Reporting Professional Activities


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I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II. Papers and Presentations

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV. External Grants Received



I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Bender, Margaret


  • 2004 (June) Linguistic Diversity in the South: Changing Codes, Practices, and Ideology (edited volume). Athens: University of Georgia Press


  • 2004 (June).  Introduction: Power and Belief in Southern Language.  In Linguistic Diversity in the South: Changing Codes, Practices, and Ideology.  M.Bender, ed.  Athens: University of Georgia Press.


  • 2004  The Southeast, Then and Now.  Review Essay on Anthropologists and Indians in the New South, Rachel A. Bonney and J. Anthony Paredes, eds., The Transformation of the Southeastern Indians, 1540-1760, Robbie Ethridge and Charles Hudson, eds., and The Indian Slave Trade: The Rise of the English Empire in the American South, 1670-1717, Alan Gallay.  Ethnohistory 51(1): 171-179.



Kaplan, Jay R


  • 2003  Stavisky RC, Watson SL, Anthrony MS, Manuck SB, Adams MR, Kaplan JR. Influence of estradiol on cortisol secretion in ovariectomized cynomolgus macaques (Macaca fascicularis).  Am J Primatol 2003;60:17-22


  • 2004  Kaplan JR, Manuck SB. Ovarian dysfunction, stress, and disease: a primate continuum.  ILAR Journal 2004;45:89-115.


  • 2003  Manuck SB, Kaplan JR, Rymeski BA, Fairbanks L, Wilson ME.  Approach to a social stranger is associated with low central nervous system serotonegic responsivity in female cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis).  American Journal of Primatology 2003,61:187-194.


  • 2004  Pazol K, Kaplan JR, Abbott D, Wilson ME. Practical measurement of total and bioavailable estradiol in female macaques.  Clinical Chimica Acta 2004;340:117-126.




Jay Kaplan – continued


  • 2004  Simon NG, Kaplan JR, Hu S, Register TC, Adams MR.  Increased aggressive behavior and decreased affiliate behavior in adult male monkeys after long-term consumption of diets rich in soy protein and isoflavones.  Hormones and Behavior 2004;278-284.


  • 2004  Wood CE, Cline JM, Anthony MS, Register TC, Kaplan JR. Adrenal effects of oral estrogens and soy isoflavones in female monkeys.  Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2004;89:2319-2325.



Miller, Ellen 


  • 2003  The deep time origin of anthropoids”.  Systematic Association, Trinity College,  Dublin, Ireland (Invited) August 2003


  • 2004  “Developmental basis of canine dimorphism in early Eocene Notharctines”  American Association of Physical Anthropologists, 2004, Tampa Floriday (Am. J. Phys.Anth.Suppl. 38:176. with Schwartz, G.T., and Gunnell, G.F.)




Rao, Pamela


  • 2004 (April) Rao P, Doran A, Arcury SA, Quandt TA.  Pesticides in the Home: Educating Farm worker Women. Society for Applied Anthropology, Dallas, TX, April 2004.
  • 2003 Rao P, Arcury TA, Quandt SA. A Culturally Appropriate Farm worker Pesticide Safety Program. Practicing Anthropology 25(1):10-13, 2003




Simonelli, Jeanne


·        2004  (with D.Earle) The Zapatistas and Global Civil Society: Renegotiating the Relationship European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Vol. 76, April 2004: 119-125


·        2003  Agua Fria: A Short Story,  Anthropology and Humanism, Vol 28(2):188-203.    The Scent of Change in Chiapas.  IN Personal Encounters:  A Reader in Cultural

                  Anthropology, pp.46-52  New York: McGraw-Hill


·        2003-2004  Quarterly contributions:

1) Society for Applied Anthropology Newsletter

2) Teaching Practicing  Practicing Anthropology

Simonelli, Jeanne - continued


·        May 2004  Crated Exhibit for Museum of Anthropology: Crossing Between Worlds: The Dine (Navajo) of Canyon de Chelly


·        March 2004  Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology, Dallas, Texas.  Meet The Editors.


