July 1, 2004 to June 30, 2005



         I.        Publications, Performances, Exhibits

          II.      Papers and Presentations

          III.     Editorships, Offices and Consultancies

          IV.     External Grants Received

          V.      Awards for Distinguished Teaching, Research, or Professional Activities    




I.        Publications, Performance, Exhibits



Boyd, Stephen B.


Excerpts from “A House Divided: the Punishment of Adam” and “A New Creation: The Call to a Center and Over the Barricades,” Chapters 3 and 4, The Men We Long to Be: Beyond Domination to a new Christian Understanding of Manhood, Roger Gottlieb, ed, and Liberating Faith: Religious Voices for Justice, Peace and Ecological Wisdom, Rowan and Littlefield, 2003.


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Ford, James L.


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Review: Endangering Faith: Women and Buddhism in Premodern Japan, Center for Japanese Studies, the University of Michigan, 2002. Ed. Barbara Ruch, the Journal of Japanese Studies (30/2) Summer 2004, pp. 449-453.



Foskett, Mary F.


“Miriam, Mariam, Maria: Literary Genealogy and the Protevangelium of James, Mariam: the Magdalen and the Mother, Deidre Good, ed. Indiana University Press, 2005.


“A Storied Life and Contesting Traditions: Mary in Early Christian Narrative,” Miriam, Mary and Mary Magdalene in Art, Literature and Music: Feminist Perspectives, Phyllis Trible Lecture Series, Wake Forest University, March 2005.


“Telling Mary’s Story, Singing Mary’s Song,” Women in Christianity: Unveiling Their Stories, presentation at University of North Carolina, Wilmington, March 2005.


Panel Presentation, “Hearing (All) Voices in New Testament Interpretation: Who’s Speaking and Who’s Listening?” Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion.


Horton, Fred L.


Presentation: “The Bible and Homosexuality” and “Biblical Interpretation” for the Suffragan Bishop of North Carolina, the Summit, Brown Summit, July 2004.


Presentation: “The Bible and Homosexuality”, St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Winston Salem, NC


Presentation: “The Bible and Homosexuality”, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Charlotte, NC, March 2005.


Ilesanmi, Simeon O.


Review: “Toward ‘The Rights of the Poor’: Human Rights in Liberation Theology”, Journal of Religious Ethics.


Review: “Supernaturalist Moral Realism and Moral Attitudes”, Journal of Religious Ethics.


Review: “Pre-emptive Justice? Just Cause, Unrealized Threats, and the Grounds for War” Journal of Religious Ethics.


Review: “The Will to Arise: A Study of Theological and Political Themes in African Christianity and the Renewal of Faith and Identity”, Orbis Press.


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“Religious Persecution in Northern Nigeria”, Expert Witness Report prepared for Superior Court of California, county of Alameda in the Asylum hearing of Mr. Ibrahim Adebimpe Kehinde, December 2004.






Kimball, Charles A.


“Reading Islam,” The Christian Century (May 17, 2005).


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Leonard, Bill J.


“A New Burned-Over District: Demographics in the Southern Crossroads,” Religion and Media in America: The Southern Crossroads, November 2004.


“Changing a Theology: Baptists, Theology and Salvation, Then and Now”, Distinctively Baptist: Essays on Baptist History, Mercer 2005.


“A Crumbling Empire: Is There a Baptist Future in the South?” Religion in the Contemporary South, University of Tennessee Press, 2005.


Neal, Lynn S.


Review: “Freedom Walk: Mississippi or Bust”, Mary Stanton, Journal of Southern Religion, Vol 7.




          II.      Papers and Presentations



Cooper, Valerie C.


“Now You See Her, Now You Don’t: Maria Stewart and the Art of Limited Self-Disclosure”, presented at the Carter G. Woodson Institute for Afro-American an African Studies, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, October 28, 2004.


“Making the Invisible Visible Again”, presented at the Women in Christianity Conference, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Wilmington, North Carolina, March 19, 2005.





Hoglund, Kenneth G.


“I Contended with Them and Cursed Them”: Nehemiah’s Anger and Civic Religion in Ezra-Nehemiah, Chronicles Section of the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meetings, San Antonio Texas, November 2004.


“Imperial Systems and Post-exilic History” Social-Scientific Studies of the Second Temple Period Section of the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meetings, San Antonio Texas, November 2004.


Ilesanmi, Simeon O.


An Examination of Religion and Poverty in Nigeria: A Human Rights Approach”, Seminar on Religion and Poverty sponsored by the Ford Foundation, Princeton, NJ July 16-29, 2004.


