I.                   Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II.                Papers and Presentations Presented at Professional Meetings

III.             Editorships, Offices and Consultancies

IV.              External Grants Received


I.  Publications, Performances, Exhibits 


Hastings, James M.


December, 2002. “Poets, Warriors and Brothers: The Shifting Identities of Rajput Dadupanthis, circa 1660-1860 CE” in Culture, Communities and Change edited by Varsha Joshi (Jaipur: Institute of Rajasthan Studies and Rawat Publications), pp. 85-103.


Hendricks, J. Edwin


“Tom Dixon’s Wake Forest,” Presentation to Thomas Dixon Symposium, WFU, 11 April 2003.



Lockyer, Angus E.


“Japans in Paris, 1867,” in Volker Barth, ed., Identity and Universality (Paris: Bureau International des Expositions, Bulletin, 2001)


William, Alan J.

“Commentary: Gender, Science and Society in Late Eighteenth-Century France,” Consortium on Revolutionary Europe: Selected Papers 2001, ed. Hines Hall, Donald D. Horward, Michael F. Pavkovic.  Tallahassee: Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution, 2003, 112-117.


Book Reviews


Rupp, Susan Z.


Review of Henry Abramson, A Prayer for the Government: Ukrainians and Jews in Revolutionary Times, 1917-1920 in Canadian-American Slavic Studies vol.36 no.3 (2002).


Review of R.A. Khaziev, Gosudarstvennoe administrirovanie ekonomiki i rynok na Urale v 1917-1921 gg. in Slavic Review vol.61 no.4 (2002).


Smith, J. Howell


Five book reviews.


William, Alan J.


Review of David Bates’s Enlightenment Aberrations: Error and Revolution in France (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2002) for H-France, July 2002.



II.  Papers and Presentations Presented at Professional Meetings


Bobroff, Ronald P.


Conference paper: “Russia and the alliance with France: perceptions and frustrations before World War I” given at the Southern Conference on Slavic Studies Annual Meeting, in Savannah, GA, March 2003


Caron, Simone M.


“‘Killed by its Mother’:  Infanticide in Rhode Island, 1840 to1940.”  American Association for the History of Medicine, Boston, MA, April 30 to May 4, 2003.


Chair of Symposium, and opening remarks, “History of Women in American Medicine,” History of Women in Medicine Symposium, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC, October 2002.



Hastings, James M.


The Verse is the River, and ‘Hari’ is the Ocean”: Literature and Soteriology among Dadupanthi Renunciants in 17th-Century India.  Paper delivered at American Academy of Religion Southeastern Conference, Chattanooga. TN, March 15, 2003.


Invited Panelist and Respondent.  Conference on Jaisingh’s Jaipur: Scientific, Religious and Artistic Mediations at Court, Barnard College, Columbia University and The Asia Society, New York, NY. February 7-9, 2003.


Hughes, Michael L.


Invited Participant, as paper presenter („Der LAG als deutsches Modell der Kriegsfolgebewältigung?”) and commmentator, 3. Pforzheimer Gespräche zur Sozial, Wirtschsfts-, und Stadtgeschichte, Pforzheim, Germany, 19th-20th September 2002.


Lockyer, Angus E.


“Axes of Evil and Teleologies of Defeat: What to do with Japan in the 1930s,” presented at

World History Association annual meeting, Seoul, Korea (8/02)


“Ai-Chikyu Haku no Keifu, Mondaiten, Kanosei” (The Genealogy, Issues, and Possibilities of

the Aichi Expo), invited paper presented to Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition



“Expo Fascism?  What to do with Japan in the 1930s,” presented at “Rethinking the Political

Culture of Modern Japan,” conference at Stanford University (4/03), and as invited lecture at

University of British Columbia, University of Washington, and University of Oregon (5/03)


Rupp, Susan Z.


“The Training of Pomoshchniki and the Legal Profession in Late Imperial Russia” at the Southern Conference for Slavic Studies, Savannah, March 2003.


III.  Editorships, Offices and Consultancies


Sinclair, Michael L.


Consultant, National Endowment for the Humanities China projects. (30-40 hours)


Informal consultant to local agencies, businesses, and journalists in regard to China and Southeast Asia.


IV.  External Grants Received


Lockyer, Angus E.


Topic:                    Institute for Infusing Chinese Studies into the Curriculum, summer 03

Agency:                  East-West Center, Hawaii

$  Requested:         board and stipend ($2000)

$  Funded:              board and stipend ($2000)