·        March 2004: Cross-cultural Perspectives on Birth and Children.  Annual meeting of the La Leche League of North Carolina, Wrightsville, NC 




Thacker, Paul


·        Ellwood et al. 2004  Magnetic susceptibility applied as an age-depth-climate relative dating technique using sediments from Scladina Cave, a Late Pleistocene cave site in Belgium. Journal of Archaeological Science 31: 283-293


·        Harrold et al. 2003  Magnetic susceptibility analysis of sediments at the Middle-Upper Paleolithic transition for two cave sites in northern Spain.  In The Chronology of the Aurignacian and of the Transitional Technocomplexes, edited by J. Zilhao and F. d’Errico.  pp.301-310. IPA/UISPP; Liege and Lisbon.





Whittington, Stephen L.


  • 2003   Archaeology and ethnohistory of Iximche.  Gainesville, University Press of Florida (with C.R.Nance and B.E.Borg)


  • 2003  El Mapa de Teozacoalco: an early Colonial guide to a municipality in Oaxaca.  The SAA Archaeological record 3(4):20-22, 25



II.  Papers and Presentations


Bender, Margaret

  • 2003   Traces of Removal in Cherokee Medicinal Texts.  Middle Tennessee State University, Department of Anthropology, November 17.


  • 2004  Interracial and Intertribal Relations and Boundaries in Oklahoma: Chickasaw Women Talk About Identity.  Southern Anthropological Society, Decatur, GA, March 19.


  • 2004  The Linguistic Signatures of Trauma and Resiliency: Illustrations from Cherokee Medicinal Language.  Appalachian Studies Association, Cherokee, NC, March 27.




Folmar, Steven 


  • 2003 (Nov)  Contradiction in Cultural Tourism.  Poster for Meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Chicago Il.  Nov.20, 2003


  • 2004 (March)  The Risks of Social Advancement:  A Sample of One.  Poster for Meeting of the Southern Anthropological Society Decatur, Georgia.  March 18,


  • 2004 (April)  Speaking with several Voices: Gurung and Dalit views of cultural Tourism.  Paper for Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology Meeting in Dallas, Texas.   



Rao, Pamela


  • 2004 (April) Rao P, Doran A, Arcury SA, Quandt TA. Pesticides in the Home: Educating Farmworker Women. Society for Applied Anthropology, Dallas, TX April 2004.



Robinson, Kenneth W


  • 2004  “Recent Archaeological Research in North Carolina’s Cape Fear region”  Southeastern Archaeology Conference, Charlotte, NC



Simonnelli, Jeanne


  • 2004 (March)  The Human Side of Free Trade, Sponsored by  Ammesty International, Wake Forest University 


  • 2004 (March) What Gringos Eat: Zapatista Guidelines for Cultural Tourism.  Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology, Dallas, TX


Simonelli, Jeanne – continued


  • 2003 (Nov) Session Organizer, “Community Vision: The Construction of Identity, Image and Resistance in a Century of Change Presentation: The Globalization of Hope: Development, Resistance and Solidarity in Zapatista Communities in Chiapas, Mexico, Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Chicago, November 2003.


  • 2003 (Nov)  Discussant “Practice, Performance, and Participation: Lasting Legacies of Fieldwork” Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Chicago, November 2003


  • 2003 (Nov)  Conference on Native American Sovereignty




Thacker, Paul


  • 2004  Symposium Organizer and Chair: Glimpses of Early Upper Paleolithic Society at Vale de Obidos.  Nine participants and 405 attendees.  Society for American Archaeology, Montreal, Canada.  April 2004.  Paper: Gravettian social groups and the division of labor a Vale de Obidos: a working hypothesis.


  • Poster Presentation:  Mounds, marsh ridges, and constructed causeways: geoarchaeological identification of anthropogenic landforms in the vicinity of Bayou Grande Cheniere Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Charlotte, NC.  November 2003.



