Department of Religion

Summary of Faculty Activities Reports

July 1, 2002 to June 30, 2003



I.                                                                  Publication, Performances, Exhibits

II.                                                               Papers and Presentations

III.                                                           Editorships, Offices and Consultancies

IV.                                                           External Grants Received



I.                  Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Collins, John


Invited Review for the Grawemeyer Award, The African Unconscious, Edward Bruce Bynum.


Cooper, Valerie C.


“Malcolm X”.  Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart, Jan Rohls, ed.  Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2002.


“Benjamin Mays.  Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart, Jan Rohls, ed.  Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2002.


“Elijah Muhammad. Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart, Jan Rohls, ed.  Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2002.


“Christmas in Washington”. Concert of seasonal and sacred music performed for President and Mrs. Bush and other dignitaries. Broadcast nationally.  December 2002.


Ford, James L.


“The Rhetoric of ‘Other-Power’ and ‘Easy Practice’ in Medieval Japanese Buddhism.”  Japanese Journal of Religious Studies. (peer review) 28,1-2, 2002.


“Buddhism, Mythology, and The Matrix.”  Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy, and Religion in The Matrix.  ed. Glenn Yeffeth. Dallas: BenBella Books, 2003.


Review: The Origins and Development of Pure Land Buddhism: A Study and Translation of Gyonen’s Jodo Homon Genrusho. Oxford University Press, 2002.  Monumenta Nipponica, Winter 2002.


Foskett, Mary


“The Accidents of Being and the Politics of Identity: Biblical Images of Adoption and Asian Adoptees in America.”  The Bible in Asian America, Semeia 90/91. Tat-siong Benny Liew and Gale Yee, eds.  2002.


Hoglund, Kenneth G.


“The Material Culture of the Persian Period and the Sociology of the Second Temple Period.“  Second Temple Studies III: Studies in Politics, Class and Material Culture. Davies and Halligan, eds. pp.14-18, Sheffield Academic Press, 2002.


“The Material Culture of Seleucid Period in Palestine: Social and Economic Observations.” Second Temple Studies III: Studies in Politics, Class and Material Culture. Davies and Halligan, eds. pp. 67-73, Sheffield Academic Press, 2002.


“The Priest of Praise: The Chronicler’s David.” Review and Expositor 2002, 185-91.


“Jerusalem: The Stage of Our Redemption”. Five week Lenten Program, St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Winston Salem, North Carolina.


Horton, Fred L.


“Advanced Theology.”  Weekly seminar, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Winston Salem, North Carolina.


“Following Jesus.”  Two church wide lectures.


Ilesanmi, Simeon O.


“Eschatology in the Political Theory of Michael Walzer.”  Journal of Religious Ethics.


“The Religious-Ethical Significance of Igbo Song to the Contemporary Ibomina in Osun State, Nigeria.”  Journal of Religious Ethics.


“Reconciliation in Public Life: Forging Common Ground.”  Journal of Religious Ethics.


“Of Culture and the Pursuit of ‘Justice’ and ‘Reconciliation’ in African Societies.”  Journal of Religious Ethics.


“Political and Moral Responsibility of Religion in Africa.”  Studies in World Christianity 7,1 (2002)  58-79.

“Moral Revolution, Human Rights, and the Myth of African Cultural Uniqueness.”

Juniata Voices 2, ed. J. Jackson Barlow, Huntingdon, PA: Juniata College Press, 2002,



“So that peace may reign: A study of just peacemaking experiments in Africa.” Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 22, 2 (2002,2003), 213-226.



Kimball, Charles A.


When Religion Becomes Evil, HarperSanFrancisco, 2002.


“Resentment, Not the Gospel Likely to Spread.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 30, 2003.


“Osama and Me: What Falwell and bin Laden Have in Common.”  Sojourners, January, 2003.



Swartzentruber, Elaine K.


Response: Is God Nonviolent? Conrad Grebel Review, Spring 2003.




II.               Papers and Presentations



Bales, Susan R.


Paper: “White Dresses and Mary Janes: An Analysis of the Meanings Woven into First Communion Dresses by Past and Present Communicants”, American Catholic Historical Association Meeting, Chicago, IL, January 2003.



Ford, James L.


Presentation: “Jokei and Established Buddhism in Medieval Japan.”  Colloquium presentation at the Nanzan Center for Religion and Culture, Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan, April 9, 2003.





Foskett, Mary F.


Paper: “What is Biblical Hermeneutics by Pacific, Asian, and North American Asian Women?” Annual Conference of Pacific, Asian, and North American Asian Women in Theology and Ministry.  March 6-8, 2003.


Hoglund, Kenneth G.


Paper: “The Book of Moses in the Chronicler’s History.” Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah Section, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Toronto, November 2002.


Ilesanmi, Simeon O.


Paper: “An Examination of Religion and Poverty in Nigeria: A Human Rights Approach.”  Presented at the Ford Foundation sponsored Seminar on Religion and Poverty, Johannesburg, South Africa, July 16-29, 2002.


Panel Respondent: “Religion Terrorism and Human Rights.” Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Toronto, November 2002.


Presentation: “Islam and Islamic Ethics in Nigeria.” Annual Meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics, Pittsburgh, PA, January 8-12, 2003.


