JULY 1, 2004-JUNE 30, 2005



I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II. Papers and Presentation

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV. External Grants Received

V. Awards


Publications, Performances, Exhibits


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Papers and Presentations Presented at Professional Meetings


Baliga, Ram B.


Presentation:  (with Timo Santalainen and Fredrika Spencer) “An Examination of the Dynamics of Strategic Transformation of State Owned Enterprises: Lessons form Estonia, India and Finland.” Strategic Management Society Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico, October 31-November 3, 2004.


Paper: (with Timo Santalainen) “Is your Healthy Organization Sick?” Symposium on Strategic Leadership, IMD, Lausanne 17-20 August 2004.


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Paper:  “The Impact of Employee Rank on the Relationship between Attitudes, Motivation and Performance.” Management Accounting AAA Annual Conference, Scottsdale, AZ, January 2005.


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Miller, Chet C.


Paper:  (with Glick, William, H., Miller, & Washburn, Nathan)  Measuring Firm Performance:  Cooked Books versus Fickle Markets versus Subjective Perceptions.”  Strategic Management Society Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2004.


Mishra, Aneil K.


Presentation:  “Integrating multiple forms of control.” Annual Organization Science Winter Conference, Steamboat Springs, CO, 3-6 February 2005. 


Narus, James A.


Presentation:  (B. Muthuraman, Anand Sen, D.V.R. Seshadri) “Understanding the Process of Transitioning to Customer Value Management.” Harvard Business School and ISBM Conference on B2B Marketing, 5 August 2004.


Nash, Robert C.


Paper:  “Board of Director Characteristics, The Equity Mix in Executive Compensation, and Subsequent Firm Performance: An Empirical Investigation.” Financial Management Association (FMA) meeting, October 2004.


Paper:  “Bank Privatization in Developing and Developed Countries: Cross-Sectional Evidence on the Impact of Economic and Political Factors.” International Society for New Institutional Economics (ISNIE) meeting, October 2004.


Resnick, Bruce G.


Paper:  (with Glen A. Larsen, Jr.) “Market Timing and Market Capitalization.”  Financial Management Association, New Orleans, LA, October 2004.


Saladin, Brooke A.


Presentation: “Turning the Tables On Student Case Analysis Assignments.”

Ciber Institute Teaching Conference, Orlando, FL, 3-7 January 2005.


Thompson, Ronald L.


(with  Iacovou, C. and Shirland, L.) “A Comparison of Evaluation Techniques for Multiple Criteria With Large Attribute Sets.” Joint CORS/INFORMS International Meeting, Banff, AB, Canada, 2004.


Editorships, Offices and Consultancies


Baliga, Ram B.


Consultant, HP


Consultant, Nokia Latin America


Consultant, Kemira


Consultant Fortum


Beatty, Bernard L.


Consultant, Sara Lee


Consultant, Gas-Fired Products


Consultant, Graham-White


Consultant, Central and Eastern European Management Development Association


Flynn, Barbara B.


Editor, Quality Management Journal


Editor, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education


Associate Editor, Decision Sciences


Associate Editor, Journal of Operations Management


Area Editor, Production and Operations Management


Member, Editorial Review Board, Benchmarking for Quality Management and Technology


Member, Editorial Review Board, International Journal of Applied Quality Management


Member, Editorial Review Board, International Journal of Quality Science


Member, Editorial Review Board, Infrastructure/Systems Interfaces Journal


Member, Editorial Review Board, Business Horizons


Member, Editorial Advisory Board, International Journal of Quality Science


Member, Board of Consulting Editors, International Journal of Management Review


Consultant, Newell-Rubbermaid


Board of Directors, Decision Sciences Institute


Chair, Innovative Education Track, Decision Sciences Institute International Conference, Barcelona


Boone, Derrick S.


Consultant, Strategic Metrics, Inc.


Fogel, Daniel S.


Consultant, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, Portugal


Consultant, UTFSM, Chile


Consultant, Carnegie Mellon University (Alcoa)


Consultant, Smurfit School, University of Dublin, Ireland


Consultant, Lockheed Martin


Consultant, Bordeaux School of Management


Consultant, HouseRaising, Inc.


Harris, Frederick H. deB.


Consultant, ABB Inc.


Iacovou, Charles L.


Editorial Review Board, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education


Editorial Review Board, Journal of Cases on Information Technology


Editorial Review Board, Journal of Global Information Management  


Miller Chet C.


Associate Editor, Academy of Management Journal


Guest Editor, Academy of Management Executive


Board Member, Organization Science


Mishra, Aneil K.


Editorial Board, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education


Consulting, The Sunrock Group


Nash, Robert C.


Associate Editor, Journal of Corporate Finance


Pinder, Jonathan P.


 Editorial Board, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education


Resnick, Bruce G.


Associate Editor, Journal of Financial Research


Associate Editor, Journal of Multinational Financial Management


Associate Editor, Journal of Economics and Business


Saladin, Brooke A.


Editorial Review Board, Quality Management Journal


Editorial Review Board, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education


Academic Liaison Board Member; Piedmont-Triad Chapter of APICS


Shafer, Scott M.


Editorial Review Board, Production and Operations Management


Editorial Review Board, Journal of Operations Management


Smith, Jeff H.


Editorial Board (associate editor), MIS Quarterly


External Grants Received


Mandel, Stan M.


$44,000                       “KACE.” Kauffman Foundation


$24,000                       “Internships.” Price Foundation


Awards for Distinguished Teaching, Research, or Professional Activities


Baliga, Ram B.


“Distinguished Visiting Professor Award,” TAPMI


Flynn, Barbara B.


“Distinguished Scholar Award,” Academy of Management, Operations Management Division


Iacovou, Charles L.


Accenture Award,” California Management Review


Mandel, Stan W.


“#3 Entrepreneurship Program Director Award,” Entrepreneurship Magazine


“#10 Entrepreneurship Center Award,” Entrepreneurship Magazine


Miller, Chet C.


“Babcock Teaching Award,  Charlotte Program


Mishra, Aneil K.


“V.I.P. (Very Interesting Presentation) Award,” Organization Science Winter Conference 11th Annual Conference


Narus, James A.


“Research Fellow Award,” Institute for the Study of Business Markets, The Pennsylvania State University


Nash, Robert C.


“Top Authors Award,” SSRN


Pinder, Jonathan P.


Kienzle Teaching Award,” Babcock Graduate School of Management


Smith, Jeff H.


“Honorable Mention for the Journal’s Best Paper,” IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management