I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II. Papers and Presentations

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV. External Grants Received

V. Awards


I.      Publications, Performances, Exhibits 


Boyle, Anne M.

Book review:  Strange Bodies:  Gender and Identity in the Novels of Carson McCullers, by Sarah Gleeson-White.  Mississippi Quarterly LVII:2 Spring 2004.


Catanoso, Justin J.

“My Cousin, the Saint,” Wake Forest Magazine, December 2004

“My Cousin, the Saint,” The Penn Stater, November-December 2004


Franco, Dean. J.

“Being Black, Being Jewish, and Knowing the Difference:  Philip Roth’s The Human Stain.” Article in Studies in American Jewish Literature, Summer 2004               


“Working Through the Archive:  Trauma and History in Alejandro Morales’ The Rag Doll Plagues.” Article in Publication of the Modern Language Association.  May 2005.


Holdridge, Jefferson M.

Articles and Chapters

“Of the Dark Past:  the Brittle Magic Nation of Joyce's Poetics", Irish University Review, Volume 35, Number 2, autumn/winter, 2004.


“Solving Ambiguities: Family Feeling in Louis MacNeice’s Autumn Journal”, Studi Irlandese, ed Carlo Bigazzi, Latina, Italy: Yorick Libri, 2004


 “Grope with a Dirty Hand: W.B. Yeats and the Postcolonial Sublime”, New Anglistica Journal, 2005 cycle.



“Return”, “By the Tennessee River”, Rea: Religion, Education and the Arts, ‘The Philosophy of Education’, issue 5, 2005.
(With Wanda Balzano) English translations of Eugenio Montale’s “La Madre de Bobi” in Poetry Ireland Review, issue 83, summer  2005. 

 “Facing the Music: Irish Poetry in the Twentieth Century, by Eamon Grennan”, Bells 13, 2004, on line: http://www.publicacions.ub.es/revistes/bells13/


Kairoff, Claudia T.

15 article reviews in The Scriblerian, 36 (spring 2004)

18 article reviews in The Scriblerian, 37 (autumn 2004)


Klein, Scott W.

“James Joyce and Avant-Garde Music.” Electronic publication, Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland, September 2004. Available at http://www.cmc.ie/articles/article850.html


“James Joyce and the Art of Song” (musical recital: organizer, lecturer, and pianist, with mezzo-soprano Sandra Cotton; supported by The Cornell Council for the Arts), Cornell University, June 2005


“James Joyce and the Art of Song” (musical recital: organizer, lecturer, and pianist, with mezzo soprano Sandra Cotton),   Wake Forest University, Irish Festival, March 2005.


Kuberski, Philip F.

“Plumbing the Abyss: Stanley Kubrick’s Bathrooms,” Arizona Quarterly, Vol. 60, No. 4 (Winter 2004), 139-160.


Review of Michael Patrick Gillespie, The Aesthetics of Chaos, Modern Fiction Studies, Vol. 50, No. 3 (Fall 2004), 794-795.


Leiter, Andrew B.


“Sexual Degeneracy and the Anti-Lynching Tradition in Erskine Caldwell’s Trouble in July.” Reading Erskine Caldwell: New Essays. Ed. Robert L. McDonald (forthcoming, McFarland).


Entry on “Alex Haley.” Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. Ed. James Thomas (forthcoming, UNC Press).


Entry on “Raymond Andrews.” Southern Writers: A Biographical Dictionary. Ed. Joseph M. Flora (forthcoming, LSU Press).


Maine, Barry G.

“The Illusions of Perspective in Works by W.G. Sebald,”  Proceedings for the Eighteenth Annual  School of Visual Arts National Conference, pp. 226-231.  March 2005.


Martin, John E.

Articles: “Anne Bradstreet,” “Sarah Helen Whitman,” “Frances Sargent Osgood,” and “Elizabeth Oakes Smith” in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Literature. (Greenwood Publishing, 2005).


Poems. “No Safe Words,” “Invocation,” in  disClosure: a journal of social theory  14 (2005).


McGohey, Thomas W.

“Friday Night Fights with Mom,” Fourth Genre: Journal of Creative Nonfiction, Spring 2005


McNally, John R.