Presentation: “The Project of the Nigerian State and the Religious Challenges.”  The 2003 Great Decisions Lecture, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, February 7, 2003.


Kimball, Charles A.


Presentation:  “When Religion Becomes Evil.”  Annual meeting of the National Association of Baptist Professor of Religion, Toronto, November 23, 2003.


Presentation:  “Christians and Muslims: The Way Forward.” National Interfaith Summit, chical, IL, November 7-8, 2002.


Presentation:  “The Middle East: Where Do We Go from Here?” Global Briefing at the School for International Studies, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, October 22, 2002.


Presentation:  “Claiming the promises of God: Obstacles and Opportunities for the Children of Abraham.”  The Weinstein-Rosenthal Lecture, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA, October 7, 2002.


Presentation:  “Children of Abraham: Looking Back, Looking Forward.” Drew University, September 11, 2002.


Presentation;  “The Ecumenical Imperative” and “Sharing a Fragile Planet: Interfaith Relations in the 21st Century.”  The Rice-Cunningham Lectures, Knollwood Baptist Church, Winston Salem, NC, September 8, 2002.


Presentation:  “The Qur’an: The Use and Abuse of a Sacred Text.”  UNC Symposium, Chapel Hill, NC  January 31-February 1, 2003.


Presentation:  “Gender Discrimination Among the Jews, Christians and Muslims.”

Symposium by the American Association of University Women, Atlanta, GA, February 23, 2003.


Presentation:  “When Religion Becomes Evil.”  The Staley Lectures at Mars Hill College, Mars Hill, NC, Februaru 24-25, 2003.


Presentation:  Three lectures at a special meeting of the Virginia council of Churches, Richmond, VA, March 17-18 2003.


Presentation:  University lecture at Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, VA, March 30, 2003.


Presentation:  University lectures at Westminster College and annual Presbytery meeting, Fulton, MO, April 5-7, 2003.


Presentation:  “When Religion Becomes Evil.”  Four lectures at the Center for Baptist Studies, Mercer University, Macon, GA, April 21-22, 2003.


Presentation:  Annual ‘Claude Broach Lecture’, Ecumenical Institute, Charlotte, NC, April 29, 2003.


Presentation:  University lecture at Concord College in conjunction with the Concord College Book Award for 2003.


Presentation:  Ruth Pauley Community Lecture, Sandhills Community College, Pinehurst, NC, May 22, 2003.


Presentation:  “The Qu’ran: The Use and Abuse of a Sacred Text.”  UNC symposium, Chapel Hill, NC, June 13-14, 2003.


Presentation:  “Teaching Islam.”  Statewide teleconference, N.C. State Education Association, Hickory, NC, June 16, 2003.


Presentation:  Charlotte Catholic Priests Association Retreat, Clemmons, NC, June 17, 2003.




III.           Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies



Boyd, Stephen B.


Editorial Board, Harvard Theological Review


Associate Editor, Journal of Men’s Studies


Board of Directors, American Men’s Studies Association


Steering Committee, Men’s Studies in Religion Group, American Academy of Religion


Evaluation of M.A. thesis in Pastoral Care, University of Auckland, New Zealand



Collins, John


Chair, Editorial Board, “Thinking About Religion.” North Carolina Religious Studies Association


Home Page Editor, North Carolina Religious Studies Association



Ford, James L.


Executive Secretary, Society for the Study of Japanese Religions


Steering Committee, Japanese Religions Group, American Academy of Religion



Foskett, Mary F.


Co-Chair, Asian and Asian-American Biblical Hermeneutics Section, Society of Biblical Literature


Steering Committee, Synoptic Gospels Section, Society of Biblical Literature


General Secretary, Ethnic Chinese Biblical Colloquium




Hoglund, Kenneth G.


Associate Editor, Near Eastern Archaeology

Editor, Old Testament Section, Smyth-Helwys Biblical Commentary Series


Horton, Fred L.


Editorial Board, Tell el-Hesi


Ilesanmi, Simeon O.


Associate Editor, Journal of Religious Ethics


Referee, Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics


Series Editor, African Association for the Study of Religion


Editorial Board, Advancing Human Rights Book Series, Georgetown University Press


Member, Board of Governors and Executive Committee, Society of Christian Ethics


Steering Committee, Religious Consultation on Human Rights, American Academy of Religion


Executive Committee, African Association for the Study of Religion


Executive Committee, Society for the Study of Black Religions


Member, Committee on the Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the Profession, American Academy of Religion


Co-Chair, Islamic-Christian Comparative Ethics Groups, Society of Christian Ethics


Member, Program Committee, Society of Christian Ethics


Religious Consultation, Reproductive Technology, Health and Ethics









Kimball, Charles A.


Consultant and analyst, “Inside Islam.” Documentary broadcast on the History Channel, September 3, 2002


Analyst, “This is America.”  PBS, November 2, 2002


Consultant, “Reclaiming the Center.” National Meeting on the future of Jewish-Christian

Relations, Atlanta, GA, January 5-7, 2003



IV.           External Grants Received



Bales, Susan R.


$900                “First Communion.”  Cushwa Center



Ford, James L.


$25,000           “Hoben: Re-Imagining a Central Buddhist Concept in Japan from the                                       Middle Ages to the Present.”  Japan Foundation Research Fellowship