May 30, 2003


I.                   Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II.                Papers and Presentations Presented at Professional Meetings

III.             Editorships, Offices and Consultancies

IV.              External Grants Received


I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Angelou, Maya


A Song Flung up to Heaven, Random House, 2002



Leonard, Candyce


"Directing the Contemporary Spanish Stage: Carlos Rodríguez". Western European Stages (2003) [due out the end of May]


"The Alternative Theatre Festivals in Madrid, Spring 2003: Stages of Experience and Innovation". Western European Stages (2003): [due out the end of May]


"Structuring the Discursive Context of the Feminist Voice in Pullus, el resplandor del lomo en las liebres huidizas. " Estreno 29.1 (2003): 31-36.


"Tragedia de la inmigración". Teatra 14-15 (2002): 206.


Historia de los espectáculos en España. Eds. Andrés Amorós y José María Díez Borque. Madrid: Editorial Castalia, 1999. 575 pages. In Bulletin of Spanish Studies. 79 (2002): 514-15. (Book Review)



Wiethaus, Ulrike


Book Review, The Sixteenth Century Journal, 23:4, Winter 2002, “Hildegard von Bingen in ihrem Umfeld. Mystik und Visionsformen im Mittelalter und frueher Neuzeit”, ed. Anne Baeumer-Schleinkofer (2001).


Article, „Bloody Bodies. Gender, Religion, and the State in Nazi Germany”, in Studies in Spirituality (Belgium), 12:2002, 189-202.


Book Chapter, “Thieves and Carnivals: Gender in German Dominican Literature of the 14th C.” in Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Duncan Robertson, and Nancy Warren, eds. , The Vernacular Spirit. Essays on Medieval Religious Literature (Winter 2002)


Book Chapter, “Street Mysticism: An Introduction to The Life and Revelations of Agnes Blannbekin”, in Laurie Churchill, Phyllis Brown, and Jane Jeffrey, eds., Women Writing Latin. Volume Two: Medieval Women Writing Latin (Winter 2002), 281-309.


Book Chapter, “Female Homoerotic Discourse and Religion in Medieval Germanic Culture”, in Sharon Farmer, Carol Braun Pasternack, eds., Gender and Difference in the Middle Ages (2003) pp. 288-322.



II. Papers and presentations


Angelou, Maya


New York Book Country


Sacred Music: Church Songs



Leonard, Candyce


"Mitologías contradictorias de lo femenino en el teatro de la dramaturga catalana  Beth Escudé i Gallès", at the XIII Congreso de la Asociación de la Literatura Femenina Hispana. 24 al 27 de octubre del 2002. Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic.  



Mandelbaum, Allen


Dr. Mandelbaum gave the commencement address at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico (May, 2003)


He was awarded the honorary degree, Doctor of Letters, by Notre Dame University, in May, 2003


On May 12, he received the Presidential Award from the President of Italy, but could not attend the ceremony because of health constraints.



Utley, Robert L.


“Liberal Democracy and Martial Ambivalence”: lecture and debate for Faculty Raising Dialogue, Wake Forest University


“How to Read the Declaration of Independence”:  Paper for the WFU College Republicans



Wiethaus, Ulrike


Workshop (with David Phillips), “Teaching Cultural Sensitivity and Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Service Learning”, NC Campus Contact 2003 Service Learning Institute, Elon College, February 2003


River Run Film Festival, Winston-Salem: Panelist, Roundtable Discussion: “Spirituality in Film?”, NC School of the Arts, April 2003


Annual American Academy of Religion Conference, Toronto, November 2002,  Paper Presentation: “Performing the Crucifixion as Healing Spectacle: Cult, Class, and Gender in the Case of the German Stigmatic Therese Neumann”.


Paper Presentation on Denys the Carthusian, Aberystwyth, Wales, July 2002, Medieval Studies Conference on Anchorites.



III.  Editorships, Offices and Consultancies


Angelou, Maya


Member, US Holocaust Memorial Museum


Member, Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans


Member, National Society of High School Scholars (Nobel Prize Family)


Member, WFU’s Maya Angelou Research Center on Minority Health



Leonard, Candyce


National reviewer for Bedford/St. Martin's Press for a proposed 5th edition of Anatomy of Film, by Bernard F Dick.


Wiethaus, Ulrike


General Editor, Medieval Feminist Forum


Advisory Board, Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship


IV.  External Grants Received