The Book of Ralph (New York: Free Press/Simon and Schuster), 2005 (paperback release)


Short Stories:

“The Lycanthrope.”  Sleepwalk, (May 2005).

“Contributor’s Notes.”  Virginia Quarterly Review, (Summer 2004), 234-252.


Book Reviews:

“What Makes Johnny Write? a review of Johnny Too Bad: Stories by John Dufresne.”  St. Petersburg Times, (March 6, 2005), 4P.


Life Cycled: a review of The Memory of Running, a novel by Ron McLarty.”  Washington Post “Book  World”  35.6 (February 13-19, 2005): 7.


The Ha-Ha, a novel by Dave King.”  Chicago Tribune “Books”  (January 9, 2005) Sunday Supplement, Section 14, page 4.


“444 Days in Chicago: a review of Crossing California, a novel by Adam Langer.”  Washington Post “Book World” 34.30 (July 25-31, 2004): 6.


Fiction Readings I’ve Given:

Waldenbooks, Chicago Ridge Mall, Chicago Ridge, Illinois.  May 2005.

The Hideout, Chicago, Illinois.  May 2005.

Duke’s Italian Beef Drive-In, Bridgeview, Illinois.  May 2005.

Borders, Oak Park, Illinois.  May 2005.

Prairie Trails Library, Burbank, Illinois.  May 2005.

Columbia College Bookstore, Chicago, Illinois.  May 2005.

North Carolina Wesleyan College, North Carolina.  February 2004.

SUNY-Fredonia, Fredonia, New York.  October 2004.

McIntyre’s Books, Pittsboro, North Carolina.  September 2004.

Nebraska Book Festival, Kearney, Nebraska.  September 2004.

Prairie Lights Bookstore, Iowa City, Iowa.  July 2004.

University of Virginia Young Writers Workshop, Charlottesville, Virginia.  July 2004.



Moss, William M.

“The Vacant Castle of Postmodernity: Subversions of the Gothic in Thomas Pynchon and Walker Percy,” Litteraria Pragensia: Studies in Literature and Culture (Prague, Czech Republic) 14 (2004), 26-39.


Niepold, Mary M.

Travel story, “The Other Orlando” Associated Press (May 2004) and MSNBC.com (June 2004)


Powell, Jason E.

Article: "Thomas Wyatt's Poetry in Embassy: Egerton 2711 and the Production of Literary Manuscripts Abroad" Huntington Library Quarterly (Summer 2004)


Article: "'For Caesar's I am': Henrician Diplomacy and Representations of King and Country in the Poetry of Sir Thomas Wyatt" Sixteenth Century Journal (June 2005)


Note:  "Puttenham's Arte of English Poesie and Thomas Wyatt's Diplomacy" Notes and Queries (June 2005)


Powell, Kersti Tarien

Irish Fiction: An Introduction, New York and London: Continuum Press, 2004.


“‘Not a son but a survivor’: Beckett… Joyce… Banville,” Yearbook of English Studies “Irish Writing since 1950” Ed. Ronan McDonald, Vol.35, Leeds: Maney Publishing & Modern Humanities Research Association, 2005: 199-211.


“The Nightmare of Shapelessness: The Screen Adaptation of Elizabeth Bowen.” To the Other Shore: Cross-Currents in Irish and Scottish Studies Eds. Shane Murphy, Anne Oakman and Neal Alexander, Belfast: Belfast Studies in Language, Culture and Politics, 2004: 153-158. 


“Moments of Instantaneous Illumination: Neil Murphy’s Irish Fiction and Postmodern Doubt: An Analysis of the Epistemological Crisis in Modern Irish Fiction.” English. Vol.53, No. 207 (Autumn, 2004): 262-265.  


Richard, Jessica A.

“‘Games of Chance’: Belinda, Education, and Empire.”  An Uncomfortable Authority: Maria Edgeworth and Her Contexts.  Ed. H. Kaufman and C. Fauske.  University of Delaware Press, 2004.  192-211.


Review of Gambling in the Nineteenth-Century English Novel by Michael Flavin. 

Journal of International Gambling Studies.  Vol. 4, Number 2 (Nov. 2004).  205-206.


Sampson, Dennis N.

