Large.


Gala, Candelas S.:


Editorial Board of Crítica Hispánica, a professional journal


Editorial Board of the North Carolina Series in Romance Languages and Literatures.


Morosini, Roberta:


Editorial Board of Biblioteca di Quaderni d’Italianistica.


Editorial Board of LIA, Letteratura Italiana Antica.


Vice president of the American Boccaccio Association.


Executive Committee of the MLA, Medieval and Renaissance Branch.


Turner, Maria-Encarna M.:


Editorial staff for Reflejos, Department of Romance Languages journal for and by students in the Spanish program.


Vitti, Antonio:


Outside reader for Italica – Journal of Italian Studies.


Reader for Palgrave MacMillan Press, for a project on Italian Cinema


Wells, Byron R.:


Executive Director, American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies


Vice President, Rousseau Association


Executive Committee, International Studies for Eighteenth-Century Studies


Whitley, M. Stanley:


MIFLC (Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference) President for 2005, host for Oct. 13-15 meeting.



IV.  External Grants Received 


Tarte, Kendall B.:


$1800           Grant to show five recent French-language films in 35mm. FACE

                    (French-American Cultural Exchange) film grant program, Tournées.



V.  Awards  


Hardcastle, Anna E.:


Reynolds Leave for Spring 2005.


Mayers, Kathryn M.:


Delta Delta Delta Apple Pie Teaching Award


Miguel-Prendes, Soledad:


2004 John K. Walsh Award for an outstanding article published in La corónica. Awarded by the Executive Committee of the MLA Division on Medieval Spanish Language and Literature at the MLA meeting in Washington DC (December 2005).