“Heterosexism and Homophobia in African Religious Traditions”, Homophobia: Roots and Cures in World Religions organized by the Religious Consultation on Reproductive Technology, Health and Ethics, Philadelphia, PA August 1-3, 2004.


Kimball, Charles A.


“Religion and Public Education: Who is Formulating Public Policy?” American Association of University Women, Atlanta, GA September 19, 2004.


“When Religion Becomes Evil” The John Whealon Memorial Lecture, Connecticut Council of Churches, Hartford, CT November 4, 2004.


“Hope for the Perilous Journey Ahead: Obstacles and Opportunities for the Children of Abraham” the annual Pastors School, Stetson University, DeLand,  FL Feb. 3 and 4, 2005.


“Contemporary Jewish-Christian Relations”, the Lutheran-Anglican-Roman Catholic-United Methodist annual ecumenical forum, Hickory, NC  April 4-5, 2005.


“Jesus and Muhammad”, the Donohoe Forum lectures, Arizona Ecumenical Council, Tucson, AZ May 11-12, 2005.


Leonard, Bill J.


Presentation: Samford University, London, UK, August 2004.


Presentation: Southern Association for Institutional Research, Biloxi, MS, October 2004.


Presentation: American Academy of Religion, San Antonio, TX, November 2004.


Presentation: Baylor University, Waco, TX, Keynote Speaker, April 2005.




III.   Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies



Boyd, Stephen B.


Editorial Board, Harvard Theological Review

Associate Editor, Journal of Men’s Studies

Board of Directors, American Men’s Studies Association

Steering Committee, Men’s Studies in Religion Group, American Academy of Religion


Collins, John E.


Editorial Board, Thinking About Religion, Publication of North Carolina Religious Studies Association.


Steering Committee, North Carolina Religious Studies Association.


Cooper, Valerie C.


Executive Editor, The African American Pulpit, the African American Lectionary Project.


Ford, James L.


Co-Chair, Japanese Religions Group, American Academy of Religion, 2004-2008.


Executive Secretary, Society for the Study of Japanese Religions, 1999-2005.


Foskett, Mary F.


Member, Society of Biblical Literature Committee on Underrepresented Racial/Ethnic Minorities in the Profession.


Co-Chair, Asian and Asian-American Biblical Hermeneutics Group, Society of Biblical Literature.


Member, 2005 Fund for Theological Education Doctoral Scholarships Selection Committee.


Hoglund, Kenneth G.


Member, Old Testament Area Editorial Board, Smyth and Helwys Biblical Commentary Series.


Vice-President elect SE Region, Society of Biblical Literature.


Consulting Editor, Religions Series, Praeger Publications.


Horton, Fred L.


Member, Tell el-Hesi Publication Committee.


Member, Divinity School ATS Steering Committee, 2003-2005.


Member, Ethics Committee, Hospice and Palliative Care of Winston Salem/Forsyth County.


Member, Board of Examining Chaplains, Diocese of North Carolina.


Member, Board of the School of Ministry, Diocese of North Carolina.


Ilesanmi, Simeon O.


Associate Editor, Journal of Religious Ethics.


Series editor, African Association for the Study of Religion.


Member, Editorial Board, Advancing Human Rights Book Series, Georgetown University Press.


Member, Executive Committee, African Association for the Study of Religions.


Member, Executive Committee, Society for the Study of Black Religions.


Co-Chair, Islamic-Christian Comparative Ethics Group, Society of Christian Ethics.


Member, Executive Committee, African and African-American Religious Ethics, Society of Christian Ethics.


Religious Consultant, Reproductive Technology, Health and Ethics.


Jensen, Mark E.


Chair, Personnel Committee, Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.


Kimball, Charles A.


Consultant, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Tarrytown, NY, July 2004, June 2005.


Consultant, Mary Babcock Reynolds Foundation, Winston Salem, NC January 2005.


Consultant, Churches for Middle East Peace.


.Consultant, U.S. Interreligious Committee for Peace in the Middle East.


Leonard, Bill J.


Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Religion, Disability, and Health


Member, Advisory Board, Rural Life and the Media Committee, University of Kentucky





      IV.         External Grants Received



Leonard, Bill J.


$10,000           “Fierce Landscapes”,  Appalachian Resource Ministries.





   V.    Awards for Distinguished Teaching, Research, or      

                        Professional Activities



Boyd, Stephen B.


Don Schoonmaker Faculty Prize for Community Service.


Ford, James L.


Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Fellow (2005-2007).


Kimball, Charles A.


Honorary Doctor of Letters from Virginia Wesleyan College