Needlegrass, Carnegie Mellon University Press, January 2005, a volume of poetry


For My Father Falling Asleep at Saint Mary’s Hospital, Milkweed Editions, May 2005, a volume of poetry


The Hudson Review, Winter Issue 2005, three poems

Poetry Daily Website, February 12, 2005, three poems featured


Reading at the Winston-Salem Festival Of Books, October 2005


Reading at Wake Forest University, April 2005


Reading in Minneapolis, The Loft, May 11, 2005


Shockley, Evie E.

Review of The World is Round, by Nikky Finney, Indiana Review, Vol. 26, No. 1, Summer 2004, pp. 204-07.


“o pioneer!,” “the ballad of anita hill,” and “lifeline,” Legal Studies Forum, Vol. 29, No. 1, 2005, pp. 505-08 (poetry).


“revisiting,” Carolina Quarterly, Vol. 56, Nos. 2 & 3, Spring/Summer 2004, pp. 56-58 (poetry).


“blue-ing green: the sonobiography of miles davis,” nearSouth, No. 5, Winter 2005, p. 30 (poetry)


“stigma: a botany lesson,” “the atlantic,” “constellation,” “received in spring,” and “winter,” Featured Poet, Blue Fifth Review, <http://www.angelfire.com/zine/bluefifth/Winter2005/Shockley.html> (poetry).


“lifeline,” “london bridge,” “notes for the early journey,” “you can say that again, billie,” “apples and     oranges,” “á table,” “Sooth Seers,” and “ballad of bertie county,” From the Fishouse: An Audio Archive of Emerging Poets, <http://www.fishousepoems.org/archives/evie_shockley/index.html> (poetry).


london bridge,” “Back in a Minute,” and “not in the causal chain,” Hambone, No. 17, Fall 2004, pp. 3-7 (poetry).


“ballad of bertie county,” African American Review, Vol. 38, No. 2, Summer 2004, pp. 281-85 (preface and poetry).


 “News,” Mischief, Caprice, and Other Poetic Strategies, Terry Wolverton, ed., Red Hen Press, 2004, pp.125-26 (poetry).


Carrboro Poetry Festival, Carrboro, NC – May 2005


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA – Kelly Writers House, April 2005.


Brown University, Providence, RI – Performance Studies International Conference #11 (in “Second Wind,” a Neo Spinsters collaboration), April 2005.


Central Library, Greensboro, NC – A Celebration of Black History and Women’s History, March 2005.


BookMarks Festival of Books, Winston-Salem, NC – September 2004.


Sigal, Gale

 “The Alba Lady.” In The Dictionary of Medieval Women. Ed. Nadia Margolis. Routledge, 2004, I, 16-20.

“Silenced Fragments of Ancient Ritutals” in Women Medievalists And The Academy, ed. Jane Chance, University of Wisconsin Press, 2005.

Wilson, Eric G.

Coleridge’s Melancholia: An Anatomy of Limbo (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2004)


“Thoreau, Crystallography, and the Science of the Transparent,” Studies in Romanticism 43.1 (Spring 2004), 99-118.


Expert Panelist on “The Lure of the Sea,” a show produced by Odyssey, a National Public Radio show out of Chicago devoted to ideas


Expert Panelist on “Ice,” a show produced by Odyssey, a National Public Radio show out of Chicago devoted to ideas


II.   Papers and Presentations     


Bussey, Susan H.

Panel Chair, Bi-annual meeting of the Southern American Studies Association (SASA), Cook Conference Center, Louisiana State University, February 17-20, 2005


Paper, “Crossing the Familiar: The Rainbow Bridge in History and Literature,” Southern American Studies Association, LSU, February 17-20, 2005


Carr, Bonnie

Paper:  “Lying and Public Life:  The Case of P.T. Barnum and the Indians.” Midwest Modern Language Association Annual Convention, St. Louis, Missouri, October, 2004.


Paper:  “Pastoral for the Flaneur?  Whitman’s Legacy of Love and the Challenge of Public Space.”  Walt Whitman and Place Conference, Camden, NJ, April 23, 2005.


Catanoso, Justin J.

Annual Gay Talese Writers Series,” presenter and panelist on Italian heritage and travel writing. Sponsored by the National Italian American Foundation, St. John's University, New York, N.Y., Nov. 18, 2004.


DeShazer, Mary K.