Whittington, Stephen


  • 2004  Exploring El Mapa de Teozacoalco through Archaeological Survey.  Eleventh Annual Mixtec Gateway Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, March 13.



III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies



Bender, Margaret


  • 2002-2005  Secretary/Treasurer, Southern Anthropological Society, 2002-2005


  • 2004   James Mooney Book Award for Signs of Cherokee Culture, Southern Anthropological Society 2004-2007 Z. Smith Reynolds Fellowship, Wake Forest University.
  • 2004-2005  Z. Smith Reynolds Fellowship, Wake Forest University




Folmar, Steven


  • Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology


  • Southern Anthropological Society 2004 Meeting Co-Organizer


  • Cultural Competency for Community Care Center.  40 hours


  • Cultural Competency for Aprender, Euslinas, Wake Forest.  20 hours




Kaplan, Jay R


  • Associate (action) Editor: American Journal of  Primatology


  • Council of the Institute of Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR), a committee of the National Research Council and the National Academies


  • Committee on Regulatory Policies in Animal Care and Use, a committee of the National Research Council and the National Academies




Miller, Ellen


  • Delta Delta Delta’s Sorority’s “Apple Pie Professor” for demonstrated excellence in mentoring and teaching


  • New Freshmen Seminar on Human Biological Diversity (Funded by the Lilly Endowment/Pathways)


Miller, Ellen – continued


  • First Wake Forest Department of Anthropology “Primate Paleontology Field School” in Wyoming


  • Committee on Regulatory Policies in Animal Care and Use, a committee of the National Research Council and the National Academies.





Kaplan, Jay R


  • Ad Hoc Reviewer: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (5%)
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer: National Institute of Mental Health (5%)



Robinson, Kenneth


  • Nomination Committee, N.C. Archaeological Society



Simonelli, Jeanne


  • Editor, Practicing Anthropology
  • President-elect, (Vice-President) Society for Humanistic Anthropology
  • Program Char, Society for Humanistic Anthropology
  • Councilor and co-Program Chair, Society for Latin American Anthropology
  • Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology
  • Board of Directors, Society for Applied Anthropology


IV. External Grants Received


Bender, Margaret

  • $2500.00 American Philosophical Society


Kaplan, Jay

Not funded:

1.      National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI,NIH) for Soy, Stress, Life Stage, and Atherosclerosis. $2,412,482.00 not funded.


Miller, Ellen

  • $17,675.00    Leakey Foundation


Robinson, Kenneth

  • $ 15000.00  Cooperative Cost Share Agreement, Archaeological research in Puerto Rico, Caribbean National Forest
  • $5000.00  Archaeological research, Shelby water pipeline system
  • $14000.00  Field course, Archaeology for Teachers, Museum of the Cape Fear
  • $15000.00  Archaeological research, Water facilities project, Caldwell County, NC
  • $7500.00  Archaeological Research, Happy Hill School Site, Winston-
    , NC
  • $2300.00  Archaeological research, Town Spring, Louisburg, NC
  • $10000.00  Archaeological research, Spring Place site, Georgia


Simonelli, Jeanne

  • $Stipend support  Lady Davis Fellowship, Israel
  • $500.00 Taylor Foundation

Not Funded

    1. $Stipend support from Fulbright Hays for Peace and Conflict: Hays
    2. Under Review  from NEH for Native American Studies


Whittington, Stephen L.

  • $12,00.00     North Carolina Humanities Council  Ancient Mexican ceramics exhibit
  • $5000.00     Mudge Foundation

Not funded:

    1. $1200.00   NC Humanities Council for Lectures on West Mexico
    2. $9733.00   NC Humanities Council for Exhibit and Lectures on West Mexico
    3. $412116.00   PENDING – National Endowment for the Humanities for rehousing project for Museum of Anthropology and Archeology Laboratories Collections.