Invited lecture, English Dept., Oregon State University, Bend campus—Aug. 6, 2004: “Postapartheid Literary Representations of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”


Franco, Dean J.

“Objectivity, Experience, and Postmodernism in Philip Roth’s Operation Shylock.”  Paper presented at the American Jewish literature and Holocaust Studies Annual Conference, Boca Raton, October 2004


“The Satire of Melancholy in The Messiah of Stockholm.”  Paper presented at the American Literature Association Annual Conference, Boston, May 2005


Hecht, Paul J.

“Poetry of the moment and the whole: on the two versions of Jonson’s Every Man in His Humour” for a workshop, “Editing Non-Shakespearean Drama” with Gordon McMullan,  Shakespeare Association of America, March 2005, Bermuda


“Spenserian Alliteration” at Spenser at Kalamazoo, Fortieth International Congress on Medieval Studies, April 2005, Kalamazoo, MI


Hill, Michael D.

“Head Work: The Black Male Intellectual in The Chaneysville Incident” Celebrating the African American Novel: Critical Visions and Revisions of Its Past and Present, Penn State-University Park, April 1, 2005


Holdridge, Jefferson M.

Presented a paper entitled “Tumbling Down into the Sky: Landscape in Swift and Goldsmith” at ACIS (American Conference for Irish Studies) Southern Regional Conference 2005 , “Ireland:  North, South, East and West”, February 24-27, 2005, at University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas


Presented a paper entitled “Reclaiming the Wilderness: from the Irish Revival to contemporary poetry” at ACIS, National Conference April 13-17, 2005 at University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana.


Organized conference on the poetry of Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, whom we publish and who was the featured poet of this year's festival. Scheduled main speaker was Dr Anne Fogarty, from University College Dublin, who is going to edit a special issue of the Irish University Review (a journal published in Dublin) devoted to Ní Chuilleanáin’s work.


Kairoff, Claudia T.

“Under Suspicious Circumstances: The (Critical) Disappearance of Anna Seward,” paper presented at the annual meeting of the Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Myrtle Beach, SC, March 2005


“‘Fancy’s Shrine’: Anna Seward and the Batheaston Poetry Contests,” paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Las Vegas, NV, March 2005


Klein, Scott W.

Moderator, panel “The Artist in Joyce.” 2005 North American James Joyce Conference, Cornell University, June 2005.


“Suspended Judgments: Skepticism and the Body in Nostromo.” Convention of the Modern Language Association, Philadelphia, December 2004.


Kuberski, Philip F.

“Wallace Stevens, Connoisseur of Chaos,” Kenan Lecture, Wake Forest University,  April 13, 2005


Leiter, Andrew B.

“H. L. Mencken’s Holy Rollers and Representations of Southern Racial Violence in the Harlem Renaissance.” Panel, Race and Religion: A Southern Crucible. South Atlantic MLA Conference, Roanoke, Virginia (November 2004).


Chair, Southern Literature Panel. Rocky Mountain MLA, Boulder, Colorado (October 2004).


Maine, Barry G.

“The Illusions of Perspective in Works by W.G. Sebald,” presented at the Eighteenth Annual School of Visual Arts Conference, October 20-24, New York City.


Malouf, Michael G.

“New Irelands: Ireland and Jamaica in Victorian England.”  Mid-Atlantic Regional American Conference for Irish Studies.  Princeton University.  October 2004.


McNally, John R.

Associated Writing Program Annual Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  “So When is it Done?: The Process of Revision in Fiction.”  Panel members: John McNally, Ron Carlson, Rosellen Brown, Elizabeth Stuckey-French.  Chair: Janet Burroway.  March 30 - April 2, 2005.


Moss, William M.

"Not ‘an American first-he could be an artist first':  Faulkner, the Individual Artist Versus the Public Man,” William Faulkner Society Meeting, American Literature Association Annual Convention, Boston, 26-29 May 2005.


Overing, Gillian R.

Invited speaker in the "Medieval Cultures in Contact" series at Kings' College London, on "Beowulf and the Matter of Old English Poetry." (March 2005)

Invited inaugural speaker for the Anglo-Saxon Studies Colloquium, “Anglo-Saxon Horizons: Places of the Mind in the Northumbrian Landscape,” (Princeton, November, 2004)
Paper given at  Old English Division of MLA  "Community in Place: Region, Relics and Reading the Landscape," as part of its MLA session on "Creating Community." (Philadelphia, December, 2004)


“At Home and Abroad: Mission, Gender and Anglo-Saxon Identity,”  invited paper presented at conference “Discovering the Other:  800-1500” at Leicester University, UK, July 2004


Powell, Jason E.

Paper on Fatherly Advice at the Renaissance Prose Conference, Purdue University, November 2004


Paper on Thomas Wyatt and Thomas More at the Kalamazoo Medieval Congress, Western Michigan University, May 2005


Powell, Kersti Tarien

“‘Ingesting’ Places in John Banville’s Novels”, the American Conference for Irish Studies Annual General Meeting, University of Notre Dame, April 13-15 2005.


“Uncertainty Principles Unpublished: Embedded Science in the Writings of John Banville,” MLA annual convention, Philadelphia, 26 December 2004.


Shockley, Evie E.

“The Nature of Ed Roberson’s Poetics,” The African American Lyric: Ancient to Modern panel, American Literature Association Conference, Boston, MA (forthcoming May 2005).


“Loss and Identity in Erica Hunt’s and William Stanley Braithwaite’s ‘House’ Poems,” Furious Flower Poetry Conference, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA (September 2004).


“Representations of Desire in Poetry by African American Women Survivors of Rape,” Poetry and Sexuality Conference, University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland, UK (July 2004).


Trevitte, Chad W.

Panel presentation entitled “Sherwood Anderson’s ‘The Book of the Grotesque’ and the Fate of Storytelling in Modern America” at the 20th Century Literature Conference, Louisville, Kentucky, February 2005.


Wilson, Eric G.

“Shelley and the Poetics of Glaciers,” Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA.  December 2004.


“Emerson’s Esoteric Electromagnetism,” Annual Conference for the Association for Studies in Esotericism, East Lansing, MA.  July 2004.


III.  Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies  


Boyle, Anne M.

Co-Editor of IMEJ:  Interactive Multimedia Journal of Computer-Enhanced Learning (http://imej.wfu.edu).  Edited two issues in 2004-2005.


Franco, Dean J.

Guest Editor, Philip Roth Studies,  Special Issue, “Philip Roth and Race” (ongoing)


Holdridge, Jefferson M.

John Montague, Drunken Sailor, 2005.

John Montague, The Rough Field (sixth edition), 2005.

Medbh McGuckian, The Book of the Angel, 2004.


Kairoff, Claudia T.

Co-editor of The Scriblerian, a review journal.


McGohey, Thomas W.

Member Editorial Board of Contributors, The Business Journal


McNally, John R.

Contributing Editor, Virginia Quarterly Review


Trevitte, Chad. W.

Assistant Editor of Innovate, an e-journal focusing on the role of information technology in education.


IV.   External Grants Received   


Carr, Bonnie


NEH Summer Seminar:  Reading Emerson’s Essays


National Endowment for the Humanities

$  Requested:


$  Funded:


McNally, John R.


Fiction Writing


Isherwood Foundation

$  Requested:


$  Funded:


Valbuena, Olga L.


Study of Inquisition & Persecution in Spain, England, & the Americas



$  Requested:


$  Funded:



V.  Awards for Distinguished Teaching, Research or Professional Activities


Bussey, Susan H.

Who’s Who Among American Teachers


Catanoso, Justin J.

For “Miracles Happen,” a travel essay written for Attaché magazine, June 2004: Award of Excellence, historical travel category, North American Travel Journalists Association Competition, 2004. Judged by The School of Art & Media Studies and the School of English, Philosophy & Humanities at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Awarded Jan. 1, 2005.


Hill, Michael D.

Faculty Appreciation Award, Wake Forest University Interfraternity Council, Fall 2004


Holdridge, Jefferson M.

Mentored Meghan McGuire, recipient of the Graduate School Richter Award for study abroad


King, Wayne E.

Selected  by Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers


McNally, John R.

National Magazine Award Finalist

“The Immortals,” which appeared in The Virginia Quarterly Review, was a finalist in the Fiction category.  Awards ceremony at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York, NY.  2005.


Outstanding Faculty Member

Interfraternity Council, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, 2004